How To Apply For An NBI Clearance Online in 2022 – The Ultimate Guide

December 30, 2021 5:40 am

The updated and latest tutorial on how to apply for NBI Clearance Online for the year 2022 is here!

Today we are going to guide you on your journey in applying for your NBI Clearance Online. All we want is your undivided attention and patience in reading through our tutorial.

If you have any questions while reading our tutorial, feel free to leave a comment down below so we can address your concerns related to NBI Clearance Application.

NBI Clearance has been part of our life. I can still remember when I first applied for my copy because my first employer asked me to submit as part of my Pre-Employment requirement. I was so lost because 15 years ago, NBI Clearance was still practicing manual processing where you need to walk into a NBI Branch to process it.

But now, it’s more convenient and fast! You can now book or schedule an NBI Appointment with them and have it processed on the day you scheduled it.

Anyway, I won’t keep the introduction long, let’s proceed with our NBI Clearance Online Tutorial.

The NEW NBI Clearance Online Application Process for 2022

Before proceeding with the NBI Clearance Application, you must first ask yourself what kind of applicant are you? Are you an Applicant who wants to renew your NBI Clearance OR this is your First Time Application?

The steps below will guide you depending on your situation whether you are an NBI Renewal Applicant or First Time Applicant.

We are asking this because there are separate process depending on what type of applicant are you.

First Time Applicants of NBI Clearance Online

If you are a first time applicant of NBI Clearance for the year of 2022, then you’ve come to the right place!

We can guide you on your NBI Clearance Online Application journey! I just want to ask you that you must be patient in reading our tutorial on how you can apply for an NBI Clearance.

We made this tutorial to be easy to follow and user friendly so anyone can have a convenient experience in applying for their NBI Clearance in 2022.

Anyway, to start your journey in applying for your very first NBI Clearance this 2022 is to follow these steps.

  1. Register an Account with NBI Clearance Online Website
  2. Log In to your NBI Clearance Online Account
  3. Complete your Personal Information for NBI Clearance Purposes.
  4. Schedule An Appointment with NBI Clearance Appointment System
  5. Pay your NBI Clearance
  6. Process your NBI Clearance in NBI Clearance Branches

NBI Clearance Online Renewal

If you don’t qualify as a first time applicant, then (probably) you are an NBI Clearance Online Renewal Applicant. That means you are one of these:

  1. You simply don’t know how to apply an NBI Clearance but you have one already.
  2. You have an expired/unexpired NBI Clearance BUT can’t access your NBI Clearance online account.
  3. You have an NBI Clearance and can access your NBI Clearance Online account.

Okay, let’s break each item down.

You simply don’t know how to apply for an NBI Clearance but you have one already.

I know that you are not a first time application but the steps to apply for an NBI Clearance for first timers also apply to you. Read those steps and you will successfully process your NBI Clearance.

If you already have the NBI Clearance before and want to apply again for a new one that you will use for the year 2022, but you don’t know how to apply again, what you need to do is to follow the instruction that i have written in NBI Clearance Online First Time Application.

You have an expired/unexpired NBI Clearance BUT can’t access your NBI Clearance Online Account.

If you currently possess an NBI Clearance, whether it is expired or not and want to renew it but you can’t access or log in to your NBI Online Account due to several reasons, my recommendation to you is follow the same steps I have illustrated in NBI Clearance Online First Time Application.

I asked you to do this because I assume that you can’t log in to your account because you can’t remember the email address you have used to register an account with NBI Clearance website. Or possibly, you don’t have access to your old email address restricting you to use the forget your password feature?

Now, if you can still remember what email address you have used in registration of your NBI Online Account but can’t remember the password, you can just use the “Forgot my password” feature of the website. 

Here’s the tutorial on how to use the Forgot your password feature of the website.

You have an NBI Clearance and can access your NBI Clearance Online account.

Now, if you belong to this group of applicants who wants to renew your NBI Clearance and can access your NBI Clearance Online Account but (for some reasons) you forgot how to do it, then I advice to start reading and follow my tutorial starting Log In to your NBI Clearance Online Account.

You will find the other steps to be unnecessary so feel free to skip it. But to give you a summary of steps you need to do, here it is:

  1. Log In to your NBI Clearance Online Account
  2. Schedule An Appointment with NBI Clearance Appointment System
  3. Pay your NBI Clearance
  4. Process your NBI Clearance in NBI Clearance Branches

Notice that your steps are shorter compared to the First time applicants? That’s because you don’t need to register a new NBI Clearance Online Account because you already have it.

You also don’t need to complete your Personal Information since you’ve done that before. You may need to update your personal information if you want to.

NBI Clearance Online Website

Go to the official website of NBI Clearance Online Application which is registration is an online portal where any applicant can start their NBI Online Application process.

Official NBI Clearance Online Website

The landing page of the NBI Clearance Online website has several functionalities the users can perform. These are the following:

  1. Register an account – where applicants can register an account with NBI Clearance to be able set an NBI Online appointment to process their NBI Clearance Application. This feature is for the first time users of the websites who don’t have an account yet.
  2. Sign In to NBI Clearance Online Account – Users can access their account and schedule another appointment for their NBI Clearance processing.
  3. NBI Clearance Online Verification – a feature that enables anyone who wants to verify their own or another person’s NBI Clearance if authentic or not. Though, this service only captures those NBI Clearance issued 2018 (if I’m not mistaken) .

    You may read our separate post “How To Verify if an NBI Clearance is Fake or Authentic?
  4. First Time Job Seekers – a registration page or section for the first time applicants. Most of the applicants here are fresh graduates from colleges or high school. This service is free of charge though additional requirements are needed to avail this free service.

We’ll have an in depth discussion of each item mentioned above but for now, I can only give you a brief explanation on what it does.

NBI Clearance Online Account Sign In

For applicants who already have their online NBI Clearance account, you may proceed logging in to your account by entering your user name and password in the Sign In section provided by the website.

NBI Clearance Online Account Sign In

Forgot your NBI Clearance Online Account Password? No Problem!

If you forgot your password, you may use the “Forgot Password” feature. Just click the text link below the Email Input box to be directed to the forgot password page of NBI Clearance.

When you click the forgot your password link, a small pop out window will appear asking to input your  registered email address.

Forgot your NBI Clearance Online Account Password 1.4.png

Open your email account and look for the mail entitled “NBI Online Services: Request for new password”.

NBI Online Services Request for new password

Note: You may check your spam folder if you can’t find it in your inbox.

The email from NBI Clearance Online looks like this:

Email from NBI Clearance Online Sample

It contains a button or a reset link which you need to click so you will be redirected to another page to reset your password. Click on it to start resetting the password.

When you arrive at the destination page, two input boxes are displayed where you need to nominate a new and secure password.

Nominate a new and secure NBI Clearance Online password

In nominating a password, make sure to follow these rules:

  • Make it long – The most critical factor in creating a password. Choose nothing shorter than 15 characters, more if possible.
  • Make sure to use a mix of characters – combining uppercase and lower case letters, numbers and symbols are harder for the hackers to crack.
  • Avoid common substitutions – this is a common practice where letter O is replace by 0 (zero). So if your password is “door123”, you usually do this “d00r123”. Avoid this because password crackers are designed to use this pattern.
  • Never use memorable keyboard paths – i am sure you are a fan of qwerty123 password. Also, never use any of these methods. Sequential keyboard paths are also common in password cracking software. 

After nominating a secure password, just click the “Reset” button to submit. Wait for a few seconds and a small (green) notification bar will appear confirming that the password reset is successful.

Successful NBI Clearance Online Password Reset

Note that no email will be sent as a confirmation of the password reset is successful so watch out for that notification.

Now that you have reset your password. You may now proceed logging in to your NBI Clearance Online Account.

Forgot your NBI Clearance Online Account (Registered) Email?

Okay, don’t panic. You said you forgot your email address registered in NBI Clearance Online?

To be straight forward, this is going to be a problem. But again, don’t panic. Let me explain this to you.

The thing with the new NBI Clearance Online website for 2022 is that it doesn’t have a feature to retrieve your registered email address.

Unlike the password which you can easily reset, the email address retrieval is next to impossible. 

But don’t worry, we have a work around so you can still register for a new one. I want you to follow these steps so you can still avail the Online NBI appointment system of NBI Clearance.

Create a new email address

Since you forgot what email address you have registered on the NBI Clearance website, all I want you to do is to create a new one. I recommend creating a new GMAIL account.

I won’t go into detail on how to create a new email address since I assume you are already familiar with it.

Once you’re done, go back to the official NBI Clearance Online 2022 website and register for a new account.

“Question? Is it ok that I have two (2) accounts on the NBI Clearance website?”

Yes! Totally ok to have two or more NBI Clearance accounts. The official website of NBI Clearance is built to handle large data and information so a duplicate account from one person is tolerable.

When you are ready to register for a new account with NBI Clearance, you can follow the steps below (link for NBI Clearance Account Registration)

NBI Clearance Account Registration for 2022

To register an account with NBI Clearance, look for the Registration section of the page. It is usually located at the upper right side of the screen, if you are using a laptop or desktop. If you are using your mobile phone, you just need to scroll down a little bit to see the NBI Clearance Registration.

NBI Clearance Account Registration for 2022

Notice in the NBI Clearance Online Registration, the personal information of the applicants are needed to be filled.

For now, ignore those items and I want you to focus on the text that says:


In the check box that represents your response if YES or NO, tick or click the check box for NO.

Do you have an NBI Clearance issued from 2014 to present

To explain why I asked you to answer NO is because, the response for YES are for those people who have NBI Clearance issued from 2014 to present and do not have an NBI Clearance ONLINE Account. Note the word I put emphasis on bold and underlined. This means that your name and other personal information is already encoded in NBI’s database.

But the problem with this type of registration is that the database of NBI Clearance is not 100% accurate. Not all people who had their NBI Clearance are already in the database, few other people’s personal information are not encoded there.

So to address this, I always recommend everyone to simply respond to the checkbox for a NO response.

Notice that the personal information requirements and input boxes will change.

NBI Clearance Personal Information Application Form Registration

Now is the time to input the following personal information of yours.

  • Gender
  • Civil Status
  • Birth Date (Month, Date and Year)
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Surname
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Password

“Question: What if I don’t have a Middle Name? What should I put in the Middle Name Input Field? What will appear in my NBI Clearance?”

We have tackled this before and have answered this question numerous times already. For those applicants who don’t have a Middle Name, simply input “MNU”.

MNU stands for Middle Name Unknown. It’s acceptable and recognized by the law.

After typing all the personal information needed, tick or click the checkbox for “READ and ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICES”. 

The Terms of Service of the NBI Clearance website will appear. it is optional to read it. Press the “AGREE” button to proceed with the next steps.

Next is to press the captcha text box that says “I’m not a robot” and wait for it to turn into a check icon.

NBI Clearance Captcha Sample

When all information is filled and tick boxes are ticked, you may now press the signup button at the bottom of the NBI Clearance Online Registration Form.

NBI Clearance Online Registration Form Sign up button

NBI Clearance Online Account Registration OTP (One-Time Password)

After the steps above, two things will happen.

The NBI Clearance Online Application website will send you an OTP or One-Time Password. This will be sent to your registered email address and your registered mobile number.

A small pop out window will appear asking for the NBI Clearance Online OTP sent to your registered Mobile number or registered email address.

NBI Clearance Online OTP 1.15.png

Note that the NBI Clearance Online OTP sent to your email address and mobile number is the same.

Here’s a sample SMS Message you will receive from NBI Clearance Online containing the OTP.

Sample NBI Clearance Online OTP Text SMS

And here’s the email you will receive containing also the OTP.

Sample NBI Clearance Online OTP Email A
Sample NBI Clearance Online OTP Email B

Enter the NBI Clearance OTP correctly in the space provided in the website and press the “Submit” button.

NBI Clearance OTP Enter and Submit

If you entered the NBI Clearance Online Application OTP correctly, the small pop out window will be removed and a green notification will appearing stating:

“You have successfully registered in our portal”

This is the indication that you are already a registered user of NBI Clearance Online portal.

NBI Clearance Online Portal Successful Registration

Note that the OTPs are required to be entered within 5 mins or it will expire. If the NBI Clearance OTP expires, you can easily request for a new one by simply clicking the button “Re-send One-Time Password (OTP)”.

NBI Clearance Online Application Registration Resend OTP One Time Password

This will send another OTP to your email address. Just enter the new OTP and it will proceed with the registration.

Successful Registration

The NBI Online website will confirm if the registration for your account is successful through a small green notification in the website.

You might miss it because it will be displayed for a few seconds but watch out for it.

Another indication that you are registered is it will redirect you back to the home page where you can see the log in section.

Official NBI Clearance Online Website

Note that there will be no SMS or Email Confirmation sent that will confirm your registration process is successful.

NBI Clearance Online Account Log In

Now that you have registered an account, you will now be able to login and start your NBI Online application.

At the upper right corner of your screen, enter your registered email address and nominated password correctly then press the “Sign in” button.

NBI Clearance Online Account Sign In

Completion of Applicant’s Information

During your first log in to your NBI Online Account, you will see the incomplete Application Information. Your main task here is to complete the missing information such as:

  • Middle Name (if available)
  • Gender
  • Nickname
  • AKA/Other Name
  • Birth Place
  • Citizenship
  • Complete Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Father’s Name and his Birth Place
  • Mother’s Name and her Birth Place
  • Educational Attainment
  • Occupation
  • Religion
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Complexion
  • And lastly, If you have Identifying marks (ex. Scar, Mole etc.)

Note that the First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and the email address cannot be changed? This is because those information are account registration information which are used by the website in identifying each user.

NBI Clearance Online Application Form Other Personal Information Fill Out

Now, press the “Save Information” button to save your progress.

A small pop out window will appear displaying all your personal information. Review it to make sure you don’t have any typographical errors and to ensure that all the information you have typed are correct.

Press the “Submit” button.

Submit Additional Personal Information NBI Online Application

A small notification banner will be shown that your profile was saved. 

“Question: What if I have typographical errors in those Personal Information which I cannot change in the NBI Online Application Portal?”

We will discuss this extensively later on on how to edit your personal information

After that, This will redirect you to a different page showing you all your personal information.

Your NBI Online Application Form

I recommend you review all the personal information you have entered before doing the next step.

If you found any typographical error or just want to change one or two personal information, just press the “Edit Button”.

Edit your NBI Clearance Application Form Online

We’ll discuss this topic separately since there are several topics to cover.

Editing NBI Application Information

If you find the need to edit any of your personal information written in your NBI Application, you can easily do it by just going through these steps we have written below.

I assume you already logged in to your NBI Online Account so we’ll skip that part.

In the upper right side of your screen, find the button that says “Edit Information” and press it.

Edit your NBI Clearance Application Form Online

You will now be directed to your NBI Application Information page where all the information you have entered can be modified or edited.

Feel free to make changes to any of the information.

Editing your NBI Clearance Online Personal Information in your Application Form

Press the “Save Information” button to review your changes and click the “Submit” button to save your changes.

“Question: What if I want to change my First Name, Last Name, Email Address or Date of Birth because it’s incorrect? How can I do that?”

As mentioned before, you can’t edit those fields or personal information because these information are vital in your NBI Clearance and NBI Online Account. 

But don’t worry, we have a work around for that.

In case that it’s clearly a typo error or incorrect information, all you can do is proceed with the processing of your NBI Clearance. That means schedule an appointment, pay for the NBI Clearance Fees, go to the scheduled appointment to your selected NBI Branch.

Now, here’s the trick. When you reach the steps of Personal Information Verification, this happens during or after your photo and biometrics is taken, mentioned to the NBI Clearance Staff that there’s a typographical error or erroneous information that you want to change.

Make sure to bring additional legal documents like NSO Birth certificate or a valid ID to support your claim as evidence that it is really incorrect.

The NBI Clearance Staff will change it for you. 

NBI Clearance Appointment Scheduling

This is the step where you will schedule an appointment in processing your NBI Clearance.

To start this step, assuming you are still logged in to your NBI Clearance Online Account, click the “Apply For Clearance” button.

Apply for Clearance in NBI Clearance Clearance Website 2022

A small pop out window will appear. This window will ask you two things:

  1. What type of ID are you bringing?
  2. What is the ID Number of that Valid ID you have selected?

You can select the Valid ID from the drop down list. Please note that the list of Valid IDs are the only identification cards or documents acceptable by NBI Clearance Branches as the requirement in processing the NBI Clearance.

NBI Clearance Acceptable Valid IDs as a requirement for your application

If you didn’t find your ID from the list, that means they don’t accept it and will not honor it as a requirement.

Although there is one missing from the list and that is the newly released Philippine National ID. I think the NBI Clearance Requirements List is not yet updated but I can vouch that it (the Philippine National ID) is valid and accepted.

For the ID Number, you can easily find it in your plastic or laminated physical ID card. Just copy and type it in the text box provided.

You can read more about the discussion regarding the NBI Clearance Requirements here.

Press the “I Agree” button to proceed.

Another pop out window will appear, the information written is important and serves as a reminder to all NBI Clearance Online Applicants. It simply says:

“Your REGISTRATION CODE or REFERENCE NUMBER will be provided after you select your PAYMENT OPTION.

Your REFERENCE NUMBER shall serve as your GATE PASS when you enter the NBI Clearance Processing Area.

To avoid inconvenience and long lines, please pay your NBI CLEARANCE FEE using your REFERENCE NUMBER at the selected PAYMENT OPTION.

Thank you!”

Reminder for Registration Code or NBI Clearance Reference Number

There’s also a Tagalog version of the text if you prefer to translate the text above.

Press the “Close” button if you are done reading.

After the steps above, you will be redirected to the NBI Clearance Online Appointment System.

NBI Clearance Online 2022/NBI Clearance Online Appointment System Page

The page contains five (5) sections and these are:

  • NBI Branch selection list
  • Date picker that looks like a calendar where you want to schedule your appointment.
  • The NBI Clearance Fee
  • Appointment Schedule
  • And lastly, the mode of payment.

NBI Clearance Branch Selection

To start your appointment, select the NBI Branch you want to process your NBI Clearance Online Application.

Just click the arrow down and search for it.

NBI Clearance Branch Selection for scheduling your appointment

In this example, I am selecting the NBI Clearance Center (Main Branch) which is located at UN Avenue, Manila.

You can see the list of NBI Branches available nationwide here in our separate post. We’ll post the updated list of NBI Clearance Branches later on.

Date and Time Appointment Setting for NBI Clearance Processing

Once the NBI Branch is selected, the available slots for the month will appear.

NBI Clearance Appointment Date and Time

You can see two buttons per date which represent AM and PM. Blue button means available and the slots available are also displayed. While Red is Holiday and Gray is full slot. 

NBI Clearance Available Time AM or PM (Morning or Afternoon)

Press the button inside the date you prefer.

Right after that, notice that the Appointment Schedule section will update according to your selected date and Time.

NBI Appointment Schedule Summary

Also, notice that the NBI Clearance Fee will show you how much you should be paying.

NBI Clearance Fee Summary

The base fee of NBI Clearance is P130.00. There will be an additional fee of P25 if you pay using any e-payment service.

We will post a separate tutorial about the NBI Clearance Fee Payment Options

Mode of Payment for NBI Clearance Fee

To finalize your NBI Clearance Online Appointment, you need to select the payment option that is available on the website.

NBI Clearance Available Payment Options

So to continue the tutorial above, I will select GCash as mode of payment. 

READ: How To Pay Your NBI Clearance Fee Application In Your GCash App

If you don’t prefer using GCash as the payment option for your NBI Clearance Fee, you can use other methods such as 7-Eleven, Bayad Center and others. Here are some useful links you can read to guide you on how to pay your NBI Clearance Fees.

In the payment options, press the box that contains the GCash logo. Make sure that it turns to yellow.

NBI Clearance Fee Payment using GCash

A small window will appear that shows the instructions. Make sure that you read it.

Here’s the screenshot of NBI Clearance Fee Payment Reminder.

NBI Clearance Fee Payment Reminders

The instruction says three steps:

  1. A REFERENCE NUMBER will be generated
  2. Use your GCash App
  3. Pay using your REFERENCE NUMBER or scan QR Code

It’s pretty straight forward. If you understand it correctly, you need the NBI Clearance Reference Number which is generated right after I press the “Proceed” button.

Then I need to pay using my GCash App to pay for it. The NBI Clearance Online Reference Number will be used to pay for my transaction while using the GCash App.

Going back, press the “Proceed” button to generate the NBI Online Reference Number.

A Transaction Summary will be displayed. Review it to make sure that your NBI Online Appointment is correct.

NBI Clearance Appointment Transaction Summary

Now, press the “Proceed to Payment” button.

Another small window will be displayed but this time, you will see the NBI Clearance Online Payment Reference Number.

NBI Clearance Payment Reference Number

Notice that the Total amount to be paid has increased from (previous) P130 to P155. This is because we are using an e-payment which is subject to System Fee amounting to P25.

Take note of that by taking a screenshot or writing it down. Again, I cannot put more emphasis on this but this is important information in booking your NBI Clearance Online Appointment.

Press the “Accept” button once you have copied the NBI Clearance Reference Number.

You will now be redirected to the dashboard where you can see your Personal Information, the “Apply for Clearance” and “Edit Information” buttons and the sidebar menu which contains the Application, Transaction, Contact Us and Privacy Policy section.

That means you are almost done.

What’s left is the actual payment of your NBI Clearance in GCash.

But before we proceed, I want you to go to the “Transactions” section. You can find it at the sidebar menu, right under Application. Click it!

NBI Clearance Online Transactions Page

It will display all your transactions / scheduled appointments booked in the NBI Clearance Online portal.


NBI Clearance Online Application Display All Transactions and Appointment Scheduled

We will now use our GCash application installed in our mobile phones to settle the NBI Clearance Fee.

If you prefer to pay your NBI Clearance Fee at the nearest 7-Eleven (7-11) Branch, you may do so by reading our tutorial to guide on how to do it.

Payment of NBI Clearance using GCash

In this section of the tutorial, we will discuss how we can pay our NBI Clearance Fee using GCash.

I assume you have a working GCash app installed in your mobile phones. So let’s get started.

First thing to do is log in to your GCash app.

Please note that I won’t go into detail such as teaching you how to download and install the app, registration and logging in, adding balance to your GCash Account.

Once logged in, check your balance if it’s enough to cover the NBI Clearance Fee. You should have at least P155.00 available balance to afford to pay for your NBI Clearance Fee.

NBI Clearance Fee Payment using GCash Dashboard

Press the “Pay Bills” icon.

NBI Clearance Fee GCash Pay Bills

In the “Pay bills” page, press the search text box and type “NBI”. The NBI logo will appear, press it to select it.

NBI Clearance Search NBI in Billers Page in GCash

After selecting the NBI logo, this page will be displayed. You need to fill out the required information to proceed with the payment of your NBI Clearance Fee.

NBI Clearance Fee and Reference Number Required Information in GCash

We already have the NBI Clearance Reference Number which we got from the NBI Clearance Online Website.

Also, the amount that will be entered should be the amount shown in the NBI Clearance Fee Payment / Transaction Summary (which is P155.00).

Press the “Next” text link above to proceed.

Review the details you have entered before pressing the “Confirm” text link to proceed to payment.

NBI Clearance GCash Confirmation before Actual Payment Screen

At this point, you can still go back if you found any errors. Make sure to double or triple check the NBI Clearance Reference Number you have entered. Paying for the Incorrect NBI Clearance Reference Number will forfeit your payment and will not reflect on your status of your scheduled appointment in NBI Clearance.

When you press the “Confirm” text link, it will proceed to payment.

NBI Clearance GCash Proceed to Payment

The image above shows the payment receipt issued by GCash. You will also receive an SMS message regarding the transaction.

There you have it! If you have done it correctly, your payment will be reflected in your “Transactions” section of the NBI Clearance website.

If we go back to the NBI Online Appointment website, go to the “Transactions” section, you will see the changes (see image below).

NBI Clearance Website Transactions Summary Page

Notice the difference between the two images? The top image ihas a status of “Pending” and no Payment Date is reflected yet.

While the image at the bottom shows the status of “Paid” and has a Payment date timestamp on it. Also, it shows the mode of payment used which is GCash.

That means we are now ready to proceed to the next steps in processing our NBI Clearance.

Just continue reading for the next steps.

Processing your NBI Clearance Online Application at the NBI Branch

Now that you have scheduled an appointment with the official website of NBI Clearance Online and paid the appropriate NBI Clearance fees, the next steps you will undertake is to wait for your scheduled appointment date and time.

Yes, you’ve read it right. If you are scheduled the next day, the next week or month, you are required to wait for it. Any applicant is discouraged to just walk in whenever he or she wants to.

There’s a reason why you have to select the date and the time while doing an appointment in the NBI Clearance Online website and that is to avoid the overcrowding and organize the volume of applicants in NBI Branches.

Imagine if 10,000 NBI Clearance Applicants decided to go to NBI Main Building on the same day? It will be chaos!

Going back to our tutorial, when the day of your scheduled appointment arrives, make sure to arrive at the NBI Branch you have chosen on time. Meaning, if you booked an appointment in the morning (AM), don’t arrive at the place at around 11:45 PM. Please be considerate.

Bring your NBI Clearance Requirements

We have discussed the NBI Clearance requirements already. If you have forgotten it, here it is:

  • UMID (SSS ID and GSIS)
  • Philippine Passport
  • Philhealth ID
  • Voters ID or Certificate of Registration
  • TIN ID
  • PRC License
  • Driver’s License
  • Authenticated Birth Certificate
  • Driver’s License
  • Postal ID
  • Certification from the Local Civil Registrar
  • Certification from Malacanang in connection with Indegeniois groups, Tribal membership and Foundling
  • Solo Parent ID
  • Company ID (valid only for Government Employees only)
  • Police Clearance issued by the Police Station where Applicant is resident of the Station’s jurisdiction
  • Seaman’s Book and SIRV
  • School ID together with the current Registration Card
  • Senior Citizen ID
  • Marina
  • And lastly, Philippine National ID

Make sure to bring at least two (2) valid IDs found in the list above.

NBI Clearance Advisory on NBI Clearance Requirements

The above mentioned identification documents are the NBI requirements. Just a tip for all the applicants to avoid any hassle during the NBI application process, the valid IDs must be:

  • All Valid IDs must be unexpired (if expiration are applicable like for passport and driver’s license)
  • Must not be a photocopy of the valid ID card
  • Must be readable
  • Free from damage or tears.

Processing your NBI Clearance

In processing your NBI Clearance at the NBI Branch, expect the following activities or steps that you will undertake.

  • Presenting/Showing of NBI Clearance Online Reference Number
  • Biometrics (fingerprinting)
  • Photo capture
  • Personal Information Verification
  • Releasing of NBI Clearance

We will tackle each item thoroughly.

Proceed to the Biometrics and Fingerprinting section of the NBI Branch or better yet, ask the Officer of the day or the Guard for assistance where would be the first step but it’s usually the Biometrics and fingerprinting.

Presenting/Showing of NBI Clearance Online Reference Number

To start the process, you will be asked to present your 


In this step, you will be asked to place your fingers to their biometrics reader where all your fingerprints will be scanned. There’s nothing difficult about this step.

Tip: Make sure that your fingers are dry and not sweaty. There are chances that your fingerprints will not be scanned by the device because it’s too wet.

Don’t put any powder on it! It will make your situation worse. If you put power on it, those powder will cover the lines in your finger that makes it more unreadable.

Photo Capture

Is there anything I need to discuss here?

Kidding aside, it’s just a photo capture session. The photo taken will be printed in your NBI Clearance.

Is smiling at the camera prohibited? No. But a few cases from other applicants mentioned that they are asked to have a serious face.

All are required to remove their eye (reading) glasses.

Personal Information Verification

Once the photo capture and biometrics are done, you will be asked by the NBI Clearance Staff to verify all the personal information you have written in your application.

There will be a monitor display showing all your personal information so you could easily cross check what you have written.

It is also the time when you have found out or already know that there is an error or you want something to be changed or to correct. You can ask the NBI Clearance Staff to modify it. We have discussed this topic earlier in Editing your NBI Clearance Online Information.

Once you are good to go and find any errors / modifications to be done, tell the NBI Clearance Staff that you are good to go.

Releasing of NBI Clearance

Now that you have confirmed your personal information is correct, the NBI Clearance Staff will now start to process this.

NBI Clearance Online Staff will submit your data and perform several checks and verifications. If everything is good, the NBI Clearance Online Staff will instruct you to go to the Releasing Section to wait for your printed NBI Clearance.

That means, in about (minimum) of 30 minutes, your NBI Clearance will be printed and will be handed to you. All you have to do is wait.

By this time, you are already finish in processing your NBI Clearance Application, Congratulations! You’ve made it!

Now, there are cases that you will be instructed to return at the same NBI Branch after seven (7) working days. This is because, the NBI Clearance Staff after doing his or her checks and verifications have found your name with a status of “HIT”. 

That means the releasing of your NBI Clearance will be on hold for seven (7) days and further verification and data analysis must be done before releasing it to you.

“HIT” is the term used by NBI Clearance Outlets or Branches if the applicant has a namesake and requires the NBI Clearance to be verified further before released to its owner. There are 109 Million (and counting) breathing individuals in the Philippines. With that size of population, there’s a chance that you have a namesake who already applied for their NBI Clearance.

To learn more about this, you can read our article about NBI Clearance HIT.

You’ve been HIT! Reasons why you can’t afford a One Day Processing NBI Clearance!

We have done a really good job here! We have successfully demonstrated the end to end tutorial on how to apply for NBI Clearance Online for the year of 2022. Thank you very much for your patience.

As always, we encourage everyone to leave comments in the comments section if you have questions or anything to say about this tutorial.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask us, we might be late on responding to your questions but we will assure you that we will post a response whenever we are available.

Another thing, we encourage people to share this NBI Clearance Online Tutorial to Facebook so it will reach a lot of people who need help.

Thank you very much and have a great year ahead!

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