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NBI Clearance Application Form

September 10, 2018 10:07 am

Please note that the NBI Clearance Application shown below is not used anymore. NBI Clearance already shift its sails to online processing and the manual printed out application form that the applicants used to fill up with their details are no longer used.

If you want to get application form for your NBI Clearance, you won’t find any. All you need to do now is go to the official NBI Clearance Online website where you start your application. For the sake of this tutorial, I will be giving you an overview what to do on applying an NBI Clearance Online.

  • The first step in applying an NBI Clearance Online is to register an account with NBI Clearance website. Go get your email address and register it!
  • Enter all the required personal information in the personal information section.
  • Pick your preferred NBI Clearance Branch, schedule an appointment.
  • Pay your NBI Clearance Application in 7-Eleven.
  • Go to the NBI Clearance Branch you selected on your appointment date to process your application.
  • Proceed to the window where they get your Photo and Biometrics.
  • Proceed to Releasing Section to get your NBI Clearance.

It’s quick and easy right? But that’s only an overview of a long process. If you want to know the complete and detailed tutorial about the NBI Clearance application online, here’s the link.

NBI Clearance Application Form

An NBI Clearance Application form is an essential part of the NBI Clearance Application. Every day, there are thousands of applicants lining up to get their NBI Clearance.

The NBI Clearance Application form document is the very first step you need to finish before moving to the other processes such as data check/verification, payment, image capture and so on.

Filling out the NBI Clearance application form deserves your full attention, whether it’s completed on site or online. Many of our fellowmen gets rejected or delayed because of simple mistakes.

To familiarize the applicants with the NBI Clearance Application form, we decided to post the actual image of the Application form that every applicant should accomplish. This guide gives you information to help you fill out your NBI clearance application form correctly.

You don’t have to download the NBI Clearance Application Form (2016), as I’ve mentioned, you can get a copy of this application form in every NBI Clearance Outlets.

NBI Clearance Application Form

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