Clearance.NBI.GOV.PH Registration

April 5, 2022 6:39 am

CLEARANCE.NBI.GOV.PH REGISTRATION — One of the common questions arises when filipinos who plans to apply for anew NBI Clearance Online in the Philippines. How much do you have to pay? Is it fast and easy? Is it secure? The goal of this blog post tutorial is to provide a basic answer on how to apply for NBI Clearance Online in CLEARANCE.NBI.GOV.PH Registration portal.

Before, applying for a new NBI Clearance is a tedious task that you have to do in person at the NBI Main Building (located at Taft Avenue) or in any NBI Branch nationwide. Thankfully, the NBI Clearance online application are much more convenient, thanks to CLEARANCE.NBI.GOV.PH Registration website that to partially process your application online and do the initial necessary tasks.

Clearance.NBI.GOV.PH Registration

In today’s post, we will discuss the main purpose of the NBI Clearance Online website also known as registration website.

To cut the story short, the main purpose of the website is to handle the registration, application, appointment scheduling and payment of NBI Clearance fee.

To better explain these functionalities, we will demonstrate a sample application process on how to apply for NBI Clearance Online. Here are the steps:

    Clearance.NBI.GOV.PH Registration Table of Contents

  1. Clearance.NBI.GOV.PH Registration
  2. Schedule an NBI Online Appointment
  3. Payment of NBI Clearance Fee
  4. NBI Clearance Processing at the Branch
  5. NBI Clearance Online Photo Capture, Fingerprint Scanning, Data Verification
  6. NBI Clearance Online Releasing

Clearance.NBI.GOV.PH Registration

Clearance.NBI.GOV.PH Registration (as mentioned earlier) is an online website portal that accommodates NBI Clearance applicants to register an account, apply and schedule an NBI appointment and pay for the NBI Clearance fees.

Go to registration page. In the url address bar of your browser, just type in ““.

Find the registration box that displays the text “REGISTER AS NEW ACCOUNT“.

Tick the NO beside the “DO YOU HAVE AN NBI CLEARANCE ISSUED FROM 2014 TO PRESENT?” question. For this example, we will do a NEW APPLICATION of NBI CLEARANCE.

Type all personal information in the spaces provided and then press the “Signup” button. Note that all the displayed personal information are required to be filled up.

After pressing the SIGN UP button, a 6-digit One-time Password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile number.

Here’s a sample One-Time Password sent by the as part of the registration process.

The same One-time password will be sent to your registered email address. If you mobile phone is unavailable, you may check your email so you can complete your registration.

Enter the 6-digit One Time Password sent by NBI Clearance Online then press the “SUBMIT” button.

If entered correctly, a success prompt saying your registration is successful.

Log in to your NBI Clearance Online account for the first time.

If you have successfully logged in to your account, the process of registration is complete. You may now proceed to the next step.

After log in, you have the option to edit your personal information here. Just press the “EDIT INFORMATION” and most of the personal information you have entered earlier can be modified.

Schedule an NBI Clearance Online Appointment

To schedule an NBI Appointment, just press the button that sasys “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE”.

Note that the scheduling is still part of the registration process.

Here’s the “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” button in case you missed it.

This will bring you to the online appointment system of

Select the NBI Branch that’s best for you.

Select the dates you are going to process your NBI Clearance in the NBI Branch that you have selected.

Lastly, select your preferred payment options listed. We always recommend GCASH in paying your NBI Clearance Fee.

Press the GCash logo and to generate your NBI Clearance Reference Number. A small window will display your NBI Clearance Online Reference Number and the Amount to be paid. Please take note of this information as you will be using later on.

Press the “Accept” button to finalize your NBI Clearance Appointment.

Payment of NBI Clearance Fee

Will temporarily leaving the registration website. We will now handle the payment of your NBI Clearance Fee.

To pay for your fees, you need to open your GCASH account in your mobile phone.

We have written a detailed tutorial on how to do this here: How To Pay Your NBI Clearance Fee Application In Your GCash App.

Type in all the details needed in related to your NBI Clearance Fee application. You may refer to the image below.

Take a screenshot of your receipt as a proof of your NBI Clearance Fee Payment.

Once payment is done, you may now close the Clearance.NBI.GOV.PH Registration website and your GCASH Application.

This ends the first half of the NBI Clearance Online Application. The next step is NBI Clearance Processing at the branch.

NBI Clearance Processing at the NBI Branch

For this step, all applicants are required to go to the assigned or their chosen NBI Branch from their appointment.

Remember during scheduling of appointment, we have selected the NBI Branch? Yes, you need to be there on your scheduled date.

In processing your NBI Clearance Online Application at the Branch, make sure to bring two (2) valid IDs as a requirement. Unable to present these requirements are subject to rejection of your application.

NBI Clearance Online Photo Capture, Fingerprint Scanning, Data Verification

During your visit at the NBI Appointment, please expect to do following tasks:

  • Photo Capture
  • Fingerprint scanning
  • Data Verification
  • NBI Clearance Releasing

NBI Photo Capture

NBI Staff will take a photo of you. This photo will appear in your printed NBI Clearance.

You maybe read the tutorial about the NBI Renewal Online

Fingerprint (Biometrics) scanning

You will be assisted by the NBI Staff by giving you an instruction. This step is very simple, all you need to do is place your fingers on the scanner so that your fingerprints will be captured.

Data Verification

In Data verification, the NBI staff asks you to check all the personal information you have entered. If you found any errors or you need to modify anything, just ask politely and they will happy to assists you.


Following the Data verification, the next and final step would be the releasing of your NBI Clearance Online.

The same NBI Staff who assisted you will instruct you what to do next.

If you don’t have a HIT, they will instruct you to go to the Releasing Section and wait for your NBI Clearance to be printed.

If you have a HIT then the NBI Staff will ask you to return after seven (7) to ten (10) working days to claim your NBI Clearance.

Make sure to listen to their instruction where to go because sometimes, they will ask the applicant to proceed to NBI Main Building (located at Taft avenue, Manila) and take the NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview.


To sum things up, applying for NBI Clearance in CLEARANCE.NBI.GOV.PH has now become a more convenient and easier process both for all applicants.  The ability to create an online account for every Filipino is indeed a key factor in the whole NBI online application procedure that makes it more user-friendly and less time-consuming compared to the traditional manual procedure. But aside from convenience and ease, there is also other factors that are equally important in advantage of having an account to make your NBI process more than just the typical application. Clearance OnlineRegistration

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