How much is an NBI Clearance?

When you process your NBI Clearance, you must pay the appropriate amount according to the purpose of your NBI Clearance Online Application. Getting your NBI comes with a fee and the cost is varies for different purpose. The table below shows the different purposes of NBI Clearance and its prices that any applicant must pay.

Are you ready now to apply for an NBI Clearance? Not yet! You need to know first how much is it! I have written a list of NBI Clearance application fees and their purposes that you should be know when applying for an NBI Clearance.

Update January 2017: Effective January 2017 onward, NBI Clearance Branches will be implementing the “No Appointment No Entry Policy” for all NBI Clearance applicants. That means that no applicant will be entertained if he or she doesn’t have an appointment. To all the NBI Clearance Online applicants, you can secure an appointment through their official website but you need to register first before setting an appointment.

NBI Clearance Purpose of ApplicationNBI Clearance Fees
Local Employment, Change of Gender, For Probation, Correction of Birthdate, Enlistment AFP, For Promotion, Enlistment PNP, ID Purposes, Custom’s Pass ID, Student Visa, Lateral Entry, Seaman, Seawoman’s Book, BID, CA, LTO, NSO, PNP, SSS, DND, DOT , Marriage and Other RequirementP 155
Travel Abroad, Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Central America, Europe, Hongkong, Libya, Micronesia, Middle East, New Zealand, North America, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, Saipan, Singapore, South America, Taiwan, USA, Passport Renewal, For Deportation, Self Deportation, Immigration Requirement, Visa Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand, Visa Seaman, Seawoman, USAP 155
Business Requirement , Change of Name, Permit to Carry Firearms, Firearms License , Adoption NFA, POEA, PRA, SEC , NTC, ACR Requirement, Special Investor’s Residence VisaP 155
Naturalization, Cancellation of Alien Certificate Of Registration (ACR) , RepatriationP 155

Good news!

What you just read above? It’s no longer applicable to NBI Clearance! Wait what? Yup, the fees above are not applicable anymore because our Government have changed it to Multi Purpose NBI Online Clearance. Through the memorandum issued dated September 7, 2017, NBI Director Dante Gierran mentioned that the NBI Agency has changed its format of its NBI Clearance to display the phrase “Issued for whatever legal purpose”. This means that that there is only one purpose. Whatever purpose you need the NBI Clearance, it will be accepted because its already Multi Purpose NBI Clearance.

The Local Employment, Travel abroad, Change of Gender, Correction of Birthdate in you Birth certificate are gone. This mean that one NBI Clearance is needed for all. You only need to do the NBI Online Registration and that’s it!

The best thing about this multi purpose NBI Clearance is it will only cost you 170.

Update! The NBI Clearance Fees are now P170! That includes the NBI Clearance fees + Service Fess + Payment Center Service Charges.

Please remember that if you’re not really sure what to do when you apply for your NBI Clearance, do not hesitate to ask the NBI Clearance personnel there. They willing to help you whenever you needed them.

Just a few reminders…

Before you head down to the NBI Clearance branches, make sure bring the following application requirements which is two valid ID. If you don’t know it yet, here’s a list of Valid IDs you can bring.

Please bear in mind to make sure to wear something appropriate. Some NBI Clearance Branch are very strict with what you wear. Unfortunately, the clothes we wear everyday when we go to out are not allowed within the  NBI Clearance outlets. Please note that there are certain (unwritten) policy within the premises.

To be honest, i haven’t seen or read any official statement or policy about the dress code. But I’ve heard that there are cases that the applicant was denied of entry because they are wearing shorts. So just to be sure, it’s better to play it safe than be denied of entry and waste a day because you had to go back home and change what you wear.

To let you know what are the appropriate clothing, here are the list of recommended clothes for men and women.

Appropriate Clothing for Males:

  • T-Shirts
  • Polo shirts
  • Pants
  • A pair of closed shoes is highly recommended whether it is a rubber or leather shoes.

Appropriate Clothing for Females:

  • Sleeved top or blouses
  • Blouse with sweater
  • Turtleneck tops
  • Shirt dress worn with pants
  • Tailored dress
  • Short dresses (should not be shorter than 1 inch above the knee)
  • Skirts of appropriate length (should not be shorter than 1 inch above the knee)

Note: When wearing skirt above the knee, hosiery is recommended. Color of hosiery should be office appropriate: Black, Gray, Brown, Nude. Refrain from wearing shorts or tank top for men. They say that it’s not appropriate when dealing with Government agencies when wearing those kinds of clothing (which is true, by the way).

Last thing, I would like to let you know that we have written an updated guide on How to apply NBI Clearance Online.

How to Apply for NBI Clearance in Canada

Nbi Clearance In Canada

If you are planning to get your NBI Clearance in Canada, then you’re in the right place.

In some cases, a need arises to secure a copy of an NBI Clearance? But what if you’re outside of the Philippines? Or in Canada? Is it possible to get an NBI Clearance in Canada? If yes, how? These are the few questions you’ll ask yourself when you got the news that you need to provide a copy of your NBI Clearance. Unless have a criminal record in the Philippines, you may start hiding. But if not, sit back, relax and read through our tutorial.

NBI Clearance along with the Philippine Passport is an important requirement needed for applying job locally and abroad, I don’t know what’s your purpose in applying it but for the sake of this tutorial, we’ll just assume that it’s for your employment.

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I’ve been working for about nine months at Dexter as a software developer. I wrote a blog post about landing the job initially, as well as a technical post about a self positioning component I made in my first couple of months at the company. Getting a job was my initial goal, and keeping it and growing as a developer was the natural next step forward.

What are the NBI Clearance requirements?

The application requirements for NBI Clearance in Canada are just plain simple. You just need to provide to following:

  • An accomplished NBI Clearance Form No. 5
  • a 2” x 2” photograph with white background, taken within three months before to the application
  • and lastly, photocopies of your Philippine Passport
  • You may also need to provide additional Valid IDs for NBI Clearance (optional).

Where To Get NBI Clearance in Canada?

First thing to do is to visit the nearest Philippine Consulate that processes NBI Clearance in Canada. For the complete list of Philippine Consulate offices in Canada, you may refer to the list below.

Philippine Consulate General, Calgary – Suite 920, 517 1oth Ave. SW Calgary, Alberta T2R 0A8 (Centre 10 Bldg. corner of 4th and 5th St.) with Telephone Numbers (403) 455-9483, (403) 455-9343, (403) 455-9457 and (403) 455-9346

Philippine Consulate General, Edmonton
 – Room 107, 4990 92 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T6V 2V4 with Telephone Number (+780) 415 4303

Philippine Consulate General, St. John’s – 27 Symonds Ave., St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, A1E 3A4
 with Telephone Numbers (+709) 777 4486 and (+709) 754 2823

Philippine Consulate General, Toronto –  7th Floor, 160 Eglinton Avenue, East Toronto, Ontario, M4P 3B5 with Telephone Numbers (416) 922-7181

Philippine Consulate General, Vancouver – Suite 660, 999 Canada Place Vancouver, British Columbia, V6C 3E1 with Telephone Numbers (604) 685-1619 and (604) 685-7645

Philippine Consulate General, Halifax – 1559 Brunswick Street Ogden Pond Building Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 2G1 with Telephone Number (902) 240-0833

Philippine Consulate, Saskatoon – 14-115 3rd Avenue South, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 1L7
 with Telephone Number (+306) 384 7800

Philippine Consulate, CharlotteTown – 10 Shell Court Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, C1A 2Z8 with Telephone Numbers (902) 894-7701 and (902) 393-4850

Most of the time, we advise all NBI Clearance applicants to call first to confirm the following:

  1. If an appointment is needed for NBI Clearance application because we don’t want you to go home empty handed.
  2. To confirm if the specific Consulate office is processing the NBI Clearance Application. We don’t want to be blamed when an applicant went to a Philippine Consulate Office and was sent home because that office don’t process NBI Clearance Application.

Your goal is to get a copy of the NBI Clearance Form No. 5 (also known as the Fingerprint Card No. 5). Once you get your hands to this form, fill it up. The form requires personal information from you that needs to be handwritten on both sides of the application form.

READ: NBI Online Registration

In the case of a married woman, the order in writing the name is as follows:

  • Maiden Last Name (Father’s surname or Apelyido ng pagkadalaga)
  • Husband’s Last Name
  • First name or Given name
  • Maternal Last Name (Maiden’s Last Name of mother or Middle name or Apelyido ng iyong Ina nung sya’y dalaga pa)

After completing the NBI Clearance form no. 5, proceed to the Philippine Consulate General to have your finger print impression. They might instruct you to proceed to the nearest Police Station or Agency to have your fingerprint impressed on the designated spaces in the form.

If the fingerprint impression is done through the help of the Police Officer/Agency, make sure to have the complete name, signature and official designation of the officer who conducted your fingerprint impression.

Attach the latest 2×2 Photo you you have in the NBI Clearance Application form.

After completing the steps above, you are now ready to submit your NBI Clearance application for consularization.

Processing your NBI Clearance in Canada.

For Consularization, you need to pay them the Consularization Fees. They also accepts Money Order if you’re going to mail them your payment, make sure that the money order is payable to the Philippine Consulate General. You also need to submit the accomplished NBI Clearance Form No. 5, a self addressed return envelop if you prefer to receive your NBI Clearance thru mail. Photocopies of your Philippine Passport (at least 3 copies) and your Permanent Residence Card or work permit whichever is available.

After the Consularization, you will get your NBI Clearance Form No.5 back. If you chose to receive back the documents via mail, it will be sent back to you within three to five working days.

This would be the last step and you have two options to do it. Just like the steps in our previous tutorial (How to apply NBI Clearance in Abroad), the two options are:

You can ask the Philippine Consular to have do it for you. By choosing this option, you need to secure another Money Order or bank draft (negotiable in the Philippines) amounting to P200payable to:

The Director
National Bureau of Investigation
Taft Avenue, Ermita 1000 Manila,

While the NBI Clearance form No. 5 must be Addressed to the following:

Ms. Julie Macalit
IRD – Mailed Clearance Section
National Bureau of Investigation
Taft Ave., Ermita 1000 Manila, Philippines

The following are the accredited banks:

Philippine National Bank (PNB)
365 West Broadway, Vancouver BC V5Y 1P8
(applicants will be issued money remittance receipt to be sent with the NBI application documents to NBI, Manila)

Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Co. (HSBC)
ANZ – A New Zealand Bank
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

After sending the NBI Application form, it will be sent to the Philippines for process. The ETA of your NBI Clearance from the Philippines to your doorsteps in Canada is around three (3) to five (5) working days.

If you don’t prefer the previous step, you have a choice to send the NBI Clearance Application Form No. 5 from Canada to your authorized representative currently residing in the Philippines. Make sure to gave him/her an Authorization Letter indicating that you are authorizing him/her to transact or process your NBI Clearance.

Your Authorized representative needs to have your NBI Clearance form processed in NBI Main Building located in Taft Ave, Manila. The person you authorized needs to bring your application form in the Electronic Data Processing Division of NBI.

How to save your NBI Clearance Online Application Form in your USB or Local Drive

How To Save Your Nbi Clearance Online Application Form In Your Usb Or Local Drive

I’m sure you’ve faced the same problem like the others who don’t have their own printers at home. I guess you also found the solution that you can print it in the nearest computer shop but you can’t figure out how to save your NBI Clearance Online Application form in your USB or Local Drive.

Actually, it’s not that hard. You can easily save your NBI Clearance Online Application in a few simple steps. I have added some screen shots for you to follow.

Let the tutorials begin!

1.The first step would be to open your NBI Clearance Online Application Form that can be found in the official website of how to open again the NBI Clearance Application Form by clicking this link.

2.Once the NBI Clearance Online Application Form is displayed, please click the Print Button found in your screen.

If you are using Chrome Browser

If you are using Google Chrome (which is the most popular browser used) as your internet browser, the same image below will appear on your screen.

Can you see the CHANGE button?  If not, you can check out the image above. Click the CHANGE button to display the list of destinations. After you see the list of Destination, under LOCAL DESTINATION select the “SAVE AS PDF“. Usually, the destination is in your local drive or My Documents. But this time, you can directly save it in your USB Drive.

Make sure the Layout is PORTRAIT, the Margins are in DEFAULT and the HEADERS and FOOTERS are selected. After making sure of those items are selected, click the SAVE button above.

The SAVE AS pop up window will open. You have now the freedom to save your NBI Clearance Online Application Form in your USB Drive. Select anywhere you prefer, either local Drive C or your USB. It’s your call actually.

We’re also done with the tutorial on how to save your NBI Clearance Online Application Form using Google Chrome Browser. But what if you’re using Firefox as internet browser? So let’s proceed to the Mozilla Firefox then.

If you are using Firefox

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, assuming you’re already seeing your NBI Clearance Online Application Form in your screen, please click the PRINT button again and the PRINT pop up window will appear.

In the  “PRINTER NAME“, click the drop down button to display all the available Printers. In your case, you don’t have one. What will you select is the MICROSOFT XPS DOCUMENT WRITER(you may see the image below for reference). You don’t have to know what is the Microsoft XPS Document Writer, just select it for your own sake.

Click OK and it will open the Save Print Output As window. At the bottom of that window, please make sure that the Save as Type you select is XPS DOCUMENT (*.xps). Input your preferred File name and then Save it in your local drive or USB.

And that’s how you Save your NBI Clearance Online Application Form using Firefox. Pretty easy huh? We still need to complete the last portion of this tutorial. This time, it’s Internet Explorer!

If you are using Internet Explorer

Assuming you’re already seeing your NBI Clearance Online Application Form in your screen, please click the PRINT button and the PRINT pop up window will appear (see image below).

Make sure to select the MICROSOFT XPS DOCUMENT WRITERClick the Print button to display the Save Output As window, make sure that the Save as Type you select is XPS DOCUMENT(*.xps). Input your preferred File name and Save it in your local drive or USB.

That’s it for Internet Explorer. We’re done! But before we go..

Last Words

It doesn’t matter if your NBI Clearance Online Application Form is printed in Short (Letter) or Long (Legal) size of paper. The most important part of your NBI Clearance Application Online Form is the QR code and the registration number (NBI Online Registration). The QR code will be scanned by the NBI Clearance Personnel and all what you’ve written during your registration will appear in the computer of NBI Clearance Personnel.

Note: We are made aware that printing the NBI Clearance application form is not required to be printed when paying your NBI Clearance application in 7-Eleven. All you need to have is your reference number and your good to go.

I hope you got what you’re looking for, until next time and have a great day!

How to Change Last Name in NBI Clearance for Married Women

Nbi Clearance Application For Married Women Changing The Last Name

In this tutorial, we’ll be sharing how to change last name in NBI Clearance for Married Women. If you just recently tied the knot and planning to renew all the valid IDs you have using your married name, you might consider to have your NBI Clearance changed first because it’s easier and cheaper compared to changing your name in your Philippine Passport. We have written a detailed tutorial down below on how to do it.

You may leave your question in the comments sections and we’ll get back to you. So without further ado, here it is!

Requirements for NBI Clearance Application

Before setting an NBI Clearance appointment, make sure that you have all the requirements needed before the appointment date that you’re going to set. If you missed the appointment you have scheduled, it will automatically be canceled.

The following are the NBI Online application requirements. You’ll notice that the requirements below are the same with the normal application.

Additional NBI Clearance requirements for married women who would like to change their Last Name.

  • A Marriage Certificate in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) or Certified True Copy (CTC) of MC issued by the Local Civil Registrar (LCR) and duly authenticated by PSA
  • Old NBI Clearance (if available).

Once you have completed all the requirements, scheduled an appointment and paid the NBI Clearance Application in any of the payment options available, you’re good to go!

Change Last Name in NBI Clearance Process

Since our goal here is to change last name in NBI Clearance, the entire process is considered to be a new application. We can’t classify this as a renewal because there will be changes from our old NBI Clearance.

To start the process of application, create a new account in NBI Clearance website. If you’re wondering why you need creating a new one even if you have already an account in NBI Clearance, its because your old account have still carries your old name. Old name, meaning you still have your maiden name in that account and the website doesn’t allow us to modify it. You may use another email address you have to register.

How To Change Last Name In Nbi Clearance For Married Women

If you don’t have an NBI Clearance account yet, then there’s no problem. You may register using your name bearing the last name of your husband.

Complete all the needed personal information in the “Applicant Information” section.

How To Apply Nbi Clearance Online Nbi Clearance Applicants Information

After successful registration of your new account, schedule your preferred appointment date and time. You may choose from the calendar shown in the website.

The last step would be to pay your NBI Clearance in any of the Payment option shown in the screenshot above. On the list you have Bank Over the counter payment, Online Banking, Mobile Payment, Bayad centers, MultiPay, ECPay and lastly 7-Eleven Payment. Choose what’s more convenient for you.

When the appointment date arrives, make sure to appear in your selected NBI Clearance Branch. Please note that the NBI Clearance processing is strictly implementing the “No Appointment No Entry Policy” for NBI Clearance applicants. All NBI Clearance applicants are advised to register online and have their appointment date set in advance. So if you have no appointment there, then you don’t have a right to be there. Don’t beg the NBI Clearance personnel to accept you without an appointment, they don’t need to hear whatever reasons you have.

It’s a common knowledge that NBI Clearance have to queue applications due to volume. This always happen during biometrics and photo capture steps. Be patient and wait for your turn. There’s usually a queue line so you have to get in line.

IMPORTANT: You may need to inform the NBI Clearance Personnel who will verify all the information that you’ve entered that you’re going to change last name in NBI Clearance. Show them your married certificate as an evidence.

After data verification, photo capture and finger printing, you are now close to the last step which is claiming your NBI Clearance in the printing section. But before you celebrate, the NBI Clearance Personnel will provide you a feedback if you’re going to receive your NBI Clearance the same day. This is due to the HIT status you may encounter. If you’re not lucky, you may end up empty handed and asked to come back on the date they have indicated in your receipt.

To know more about the HIT status, you may read my other post “You’ve been HIT: Reasons why you can’t afford a One Day Processing NBI Clearance!

But if you’re lucky enough, then they will ask you to head down to the NBI Clearance printing section and claim it!

Overall, it was really quick and easy right?

You may be interested the latest article about How to Apply NBI Clearance Online.

Here are some (possible) questions you might ask while reading this tutorial.

1. Can I change my NBI Clearance to my married name even if it’s not yet expired? Yes, you can!

2. I have valid IDs under my maiden name. Do I have to change all of them to my married name? Yes but it’s not urgent and optional. But if you’re travelling and you’re going to use your Philippine Passport under your maiden name, then that’s a different story.

3. I just recently got married, do I have to change last name in NBI Clearance to my married name immediately? As I have mentioned above, no. But it’s really your call.

4. What if I don’t have a copy of my Marriage Certificate, is that ok? No, it’s best to bring a copy of NSO issued Marriage Certificate first before you change last name in NBI Clearance.

5. When I was single I have no hit but when I got married, I now got a Hit. What happened? Probably, you have a namesake. Don’t worry, if you didn’t do anything wrong that leads to a criminal case you don’t have a reason to worry.

Hope this tutorial was helpful to you! See you again in our next blog post.

How to get an NBI Clearance while in Abroad?

How To Get An Nbi Clearance While In Abroad

NBI Clearance in abroad? Is it possible? There are cases that while you’re out of the country as an OFW,  a need to get an NBI Clearance must be done. There may be alot of reason behind why are you getting an NBI Clearance while you’re not in the Philippines but the most common is due to employment requirement.

Having said that, Filipinos around the world are wondering how the hell can they one if they’re thousand miles away from their home land? Though the idea of NBI Clearance renewal stress everyone here in the Philippines, the NBI Clearance application process while in abroad have the same sentiment of the latter.

Where To Get NBI Clearance in Abroad?

Simple. In every Philippine Embassy or Philippine Consulate General Office placed in every country.

A Philippine Embassy is an area of sovereign territory of the Philippines in another country (ex. USA). The said office serves as a place where the host country can directly speak to the representatives of the Philippines.

Nbi Clearance Abroad Philippine Consulate1

While a Philippine Consulate General Office is the representation of the Philippine’s Public Administration in another country. It’s main responsibility is the Filipino citizens living, traveling and working in the host country. The Philippine Consulate General Office functions are the following:

  • Establish and renew Philippine Passports and other official Government documents such as NBI Clearance.
  • To report births, deaths, marriages, divorces, adoptions happened in the host country.
  • To inform its own citizens living abroad about the social security situation
  • To handle the military formalities and control for its own citizens liable to military service (if applicable).
  • To help its Filipino citizens in distress or other emergency situations.
  • To look after its own citizens in detention or arrest and to watch over the rule of law and fair trials.
  • To establish entry visas to foreign citizens and to inform them about immigration, residence and work permits.

It’s best to contact first the Philippine Consulate General Office if they require an appointment before processing an NBI Clearance. We have heard stories that some requires appointment and the applicant just wasted a day going to the Philippine Consulate General Office without knowing of the appointment requirement and was advised to go back after securing an appointment.

What are the requirements?

The requirements for NBI Clearance in abroad is different from what the local NBI Clearance requires. For everyone’s information, the some Philippine Consulate General Office doesn’t accept NBI Clearance Online applications. They are still doing the old and manual way where finger prints and application form are submitted.

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Here’s are the complete list of the requirements when you apply NBI Clearance in Abroad:

Two pieces of your recent 2×2 photograph/id picture, with white background – The Philippine Embassy or Consular Office will ask you to write your name and signature at the back. Just to be sure, ask any NBI Clearance personnel if needed. If yes, just whip out your black ballpen and write what is needed.

A NBI Clearance fingerprint card application form – also known as NBI Form No. 5. It is given to every applicant to fill it out. The application form requires personal information such as your complete name (First, Middle and Last name), Date and Place of birth, names of the parents and others. Just like the Registration form in NBI Clearance online.

As much as possible, make sure to fill it out completely and leave no blank. Instead of leaving an blank (required) information, just write down “N/A” or Not Applicable.

How To Get Or Apply An Nbi Clearance In Dubai Uae

In some cases, finger printing procedure is done with the help of the host country’s Police Department. Please ask in Philippine Consulate if assistance is needed.

A Valid Identification ID (Original & Photocopy) – Most of the time, the Philippine Embassy or Consular Office asks for your valid ID and since you’re an OFW working and currently residing in another country, the best valid id you can present is your Philippine Passport. So before going to apply for your NBI Clearance, make sure to bring your Philippine Passport. Have it photocopy and prepare it for submission. You may also need to present the original Philippine Passport so don’t leave them at home.

It is also recommended that you bring a second valid ID such as your PRC ID, Driver’s License or SSS. Just to make sure they ask for another right?

How much is an NBI Clearance?

NBI Clearance Application Fee, I won’t disclose the exact amount here because the fees for NBI Clearance varies from one country to another. But don’t worry, you can get the exact NBI Clearance Application fees in the Philippine Embassy or Consular Office you’re planning to apply for your NBI Clearance. Most of the time, the related fees for NBI Clearance application are posted in a place where NBI Online applicants can be easily seen by interested and disinterested parties. If you can’t find it, you just need to ask.

Processing your NBI Clearance.

Though you applied for NBI Clearance in abroad, your application will still be processed in the Philippines. The applicant have two option and these are:

  1. Send all your accomplished NBI Clearance Form No.5, your Special Power of Attorney, Authorization Letter, 2×2 Photo to your authorized person currently in Philippines to process your NBI Clearance Main Building located at Taft Avenue, Manila. You’re authorized representative needs to proceed to Mailed Clearance section of the building and submit your requirements plus payment of the NBI Clearance.
  2. You can ask the Philippine Consular Office to do it for you. You just need to secured a Money Order payable to the authorized person of NBI Clearance assigned in the Philippines. You also need to pay for the courier fee for your NBI Clearance application. For more details about this option, you can ask personally the Philippine Consular Office located in the country you are currently located.

If you’re going to ask what’s the fastest option to secured you NBI Clearance, I would say that Option Number 1. The only drawback about this is if you don’t have an authorized person whom you can trust your documents to process your NBI Clearance.

For other reference related to NBI Clearance application specific to a country, you may be interested in reading the other tutorial we have written below:

How to Apply NBI Clearance in Dubai
How to Apply NBI Clearance in Canada

NBI Clearance Requirements – Never (Ever) Apply for an NBI Clearance without these!

Nbi Clearance Requirements

When was the last time you learned something new? Well today, what you will be learning is not really new at all! But I will not waste your time reading this. This is all about the NBI Clearance Requirements and everything in between.

NBI Clearance requirements are not hard to gather. Some can easily be obtained by just going to your Local Municipality. It’s important to be prepared before going to NBI Clearance Outlets. The more prepared you are, the better your NBI Clearance application experience will be.

Never (ever) apply for an NBI Clearance without these requirements!

Valid IDs

Upon entering the NBI Clearance Outlet, the first step you should do is to secure a copy of the NBI Clearance application form. As a requirement, the NBI Clearance personnel will ask you to present two (2) valid Identification cards as a proof of identity. You can select two of the following Identification cards listed below:

NBI Clearance Application Fee

Cash is essential, which means they don’t really care if you have a complete set of your Valid IDs as a requirement. There are fees that you need to pay. Usually, the NBI Clearance Online application fees range from P115 to P415 depending on the NBI Clearance Application Purposes.

You may want to read the updated NBI Clearance Registration guide.

Ball pen!

There are a lot of people who forgets to bring their own ball pens. Remember that you will be filling out the NBI Clearance Application form. Though it’s not really bad to borrow someone’s pen, but to skip the hassle, bring your own!

Now that you’ve got everything ready, get a good night’s sleep and be sure to observe the proper dress code to be accommodated inside the NBI Clearance building.

Other Information

When you applied for NBI Clearance and you realised that you lack of application requirements and you’re wondering where to get the following Valid IDs listed above, here, let me help you:

The following are my general overview where you can gent

Valid Philippine Passport – you can easily get one in Department of Foreign Affairs. You can set an appointment online through their official website . Select your preferred date and time and also the location where you’re planning to apply for a passport. Its really easy actually!

Voter’s ID – this is usually obtained through the office of Commission of Election. Releasing of Voter’s ID is not that easy. You have to be a registered voter in your municipality where you are residing before they give you one. Another problem with the voter’s ID is you can get registered only on the specified schedule assigned by COMELEC. You can check out the schedule of your local COMELEC office.

Driver’s License – can be obtained through Land Transportation Office. This valid ID is one of the most sought after by many people because (one) its a requirement for driving (obviously) and (two) its also easy to apply for one. Though in the past few months, we’ve heard lot of problems with the issuance of the laminated plastic cards but its all good now. I believe our Government had solved the issues and the LTO offices are now issuing laminated Driver’s License.

SSS ID – issued by the Social Security System. If you are an employed individual and you’re paying the SSS premium monthly then you are entitled to have an SSS ID. The process is easy. All you have to do is go to the nearest SSS Branch and apply for one. All you have to fill up an application form, take you photo and submit it! The best thing about it is that its for free and SSS will mail it to your mailing address.

GSIS UMID – issued by Government Service Insurance System for Government Employees. Not all can apply for this one. This is only applicable to all government employees who’s a member of GSIS.

Postal ID – can be obtained through your local Post Office if you want one. The requirement is NSO Birth Certificate and an application form which you can get in the Postal Office.

TIN ID – issued by Bureau of Internal Revenue. Make sure that you already have your TIN Number before they issue you one.

PRC License – issued by Professional Regulatory Commission after you passed the required board examinations.

School ID – issued by the School if the applicant is still studying.

Philhealth ID – issued by Philhealth.

Alien Certificate of Registration – can be obtained in Bureau of Immigration for Foreign Applicants.

Senior Citizen – go to your Municipal’s Office of the Senior Citizens Affair.