NBI Clearance 2019 Updated Guide

August 29, 2016 10:21 am

NBI Clearance Renewal, this topic is around for a long time since the inception of this website. Heck, the process on how to apply for NBI Clearance Renewal is so simple but people still don’t get it how it can be done.

Obviously, NBI Clearance renewal is a process where the an applicant already have an existing NBI Clearance whether it’s expired or not applies for a new one.


In our previous article, we have discussed the easiest way to renew your NBI Clearance using the Quick Renewal feature of the website.

This is a new addition to the website where the applicant just enter few information found in his/her NBI Clearance, pay for the NBI Clearance Fees and wait for it to be delivered in the comforts of their home.


You may want to read our detailed article about the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal here.

The NBI Clearance Renewal is far different from the Quick Renewal we’ve mentioned earlier because its much cheaper. Plus, the conventional Renewal that we’re discussing here requires the applicant’s personal appearance.

Just to inform all the readers of this article, the steps provided below starts from scratch. This means that the applicant of NBI Clearance Online Renewal doesn’t have an NBI Clearance Online Account yet.


If you already have an account in NBI Clearance website, you may skip few steps of this tutorial.

Let’s start our tutorial in NBI Clearance Renewal!

NBI Clearance Renewal Account Registration

Go to the Official Website of NBI Clearance Online Services (https://clearance.nbi.gov.ph).


At the right side of your screen, make sure to check the ☑ YES to identify that your registration is an NBI Clearance Renewal.

Enter your First Name, Sur Name, Date of Birth and your OLD NBI ID Number.

Click the PROCEED button down below to continue your registration.

If your NBI Clearance ID Number was found in the NBI Clearance Database, it will show you this image saying “Data Successfully Retrieve”.

This means that you can proceed with the next step and your NBI Clearance can be renewed.

If your NBI Clearance ID Number was not found, it will show you this image stating that “The system cannot find the given NBI ID”.

This means that you can’t proceed with your NBI Clearance Renewal and must do an NBI Online Registration as a NEW Application.

If your NBI Clearance ID No. can’t be found in the database for whatever reasons, that means you won’t be able to renew your NBI Clearance and all you have to do apply as a NEW NBI Clearance Application.

We have written a detailed tutorial on how to apply for an NBI Clearance here as a solution to this error. You may want to check that out.

Going back to the tutorial, assuming that you have successfully retrieved your NBI Clearance ID no. It will display this “REGISTER” window where it will be automatically filled up with your details such as your Gender, Marital Status, Date of Birth and your Complete Name.


The last three field boxes are for you to fill up. Enter your email address and your nominated password.

Check the ☑ I ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICE and press AGREE button.

Press the SIGN UP button.

NBI Clearance Renewal Application

You will be redirected to the the main dashboard of your NBI Clearance Online Account where you can see all the (already) filled up Application form.

You don’t have to fill up the application form anymore since this is an NBI Clearance Renewal and they already have your personal information.


Enter the Valid IDs you’ll bring. Make sure to bring two (2) valid IDs.

Press the “I Agree” button.

NBI Clearance Renewal Appointment Scheduling

The next steps will be scheduling your appointment in processing your NBI Clearance.

First, Select the NBI Branch from the drop down list. Second, select the dates and the time slots (AM/PM).


After scheduling your appointment with NBI Clearance Branch, select the payment option.

NBI Clearance Renewal Fee Payment

I suggest that you select the paying your NBI Clearance Fee thru 7-Eleven since its convenient.

It will show you a small window displaying the amount of NBI Clearance.

Click the Proceed To Payment button.

The next window will show you the Payment Reference Number. Take note of this and bring this to 7-Eleven.

Please note that the amount that you should be paying consist of NBI Clearance Fee (P130) + E-Payment Service (P25) + 7-Eleven Convenience Fee (P15) which totals to P170.

Just to make sure, ask the cashier how much is the final amount that you should be paying as the Convenience Fee varies depending on the Payment Center.

Keep the receipt as proof of your payment. Now, Log in back to your NBI Clearance Account and check if your payment is already reflected

You can do this by clicking the TRANSACTIONS Menu. You will see the status of your application.

If its PENDING, just wait for it to change status to PAID.


If you see that its PAID, you can click the DETAILS button to print your NBI Clearance Online Application.

Note that printing the application form is not mandatory. All you need to do is just take note or take a picture of the NBI Clearance Reference Number.

This tutorial is almost done. But before we go, we’ll discuss the final steps.

After the payment, the applicant needs to wait for his or her scheduled appointment to arrive.

Make sure to bring two (2) valid ID that will be presented as a requirement in applying for NBI Online Clearance Renewal.

You can also bring your own Philippine National ID or PhilSys ID or SSS ID. If you don’t have one yet, here’s the guide on how to apply.

When the day of the appointment arrives, make sure to be there on time. If you scheduled AM, arrive at the NBI branch 8AM to 12PM. While if you scheduled PM, be there 1PM to 4PM.

Photo capture and Biometrics will be done at the NBI Branch. It will usually take 5 to 10 minutes depending on the volume of the applicants.

The applicant will also have a chance to review all the personal information written on his or her NBI Clearance before it gets printed. Here’s the chance where you can correct or modify all the information written if you want it to be changed.

So there you have it, there’s our tutorial on how to apply for NBI CLEARANCE RENEWAL.


If you have a question, feel free to leave a comment down below!

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  • reynalda pelaez says:

    na hit po ako pinabalik ako after 5 days tapos sabi sa akin nang nbi agent may kaso ako 1982 pa at dalawa thift pero walang branch sa quezon city , wala akong ma alala kasi naka uwi po ako sa amin nang maayos sa mindanao noon kasi mahirap sa maynila naglayas kasi ako noon . paano ang gawin ko

  • Kate Hernadez says:

    Posible ba na makasuhan ka ng Estafa at magpa-blotter sa NBI from pasay to Cainta rizal? makakakuha pa po ba ng NBI yun? last year kase of september may pina blotter name ko sa NBI and di ako sure nung time na yun kung totoo bang nakablotter name ko. then on september last year kumuha ako ng nbi to make sure na wala akong pending case and sa awa ng Diyos nakakuha naman po ako. Pero kanina kumuha ako sa Robinson branch ng bagong NBI Clearance pero may hit ako. so kinakabahan po ko if may namesake ba ako or kung may nakapending na po ba akong kaso. ano po pwede ko gawin sir/maam wala po ko alam sa mga batas? sana may tumugon po asap.

  • here to help says:

    Bakit may hit kayo kahit last year walang hit? ito ay dahil hindi lang population ang dumadami kundi pati mga kinakasuhan. kung last year yung kapangalan mo walang kaso tapos ngayon kinasuhan e di natural na magkakaron ng hit yung name mo. Hindi naman every year pareparehong tao ang may kaso sa korte hindi every year na magkakapangalan ang criminal. for more info ask nyo dito hhttp://booksundertheclouds.com/paano-kung-may-hit-ka-sa-nbi-clearance/

  • rose says:

    Hi nagpunta kami kanina sa nbi,and tru online lang kami nagpa register ang kailangan ko kasi is two copies kami dalawang beses ako nag register at nag bayad.it is possible po kaya ako na hit dahil dalawang beses ako ng register tru online?Pls give us feedback.

  • nickz says:

    First, muntik na kong ma imbyerna dahil hindi ko ma-iregister yung e-clearance using the reference number na nakuha ko after paying Gcash. kahit paulit ulit kong iregister. Payment validation error ang lagi lumalabas even im sure na tama naman lahat ng input ko. It took the following day pa bago na validate. then when i went to NBI robgalleria. na HIT pa ko for the first time. Ito na lang kulang ko to comply with the requirements sa inaapplyan ko. sad to say hindi na ko makakaabot sa duedate dahil 2 weeks pa ko mag aantay and by that time closing na ang job application.. :(((I just wished that NBI system will be more accurate and modernize, pati online application nila pumapalya pa din.

  • Blake Acuña says:

    I wasn’t able to pick up my NBI Clearance on the day of its scheduled release. I also wasn’t able to craft an authorization letter so someone could get it on my behalf? Do I have to get another one or till when would it be okay for me to be able to get it after its scheduled release?

  • Cecil Taculao says:

    Good day!My father had a case 20 years ago.He settled it already and paid all of the damages they caused,but his NBI clearance was’nt realesed by the NBI employee at any branch and they want my father to pay 20thousand pesos again.How is that?Why does my father needs to pay 20thousand if the case was already closed?When are we able to get his NBI Clearance?Hoping for your responce.Thank you and Godbless!

  • Casey Abayan says:

    Talaga po bang may bayad na Php25.00 para sa Online registration? I went to NBI kanina, I paid 25 for the online reg, and another 115.00 for the NBI paper.. Is it legit?

  • mich says:

    nagsearch ako kung meron ba akong kapangalan sa pilipinas pero walang lumabas kahit is kasi ang pangalan ko ay kinuha sa japan pati narin ang apilyedo ay galing sa japan pero ang middle name ko ay common…… bat kasama ako sa hit list na last year 2014 kumuha ako ng nbi clearance hindi ako nahit pero ngayon na hit ako…… lokoloko yata tong computer o yung systema nyo…… dapata ang hinihit ninyo ay yung mga criminal talaga…… tanong ko lang…… bakit ako nakakuha ng police clearance kung may criminal record ako…… tapos na hit lang sa nbi….. what the! sabagay yung mga nagtratrabaho sa capitol site sa cebu ay hindi ginagawa yung dapat gawin nila…….. imbis madaliin ang pangtanggap ng payments galing sa cleyente….. pagdadaldal lang ang inaatupag…….. nababakabte ang cashier ng mahigit 10 mins……. o di ba….. parang nagbreak lang……. wala ngang lunch break kaso puro naman pahinga at pagbrebreak lang ang inaatupag ng cashier…….. marami panaman ang nakapila para makapagbayad……… tapos napansin ko rin na imbis ipromote nila ang website nila para matutunan ng mga cleyente ang tamang pagprocess ng nbi clearance online,…. eh parang hindi proud nanagtratrabaho sa nbi,…… pinapasa ang mga cleyente sa mga taga labas na kung makahingi ng bayad ay napaka mahal…….. isipin mo,,,,,……. pinakamahal na bayad mo sa computer shop ay 15 pesos, isang oras na yan…..,,,,,,, tapos piso para sa print ng form o di kaya kunin mo lang ang reference number… ok na…… kesa magbabayad ka ng 50 pesos… diba ang laki ng patong………. isusuggest ko lang sa inyo na maglagay kayo ng tv sa waiting area…. dapat ipinalalabas yung mga process o kung pano iprocess online……..salamat sa mga nagbasa….

  • E says:

    5 years na akong kumukuha ng NBI clearance for ID purposes – NGAYON LANG AKO NAGKA-HIT. May kapareho ako ng pangalan? Talaga? Pati middle name? Feeling ko walang pang print yang mga yan sa NBI, walang katao-tao sa Releasing section nila. Masyadong malaking abala sa buhay!

  • maureen shelby says:

    nagpunta kming nbi kanina. Nag online kami kasi akala namin mas mabilis. Yung pala mabilis lang yung pagpicture tapos nag stamp ng date sa receipt yung nag aayos. Walan man lang sabi sabi kung may kapangalan ba ako!! Feeling ko nmn wala. Kasi lahat ng nkapila iniistampan nya ng date. Tapos yung kaibigan ko, nagpunta rin kanina kaso di sya nag online. Dun na sya mismo pumila at nagbayad tapos nakuha nya agad. Mas okay pa pala kung pumila kahit matagal. Badtrip lang ako sa online online na yan!!!

  • Jernimel Galit says:

    Nung kumuha ako ng nbi last year walang hit, sby ngaun meron eh sa tingin ko, unique yung name ko. Anu po yung reason? Salamat ng marami.

  • denzel says:

    Ask ko lang po kung magaappear po ba yung littering sa nbi? Salamat

  • Joy says:

    Hi! Nag-online transaction din ako, paid it thru LBC, and I went there sa Main branch yesterday. Sobrang bilis lang nung picture taking at biometrics. Sinulatan lang nung lady yung receipt ko ng isang malaking \July 30″. Yun daw yung date na pwede ko i-claim clearance ko pero wala syang sinabi na may hit ako so I thought baka ganun talaga until I read stuff online. First time ko kasi magapply e.. so does this mean may hit ako? Or may nagbago ba sa process? Sabi kasi sakin ng iba dapat daw the day itself macclaim ko na :/”””

  • Patrick says:

    What if i do not come on scheduled return? Im planning to get my clearance after 3 days bec of prior commitments.thanks!

  • Bob says:

    I find it idiotic. My name is not unique that’s for sure. Pero I am certain na Pati middle name parehas? They should update their system and check other details. Ang laking abala kasi. Hindi madali kumuha ng NBI.. yes.. may online application and other payment options pero you’d still have to fall in line.

  • Rosseu says:

    You just need the reference number now for claiming your clearance (If you were hit). Then you can go straight to the clearance section, no need to fall in line again.

  • Jerome says:

    Hi just a question. Would it be possible to claim my nbi clearance earlier than the release date? Thanks in advance

  • Issa Tuason says:

    Hays. Yan nalang need ko para sa visa ko, tapos halos isang buwan ko pa hihintayin.m

  • elyn jean mercado says:

    sir/ma’am, i applied my nbi clearance last july 14,kya lng i nid it on july 23,at i got hit on my application.mkukuha k po b ung clearance k khit wla pang ten days.?

  • john jovell lagulay says:

    sir/maam may problema poe ako paanu poe kc ang NBI clearance ko na pagawa mali ang midle name ko paanu poe ito..need ko reply.. ASAp

  • ANECITA says:


  • lou ann tarnate montefrio says:

    good morning,pag may hit na mark,anu po ba ang ibig sabihin at posible po ba na yung kaparehas ko na kapangalan ay may kaso,pwede pa po ba ako ma realesan ng nbi clearance?

  • Marseana says:

    Nakakuha na ko ng NBI Clearance before, tapos ngayon bigla na lang akong na-HIT… tapos ang tagal pa nung sched na binigay saken.. Aug.3.. eh Last week of July flight na ko abroad.. Is there any chance na makuha ko ang clearance ng mas maaga pa sa sched. date ko? Paano?

  • Vanessa Sabino says:

    WHAT?!!! 8-1O working daaaaaaayyyys LANG?! Pero yung sakin inabot ng 13 days bago ang release date dahil sa HIT na yan! July 3 ako nagpunta ng NBI then pinababalik ako on July 17. Tapos di ko pa sure kung open kasi holiday bukas! This ‘HIT’ thing really irritates me. But oh well, ano pa nga ba? Eh Pinoy tayo. 😀 #It’sMoreFunInThePhilippines oh yeah!

  • Glaiza Marie says:

    Question: how long does it usually take for a HIT clearance to be claimed? Last 2012 it took me 2 weeks to get it. I’ve read some comments here says 3 days, 5 days or a week. Please enlighten me about this. Thank you so much.

  • maria hilda says:

    Panu natin malalaman kung okay na yung clearance natin with hit?san tau pwd tumawag.pls reply

  • Aze says:

    Hi, nag punta ako yesterday sa san pablo branch NBI kc online ako nag apply binayadan ko sa lbc nung sunday and nilagay ko schedule is july 14 pero pinapabalik pa ako july 28. Eh renewal lang pati un??? Paki explain

  • Jerica Lorriane G. Rubio says:

    Pls help me naman po

  • Jerica Lorriane G. Rubio says:

    Pwede po ba ako magreklamo sa nbi tarlac?kasi po first time ko na hit e wala naman akong kapangalan.yung araw na june 13 2014 ako kumuha.lahat kami ng kumuha ng nbi nun ay na hit dahil wala daw ink ang nbi.e bakit mawawalan e may pondo naman. Pagkatapos nun nung araw na pinaparelease na yung nbi ko e pumunta ako ng manila pagbalik ko dto after a month hndi na ibinigay ang nbi ko dahil sobra na daw sa due nila.paano po yan? Hndi ba nila fault yun kasi nung arw na dapat makukuha ko agad clearance ko e wala silang ink?

  • Fevielyn E. Husain says:

    Hi. po. Ask ko lang po if what po dapat gawin kung mali ang spelling nila sa name ko? My name is Fevielyn . wala naman aqng reklamo sa NBI Robinsons Cainta kasi that time pasok naman ako sa number of accommodation nila.. Nung pumunta ako dun, ok sya dirediretso but nung ntapos n aq, wala naman po akong hit… sa sobrang pagod ko cguro kakaantay e d q napansin na wrong spelling na pala ang name ko so umuwi na po aq kaagad .. imbes FEVIELYN naging FUVIELYN. Nagbigay naman po aq sa knila ng Valid ID, (POSTAL ID).. pagka-uwi ko kasi samin dun lang po napansin ng nanay ko na wrong spelling po name ko. Ano pong dapat gawin ko po? kailangan ko pa po bang magpagawa ng panibago? May 12, 2014 po aq kumuha ng NBI then hanggang ngayon po di ko pa rin po naaasikaso kasi di ko po alam an gagawin ko. Help naman po. First time ko po kasi magkuha ng NBI clearance. Maraming salmat po!

  • Harry says:

    Di tuloy mkapag exam sa Marina dahil may hit sa NBI.. baka abutan pa ng update sa exam.with a whole new set of questions. Medyo nakakaasar talaga..

  • joan says:

    Sobrang pahirap nman tong nbi na to, what if the compny dont consider your incomplete requirements imbis n sna makkapagstart na. Sana nde umaabot ng 2 weeks ang releasing and how sure we are na tlgang may hit tayo unless na ung nsa nbi na channels lang are not doing their job correctly or bka tinatmad lng sla para mapabilis nla ang trbaho nila by stamping the back of our receipt of the releasing date. Ang susungit pa ng mga nag aassit dun dpt they have to be friendly pra kht paano d disappointed ang mga applicant just my opinion

  • Adrian dicen says:

    Paano kung nwala yun govt I’d ko pero may lumang nbi Clearance at company I’d pasok ba to sa quality?

  • Jonas Ian Pacheco says:

    may kapangalan ba talaga ‘ko? nakakahiya. mukha akong kriminal sa nbi kanina.

  • my first hit says:

    Hi,What are the possible cases or reasons to get a hit. This is my first time after 7 years of being in clear status? Pls. reply to my email if possible. Thanks.

  • Motoko Nakane says:

    After 5 years of getting NBI clearance, ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng Hit. Muntanga lang diba? Ako lang naman ang may pangalan na ganito sa Pilipinas. Kahit sa Facebook at Google ako lang may pangalang ganito sa Pilipinas.

  • IAN says:

    I dont know pero nakaka ad trip ung ganun…galing ako dun kanina. Lalo na sa cabanatuan branch. Wala kwenta! Kala mo lang mas mabilis kasi online na. Un pala ganun padin. Tpos ung isang personnel dun parang walang alam. Trainee ata un eh. Tss. Comelec is much much better.

  • Bhudz says:

    What is the use of biometrics? We all know that fingerprints are unique to each one of us. If we use the biometrics fingerprint scanner, the name of the owner should appear. We can basically avoid the numbers of HIT that will occur. Create a database with our fingerprints. Thats the easiest way to avoid this scenario. You are now migrating to ONLINE fascilities. Make use of it.

  • lei says:

    Oo nga eh. First time lng ngyari sa kin to. An tagal ko n kmukuha ng nbi clearance. Ngaun lng na hit un sa nbi clearance ko.

  • Thirdy says:

    hi tanong ko lang if pwd bak makuha ung NBI clearance after ng releasing date na bngay nila? ng ngayong july 10 pa namn pero conflict kc sa sked ko pwd kaya kinabukasan nlng, sa UN po ako nag apply..thanks

  • myra says:

    i have already applied for nbi clearance twice and my last one was yeeear 2013 but i got it on the same day.. however last monday i was surprised that i have hit.. upto now i have a big question mark why i have a HIT… and since it will be released 2weeks from now. my company ask me for a police clearance in absence of my nbi clearance even though i gave them my reciept and told them that i could get the clearance within two.. is it really necessary? its like i’ll have to pay double and very hassle to get the police clearance than get nbi

  • David Lou L. Bugao says:

    I applied for NBI renewal today but why is it they asked me come back for the releasing but I did not noticed if I am hit or not.

  • mira says:

    hi, tanong lang po’ posible bang ma hit ako sa NBI kung kumuha ako kahit na may warrant of arrest dcaw at para sa akin yun at ang nasa warrant of arrest ay iba ang spelling sa pangalan? help po! ,.

  • Zyrah says:

    Does it really have to take 13 days to claim your NBI Clearance? Don’t you have a additional payment for an earlier claim? I really nead mine immediately.

  • Glenn Trumata says:

    Sinasali ba ng nbi yung middle name sa pagtining kung hit yung tao o hindi? Minsan kasi naiisip ko na parang rare lang yun instances na pati middle name ay magkapareho. Kung first name at last name lang pagbabasehan, marami talaga nun, pero kung pati middle name kasali, siguro near to impossible yun. Sana masagot po itong katanungan ko.

  • Katherine Jimenez says:

    ask ko lng po dati nung kumukuha ako ng NBI wla akong ngging HIT tapos ngaun meron na, di po kya un dhil sa di ko na nlgay ung middle initial ko? kc po wla pla akong middle initial according sa NSO, so now ko plng po di gngmit ung middle initial ko sa pagkuha ng mga important docs.

  • Ericsin Hernandez says:

    sa dalwang beses ko pong pagkuha ng NBI Clearnce e may hit ung pangalan. Di po ba nagagawang ng paraan na susunod na magrerenew ulit e di na magkakaron ng hit. Katilad na lang po ng NBI CLEARANCE NUMBER, dahil magrerenew na lang po ako. Di po ba makakatulog un kasi unique na identification naman ung NBI number. That would easily distinguish a certain nbi clearance applicant i guess from another.

  • Daryl says:

    Nag apply po ako ng nbi travel to abroad. Piro sabi sakin ng encoder tawagan na lng daw ako.piro to weeks na nakakalipas hindi pa ako kinokontak. Naisip ko bka mali yong kuntak numbr na ibinigay ko.ano pwedi kung gawin?

  • pedra says:

    mali poh ung NBI middle name qo ..paano poh mapalitan yun !ano poh mga kailangang gawin?pls help?

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