NBI Clearance 2019 Updated Guide

August 29, 2016 10:21 am

NBI Clearance Renewal, this topic is around for a long time since the inception of this website. Heck, the process on how to apply for NBI Clearance Renewal is so simple but people still don’t get it how it can be done.

Obviously, NBI Clearance renewal is a process where the an applicant already have an existing NBI Clearance whether it’s expired or not applies for a new one.


In our previous article, we have discussed the easiest way to renew your NBI Clearance using the Quick Renewal feature of the website.

This is a new addition to the website where the applicant just enter few information found in his/her NBI Clearance, pay for the NBI Clearance Fees and wait for it to be delivered in the comforts of their home.


You may want to read our detailed article about the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal here.

The NBI Clearance Renewal is far different from the Quick Renewal we’ve mentioned earlier because its much cheaper. Plus, the conventional Renewal that we’re discussing here requires the applicant’s personal appearance.

Just to inform all the readers of this article, the steps provided below starts from scratch. This means that the applicant of NBI Clearance Online Renewal doesn’t have an NBI Clearance Online Account yet.


If you already have an account in NBI Clearance website, you may skip few steps of this tutorial.

Let’s start our tutorial in NBI Clearance Renewal!

NBI Clearance Renewal Account Registration

Go to the Official Website of NBI Clearance Online Services (https://clearance.nbi.gov.ph).


At the right side of your screen, make sure to check the ☑ YES to identify that your registration is an NBI Clearance Renewal.

Enter your First Name, Sur Name, Date of Birth and your OLD NBI ID Number.

Click the PROCEED button down below to continue your registration.

If your NBI Clearance ID Number was found in the NBI Clearance Database, it will show you this image saying “Data Successfully Retrieve”.

This means that you can proceed with the next step and your NBI Clearance can be renewed.

If your NBI Clearance ID Number was not found, it will show you this image stating that “The system cannot find the given NBI ID”.

This means that you can’t proceed with your NBI Clearance Renewal and must do an NBI Online Registration as a NEW Application.

If your NBI Clearance ID No. can’t be found in the database for whatever reasons, that means you won’t be able to renew your NBI Clearance and all you have to do apply as a NEW NBI Clearance Application.

We have written a detailed tutorial on how to apply for an NBI Clearance here as a solution to this error. You may want to check that out.

Going back to the tutorial, assuming that you have successfully retrieved your NBI Clearance ID no. It will display this “REGISTER” window where it will be automatically filled up with your details such as your Gender, Marital Status, Date of Birth and your Complete Name.


The last three field boxes are for you to fill up. Enter your email address and your nominated password.

Check the ☑ I ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICE and press AGREE button.

Press the SIGN UP button.

NBI Clearance Renewal Application

You will be redirected to the the main dashboard of your NBI Clearance Online Account where you can see all the (already) filled up Application form.

You don’t have to fill up the application form anymore since this is an NBI Clearance Renewal and they already have your personal information.


Enter the Valid IDs you’ll bring. Make sure to bring two (2) valid IDs.

Press the “I Agree” button.

NBI Clearance Renewal Appointment Scheduling

The next steps will be scheduling your appointment in processing your NBI Clearance.

First, Select the NBI Branch from the drop down list. Second, select the dates and the time slots (AM/PM).


After scheduling your appointment with NBI Clearance Branch, select the payment option.

NBI Clearance Renewal Fee Payment

I suggest that you select the paying your NBI Clearance Fee thru 7-Eleven since its convenient.

It will show you a small window displaying the amount of NBI Clearance.

Click the Proceed To Payment button.

The next window will show you the Payment Reference Number. Take note of this and bring this to 7-Eleven.

Please note that the amount that you should be paying consist of NBI Clearance Fee (P130) + E-Payment Service (P25) + 7-Eleven Convenience Fee (P15) which totals to P170.

Just to make sure, ask the cashier how much is the final amount that you should be paying as the Convenience Fee varies depending on the Payment Center.

Keep the receipt as proof of your payment. Now, Log in back to your NBI Clearance Account and check if your payment is already reflected

You can do this by clicking the TRANSACTIONS Menu. You will see the status of your application.

If its PENDING, just wait for it to change status to PAID.


If you see that its PAID, you can click the DETAILS button to print your NBI Clearance Online Application.

Note that printing the application form is not mandatory. All you need to do is just take note or take a picture of the NBI Clearance Reference Number.

This tutorial is almost done. But before we go, we’ll discuss the final steps.

After the payment, the applicant needs to wait for his or her scheduled appointment to arrive.

Make sure to bring two (2) valid ID that will be presented as a requirement in applying for NBI Online Clearance Renewal.

You can also bring your own Philippine National ID or PhilSys ID or SSS ID. If you don’t have one yet, here’s the guide on how to apply.

When the day of the appointment arrives, make sure to be there on time. If you scheduled AM, arrive at the NBI branch 8AM to 12PM. While if you scheduled PM, be there 1PM to 4PM.

Photo capture and Biometrics will be done at the NBI Branch. It will usually take 5 to 10 minutes depending on the volume of the applicants.

The applicant will also have a chance to review all the personal information written on his or her NBI Clearance before it gets printed. Here’s the chance where you can correct or modify all the information written if you want it to be changed.

So there you have it, there’s our tutorial on how to apply for NBI CLEARANCE RENEWAL.


If you have a question, feel free to leave a comment down below!

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  • Basta pakisagot says:

    Anong mangyayari if ever na hindi talaga kayang makarating sa date of released na ibinigay ng NBI? Wala rin kasing ibang pwedeng kumuha ng nbi ko. Pakisagot please

  • leo girl says:

    Kinakabhan talga aq bukas ang blik q sa nbi dhit hit aq,last week aq kumuha. kumkuha nman aq ng nbi pero second time ko kumuha for abroad nung una nman ok.. pero ngaun my hit aq,bki po gnun? Ngaun year problem ko pera dme nkakabyad. Ntatakot aq bka nireport na aq sa nbi..

  • princess joy german says:

    puede ko po ba malaman if puede po ba iparelease yung nbi sa relatives? and ano ano yung mga kailangan dalhin.salamat.

  • jamila says:

    mee too

  • lewz says:

    hi sir wala po akong hit yung receipt but i need to comeback after 10 days . Automatic hit na po ba ito?

  • dami niyong reklamo says:

    daming reklamo ng mga tao dito. relax lang kayo. if you got a hit then relax, the nbi is just trying to make sure you have no criminal records whatsoever. Wouldn’t all of you would want to know if you have a record too? taking too long? you guys should have expected this in the first place. this is the philippines, where red-tape processing will always exist. Relax brothers and sisters! you’re done with the first step of paying and doing the biometrics. going back for the releasing will not take more than hour. I got mine in less than 10 minutes. Cheers!

  • Hit hitin mo says:

    First time ko ma hit sa pag aapply ng nbi…feeling ko pag tamad na mga staff ng nbi magprint ihihit ka tlga..parang imposible naman na nagsimula s limang tao hanggang dulo may hit sa pila db???hahahahaha

  • len says:

    Almost 10years nko kumukuha ng nbi..Last year lang ako d nag renew dahil regular naman ako sa work ko, then yesterday kumuha ako sa northmall monumento biglang WITH HIT! Hay so disappointing talaga.

  • John D. says:

    Bakit ba tuwing kukuha ako ng clearance may problema sa HIT? Last na punta ko sa main office nila to undergo quality control na clear na yung name ko. Then nung kukuha ulit ako this year may problema na naman? Hindi ba nila kayang i-centralize yung systems nila para makita na naclear na? Paulit-ulit na lang ba ito? Kala ko ba wala nang RED TAPE sa opisina nila?

  • judge says:

    mga sir? nagkamale aq ng paglagay ng number ng address namen sa brangay at police clearance q imbis na 1074 eh 1174 ang nailagay ko pwede kupub tng ipabago sa mismong agency na ng nbi ??? repz naman po thanks ..

  • Anne says:

    Hindi na kelangan ng old NBI copy. Reference number nlng pg ngapply ka online.

  • Naome Pepito Cortuna says:

    dati naman po ako kumuha ng N.B.I Clearance ,bakit hit po ako ngayon?

  • Ginia Pasian says:

    Just got hit! Why? I just dont know. As long as i know my name is unique. Darn this day. Such a bad day. Dati naman akong nangunguha ng nbi haist.

  • proven unique name says:

    I simply do not understand why I have a hit when my name is a combination of three names that contains nine letters in total. Some people even have difficulty pronouncing it. They get cross eyed when reading it, so this whole HIT thing and the NBI database should be fixed especially now that they encourage the online process. Standing in line at the break of dawn and battling lack of sleep, even hunger for those who skipped breakfast, just to get a form to fill up, wait in another line to pay, then wait again for encoding and biometrics is NO JOKE. I had to do all these in one of the Region VI branches only to get a hit, so yeah thanks a lot NBI. Money well spent.

  • complaintssss says:

    That guy in Naga Cebu did not give me the reason why it was delayed. Na hit lng pala ako.(my 1st time na nahit) If ur a gov employee,make sure to explain why. He just told me to come back next week. I asked bakit tagal pa.. he was just silent nd said basta punta ka lng nxt week. Wth. Nkaka inis..#LACKOFEXPLAINATION

  • Joan Esteban says:

    Yes but why ? I’m always being hit every time I get my nbi. I am the same person, u know what I mean is,can u just make it simple? Like since I was proven before I’m not the one who is having a criminal record, so can I just automatically take it,,, example since we are using biometric,, the one scanning the fingers print is there any way can NBI people can know true a machine the exact person with that certain fingers print… for just one day instead of 10 working days?? Can u make it simple for the Filipino people?

  • Ria Mae Naron says:

    Hi. Ask ko lang po hindi ko kasi makukuha yung nbi ko this friday kasi I have work, pwede po kaya sa monday ko makuha? Thanks

  • Judz says:

    Na hit po ulit ako di lang ako naka renew last year gawa sa work then last tues after the encoding checking nasa renewal ung status ko binago ng clerk ginawang new then naka lagay sa status ko hit.

  • Andy says:

    Can I claim my NBI Clearance on another branch? I’ve applied for my clearance at Vigan City, Ilocos Sur and now, I’m liviing in Q.C. So can I get it here in Metro Manila?

  • sai says:

    ano pang silbi ng biometrics kung pagbabasihan lang naman yung Names? iba iba yata yung finger prints natin..

  • TuballaJay says:

    i’ve got hit too, and base on my recepit babalik ako 1week after, not exactly 1 week. then nung bumalik ako, hopefully nakuha ko na, kaya lang after a few hours napansin ko na mali ung middle name ko . and that was so irritating, nag bigay naman ako ng nso then magkakamali pa sila ? Kamangmangan talaga

  • Rey says:

    Nung kinukuhanan na ng finger print ang asawa ko yung babaeng nagpapa fingerprint ay nakikipag chikahan. After the signature thing tinatakan na babalikan na lang daw. Sana naman maipaliwanag bakit kaylangan bumalik anong rason dahil di biro ang pagpila and all.

  • Reyford F. Mckay says:

    Just today my wife had a stamped date. They said it was a hit. The last time she renew it was 2011 as single with no bad record, now that she is married would it be possible to know the reason why ?

  • Mga Jun Jun Kayo says:

    Ano bang silbi ng finger print namin kung sa pangalawang kuha eh hit pa din. Ang gulo niyo. Tama nga siguro na palitan lahat ng mga empleyado ninyo. Nilalapastangan ninyo ang mamamayang Pilipino. Maraming umaasa sa clearance na yan, binabayaran yan, sana naman tumbasan ninyo ng marangal na serbisyo.

  • edsil agustin del mar says:

    Nganong with hit man ko??

  • Maria Angeles P. Francia says:

    My sister is in the Phils. right now. She is an American citizen, but everytime she comes home here in the Phils., she’s always put on hold in our airport for the reason that she has the same name with another person and was advise to get a clearance. We’ve been trying to call on your hotline the whole day, but no answer. We would just like to know the procedures and if we are going to go on a regular procedure will it always be renewable every year? And how long would it take since she just came home because my brother died and will be leaving next week.

  • Shemaine macaraig says:

    I also got hit for the first time. Sa inis ko napagbuntungan ko ng galit ang asawa ko kasi baka dahil sa kanyang apelyido ay nahit ako. Di pala. Sabi ng sis ko…sa change status daw yun. After that wala na raw….kung same parin ang mangyayari …basta nawala pasensya ko sa nbi. Mas nagmahal ang payment system. May fixer na computer shop in sight…though i did not go to one. They singil daw ng mas malaki at mas matagal ang service ngauon compared nung una. San ka ba. 1 hr to 2hrs waiting period. Ngayon halos 3hrs. Early ka pa pumunta.

  • babols says:

    Paglapit ko dun sa window for biometrics, natutulog yung lalaking nagbabantay. Ginising ko pa sya kasi ang himbing ng tulog nya. So hindi ako magtataka kung tinamad lang sya kaya pinabalik ako (may \HIT”).”””


    Bakit po ba lage nalang na hi-hit po yong pangalan ko po pag nag rerenew po ako ng NBI CLEARANCE ko po. Bakit po ganun? di po ba iyon maaayos? Lage nalang po ba talagang pag mag re-renew ako ng NBI CLEARANCE ko po hit lage? Hirap po kasi ng ganito lage po.

  • Johsua Toribio says:

    Sir Anu dapat kong gawin kung Paano malalaman yung NBI No. Ko mag paparenew kase ako, ang problema Nuwala yung Original Copy ko may website bang pede Isearch ang NBI#? Sir Pls Help me

  • Janine Lopez says:

    what if somebody used my name?

  • 3 times a hit says:

    Ako 3 po yung original name ko plus middle name and last name bakit nagka hit? And besides unique naman name ko anu ba talaga basis ng hit nila?

  • Concerned citizen says:

    Please fix your system. First time ko rin ma-hitl my name is unique. I had to wait for two hrs then go back? Fix this NBI!

  • Enzy says:

    One of the reasons I think kung bakit may HIT is napakadami nilang gagawin or should I say tinatamad na sila. I processed my application online and paid it via metrobankdirect dahil gahol ako sa oras. So I arrive earlier this afternoon sa Alimall branch. Everything I encoded on the application form was correct, then the lady whoever that was, removed both my parents last name then clicked Submit..While in fact nakalagay dun eh mother’s and father’s full name. Tapos tatanggalin nila. I just realized that when I got home.

  • Strange says:

    Been getting NBI clearances for a long time and only now I got HIT, (online application and paid via bayad center) went to TAFT 7am today . From the comments I read, it will take 1-2 week for the clearance to be released, I was told that I’ll just have to go back for the release on April 1. That’s 2 days from today, strange, but I was told by the personnel that that’s the earliest time they can release my clearance… I’ll post my comment here after April 1 and provide information on what will happen on that day…

  • Respeto Sa Oras Namin says:

    Nagapply ako ng NBI clearance sa website at binyaran ko agad online nung Feb 29. Nung nagpunta ako sa NBI Duty Free, result is HIT! Kung may kapangalan ako, sana manlang ininform niyo na ako bago pa yung appointment ko kasi ang bilis niyo kunin bayad ko tapos pababalikin niyo ako after 7 days!!! Mga walang respeto sa oras ng tao!

  • big bang says:

    I just got HIT when I went to NBI for clearance. though we waited for a short period of time coz the guy fixer, who sitted at the information desk offered us his service to expedite the processing. After a few minutes, my name was called for picture and biometrics. As soon as I turn my back, they called me again because my name was HIT. I dont have known criminal case and my name is so unique that you can’t see when you search the web. How is that? is NBI making it up with the word HIT?I never had a HIT in my entire nbi clearance request, just now! It is so disappointing thinking that I really need my clearance for employment.

  • ELLA says:

    My Name is Ella Solanib Ella nung dalaga pa ako, nung kinasal ako Merioles apelyido ko?first 2 NBI clearance ko no HIT,ika 3 and 4 HIT na..naipinanganak na yata ang ikalawang ELLA ELLA

  • Noel dayao says:

    Kumuha aq kanina nbi clearance pero sched aq april 4. Pero sulat kamay lang ana date. Pg hit cnusulat dn po b s likod mg recvo un o nd n? Basta b pnbalik k matik n agad n kaso k?

  • baumgardner michelle isabel says:

    Di ko expect na ma HiT ako .. kase twice nko kumuha ng nbi ngayon lang ako na HIT . Ang idont think so na may kapangalan ako here in philippines ..

  • Jasper Jay C. Lambayan says:

    Good day sir,Is it possoble to get my nbi clearance to another nbi office branch? B’coz I am hit and told me to come back but the problem is I apply nbi clearance in dumaguete branch and I want to get my clearance here in cebu city branch. Is it possible? Thanks

  • Joy Acosta says:

    last time, i got hit on my nbi sa rob manila ako kumuha. is it possible na kung sa main ako kumuha walang hit or just the same? TIa!

  • marian rose fudolin pinili says:

    what if kung nawala po ung resibo pero may date na po kung kailan ma rerelease.? Panibago byad and process po ba ulit un salamat po

  • Cristina Peralta says:

    First ko po kumuha ng nbi clearance nung 23. At ayun nga pinapabalik ako sa 31. Ibig sabihin pala nun may kapangalan ako. Ask ko lang po sana pano kong diko siya makuha agad ng 31? Makukuha ko pa ba siya after the realeasing date na nakalagay dun?

  • Jessica says:

    Hi! ask ko lang kung pwede bang makuha sa ibang araw yung NBI Clearance kahit yung releasing date neto ay nung March 24 pa??? nagka-conflict lang kasi nung araw na yun kaya hindi nakuha agad.

  • wayne says:

    Got hit today! pero releasing sa friday (March 28) so i assume na lng na ang daming pending for print out. Last year nakakuha ako wala namang HIT. 🙂

  • Esmeril Guerzo says:

    Sir ako din po, kakukuha ko lang ng nbi clearance kanina sa galleria. Hit din po ako, i need to come back on 27. Before po kc, dalaga pa ako nung kumuha ako ng clearance, around 2006 po, them married nako ngaun. Nag apply ako online as new applicant, then ginamit kn ung new surname ko. Nung nasa biometrics nko, binago ng staff ung surname ko, ginawa nya nung sa dalaga pako, yun cguro ang reason kaya ako na hit. What do you think?? I should have renewed it instead of applying for new clearance. Pero kc wala na po yung dati kong clearance.

  • welter says:

    Sir, pag may kaso po ang isang menor edad hnd niya makukuha ang nbi clearance niya?