How To Apply NBI Clearance Online in 7 Easy Steps

October 30, 2018 11:57 am

How To Apply NBI Clearance Online – NBI is making things easy for the NBI Clearance applicants.

Gone are the days where people used to write and fill up the application form. Gone are the days where every applicant needs to line up for the payment of their NBI Clearance in the Cashier.

Those days are over!

NBI Clearance are now decentralized and can now be done online through the help of their website.

After the online registration and payment of application fee of the applicant, they may proceed directly to any of the 55 NBI Clearance Branches nationwide for the photo and biometric (finger print scanning) and the release of their respective NBI Clearance.

I’m sure you landed on this article from your Google search on “How To Apply NBI Clearance Online” or “NBI Online Registration“, right?

Well, lucky you! We have written a comprehensive guide on how to do it!

Here are the steps on how to apply NBI Clearance Online.

  1. Register an account in NBI Clearance Online Website.
  2. Fill up the NBI Clearance Application Form.
  3. Schedule an NBI Online Appointment.
  4. Pay the NBI Clearance Online Fees
  5. Process your NBI Clearance Online Application
  6. Releasing of your NBI Clearance.

The steps on how to apply NBI Clearance Online listed above are summarized to make it easier for the readers to have an overview of the entire process on how to apply for NBI Clearance Online.

We will discuss it in detail each steps, one by one for the purpose of this tutorial.

Also, we will include possible questions commonly asked by our readers. If we missed anything, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section of this article down below. We highly encourage you to asked questions if you don’t understand anything from this tutorial!

For the sake of this tutorial, we will assume that the applicant don’t have an NBI Clearance Online Application account yet.

Having said that, the NBI Clearance Online application that we’re doing is for the new applicants. Though this tutorial can be applied to all NBI Clearance renewal applicants also. They just need to tweak or skip few steps.

Note: There’s a new feature in NBI Clearance website where you can apply for an NBI Clearance at home. This is the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal. You can read more about it here in our separate article (How to Apply NBI Clearance Quick Renewal).

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We really want to spread this article so that people looking for a tutorial on how to properly apply for an NBI Clearance Online can easily find it.

To begin our tutorial on how to apply NBI Clearance Online, we’ll start with Step 1 – Registration.


Go to the official website of NBI Clearance ( and register an account.

To do this, on the right side of the page, a registration form is displayed where new applicants of NBI Clearance Online account is required to be filled up.


Enter the required personal information such as your name, email address, birth date and your preferred password for your account.

Agree to the Terms of service by clicking the check box button below.

Press sign up to complete the NBI Clearance Online Application.

A small window will appear asking for confirmation if what you have entered are correct.

Make sure that you verify the correctness of your personal information because you won’t be able to modify this after this step.

After checking your personal information, you may click the “YES” button to finalize your NBI Clearance Online Account Registration.

You will be directed to the main dashboard or main page of your NBI Clearance Online Account. This means that your account registration is successful.

It says that the email I’m using is already taken, what does this mean?

Maybe you already have an account registered? You just forget it.

There’s also a possibility that someone used your email address. Try to use the Forgot Password feature of the website to reset your password. An email will be sent to your email address to reset it.

Can I register a second account with NBI Clearance Online?

Yes. A second account is fine. Just make sure to use a different email address.

I already have an account with NBI Clearance Online but I can’t remember the password. What should I do?

You can use the Forgot Password. Just what I’ve said in the previous question.

If you don’t have an access to your email address, you can just register a second account.

I don’t have a second email address, what should I do?

You can create a new one. I recommend GMAIL. But other email service is fine. There’s no problem with that.

Is the email address really important in the NBI Clearance Online Registration?

Well, sort of. Actually, the website only need your email address as your USER NAME but aside from that there’s no other use.

The NBI Clearance website won’t be sending any emails to you unless you use the Forgot Password feature.

We tried to register an account using a fake email address and it went through. But we don’t want you to use a fake email. Because If you forgot your password, you can reset your password using the “Forgot Password” feature and the website will send a RESET link to reset your account password.


The next steps discusses the NBI Clearance Online Application Form.

Right after the account registration, all applicants are required to fill up the application form.


Enter your personal information such as:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Birth Date and Birth Place
  • Citizenship
  • Educational Attainment
  • Occupation
  • Your Parents Name and birth place
  • Weight
  • Height

Press the SAVE INFORMATION button bellow.

What if I don’t have a Middle Name?

The website requires middle name to be entered but for some cases, the applicant don’t known his or her Middle Name.

If this happens, you may write “Middle Name Unknown”.

I noticed that I have an incorrect personal information written in my application form. What should I do?

You can still correct this mistake by click the “EDIT INFORMATION” button and it will lead you the application form again to edit your mistake.

Schedule an appointment.

Now your next step would be Scheduling your Appointment for your NBI Clearance Online Processing.

In the right side of your screen, right beside the your Application Form you’ll see “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” button. Click it to start scheduling your appointment.

A small window will show up asking you what Valid ID you have that you will present when applying for an NBI Clearance.

You may refer to the list of Valid IDs accepted in applying NBI Clearance.

It will direct you the scheduling system of the website. First thing to do is select the NBI Clearance Branch where you want to appear and process your NBI Clearance.

Select any NBI branch that you prefer. I advise you to choose a branch that is near and convenient for you.

Remember that this is the place where you’re going to process you NBI Clearance and have your Photo taken as well as biometrics (finger print scan).

Next is the Date and Time. Select your preferred date and time. NBI Clearance Branches are open Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM. Though the Office hours differ from every branch.

Another thing, the availability of the NBI Branch also depend on Philippine Holiday and Local Municipality Holiday. This means, NBI Branch are not open during holidays. There are times that the City where the NBI Branch is located held its own holiday such as Manila Day, Quezon City Day and others. When this happens, NBI Branch on that area is close.

So make sure to check the holiday calendar before you set an appointment.


Select the date you want to process your NBI Clearance. Obviously, select the date when you are available.

There are only two option for the Time Slot, AM (morning) and PM (afternoon / after lunch). There’s no specific time.

What time do I exactly come to the NBI Clearance Branch?

It’s up to you. If you chose AM, then go there when the branch opens. I recommend going there early.

If you chose PM, after lunch to closing is the time.

You’re almost done with the NBI Clearance Online Application. After selecting the NBI Branch, Time and Date, select the payment method. I recommend paying your NBI Clearance in 7-Eleven with a working Cliqq Booth/Terminal.

Note that it will also show you how much NBI Clearance application fees. It will cost you P130 for NBI Clearance, P25 for E-Payment Services and additional P15 for convenience fee if you use 7-Eleven as payment method.

Also note that all payment options has different amount of Convenience fees.

Click the 7-Eleven icon to proceed. It will display your NBI Clearance Reference Number. Take note of it or take a photo using your smart phone.

The NBI Clearance Reference Number will be use when paying your NBI Clearance Online Application Fee.

What If I lost the NBI Clearance Online Reference Number?

Don’t worry, you still have a copy of it saved in your NBI Clearance account. Just log in back to your account and go to “TRANSACTIONS” page. You can find it at the left portion of the screen (if you’re using a desktop).

I already made a schedule of my NBI Clearance appointment, can I still reschedule it?

Unfortunately, no. You can’t reschedule it. But if you didn’t pay it yet, you can schedule another appointment on the day you really want and ignore the previous appointment and previously issued NBI Clearance Reference number. As long as you didn’t pay the old or previous appointment you made.

Does the NBI Clearance Reference Number has an expiration?

Yes, the NBI Clearance Reference Number must be paid within 24 hours or it gets expired. You won’t be able to pay it in your chosen payment option.

Also, the cashier from the payment center will not accept your payment because your reference number is expired.

The cashier didn’t accept my NBI Clearance Reference number, what should I do?

Easy, you just need to log in back to your account and repeat Steps 3 to 6. That way, you’ll be able to schedule another appointment with NBI Clearance website.

Can I refund the payment that I made for NBI Clearance Application Fee?

Ideally, there should be a refund. But you have to coordinate with the NBI Clearance Office. Which will be a hassle on your part (believe me).

You can call 09179999421 or 09204129999.

I want to apply for an NBI Clearance for Travel Abroad or any other purpose. I realized that I didn’t select the purpose of my NBI Clearance. Why is that?

Its because all the issued NBI Clearance are “Multi Purpose”. This means that the Multi Purpose NBI Clearance can be accepted to any transaction you use it. Please read, Multi Purpose NBI Clearance.

Pay the NBI Clearance Online Fees

This section gives you an overview on how to pay your NBI Clearance Online Application in 7-Eleven.

But we have written a more detailed tutorial on how to pay your NBI Clearance Online Application Fee in any 7-Eleven.

Anyway, head down to the nearest 7-Elven Branch with a working Cliqq booth.

A Cliqq booth serves as a self service bills payment machine where customers can use to transact their bills payment.

NBI Clearance Online Application - PAY THE NBI CLEARANCE ONLINE FEES

Use the machine correctly to pay your NBI Clearance Application fee.

Once you’re done with the payment, you can now keep your receipt.

If you logged in to your NBI Clearance Online account and head to Transactions page, you’ll see that the status of your application will be “Paid”.

This means that the payment from 7-Eleven was already accepted by the system of NBI Clearance.

I already paid but it says in the website that its still “UNPAID”, what should I do?

Nothing, you can do anything about it actually. But as long as you keep your payment receipt and the NBI Clearance Reference Number, you’re good to go.

You can head down to the NBI Clearance branch on the day of your scheduled appointment. You can totally forget the “unpaid” status of your application from the NBI Clearance website.

I lost the payment receipt, what should I do?

The answer to this is a little bit tricky.

First thing to do is go back to the NBI Clearance Online website and log in to your account. Go to Transaction Page and find the reference number you’ve used when you pay your application fee. Check the status if it change from “Unpaid” to “PAID”.

If it’s already Paid, then you don’t have a problem. Just take note of the reference number or take a screenshot or photo of it. You can just bring this to show the NBI Clearance Personnel when processing your NBI Clearance.

You can just forget the receipt because it is already recognized by the system that you already paid.

If its Unpaid, wait for at least six (6) hours, it should change the status to paid.

Do I need to print the NBI Clearance Application Form?

You don’t have to print the NBI Clearance application form. It’s optional. You have the freedom to print or not to print the said application form.

But as long as you have the NBI Clearance Reference Number, you’re good to go.

I lost my Receipt, NBI Clearance Reference Number and I can’t log in to my NBI Clearance Online Account. What should I do?

Whoa. This is a huge problem. You lost all the those important things? The thing is, the most important item from that is the NBI Clearance Reference Number.

If you don’t have it, you can just retrieve it from your online account but if you can’t open your account. Then you can just use the “FORGOT PASSWORD” feature of the website.

The website will send an email to the registered

Process your NBI Clearance Online Application

The day you schedule your appointment is the day you should go to the NBI Clearance Branch where you set the appointment. Also, keep in mind of the time slot you have scheduled (either AM or PM)

As previously mentioned above, you don’t have to print the application form. As long as you have your NBI Clearance Reference Number.

Make sure to bring two (2) Valid IDs as part of the NBI Clearance Requirements.

Here are the list of NBI Clearance Requirements accepted in applying an NBI Clearance:

On the day of your scheduled appointment, make sure to wear appropriate attire according to the dress code implemented in the NBI Clearance branches.

Note that guards assigned at the entrance of the NBI Clearance Branch can deny you the entry if you’re not wearing appropriate clothes.

When you arrive at the branch, expect that your photo and biometrics (finger prints) will be taken.

Usually, there’s a queue line on these due to volume of applicants. There’s nothing special with the Photo Capture and Finger Print.

What you need to watch out is the incorrect personal information written in your application form. This is the chance to correct it.

The NBI Clearance Personnel will let you verify for incorrect information in NBI Clearance Online. Check each lines just to be sure.

Releasing of your NBI Clearance.

Once you’re done with Photo Capture and finger prints, you will be asked to proceed the releasing area.

A separate waiting room or area is designated for releasing the NBI Clearance issued for the day.

The release of your NBI Clearance fully depend on your name if you have a HIT or not.

According to our previous article:

“HIT” is the term used by NBI Clearance Outlets if the applicant has a namesake and requires the NBI Clearance to be verified further before released to its owner. There are 104 Million (and counting) breathing individuals in the Philippines. With that size of population, there’s a chance that you have a namesake who already applied for their NBI Clearance.

You’ve been HIT! Reasons why you can’t afford a one day NBI Clearance processing!

If you don’t have a hit, they will be release your NBI Clearance in a few minutes.

If you have an NBI Clearance HIT, they will ask you to go home and come back on their assigned date. Its usually eight (8) working days but sometimes, it extends to fifteen (15) working days due to huge volume of applicants.

In short, you have to wait for the pick up date the NBI Clearance assigned before you get your hands on your precious NBI Clearance.

I failed to claim my NBI Clearance, can I still claim it?

It depends. If we’re just talking about 2 to 3 weeks, maybe you can still claim it. But if we’re talking about a month or several months, there’s a possibility that they won’t give it to you since its been there already for so long and have to destroy it.

I won’t be able to claim my NBI Clearance on the specified date, can I ask someone to claim it?

Yes, you can do that. But you should issue an Authorization Letter stating that you authorized your representative to claim your NBI Clearance. You may read more about this in our article (Ask Someone To Claim Your NBI Clearance).

There’s also a chance that when you claim your NBI Clearance after waiting eight (8) working days, the NBI Personnel asks you to go to the NBI Clearance Taft Main Building for Quality Control Interview.

According to our previous post, NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview:

In my own understanding, NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview is a process by which an NBI Personnel reviews or verify the true identity of the NBI Clearance applicant.

This usually happens if you have the following:

  • You have a pending or ongoing case.
  • You are under for arrest (outstanding warrant of arrest) and needs to be identified in relation to a crime by the Police Authorities

Or its mostly possible that you have:

  • You have a Namesake has a pending or ongoing case or
  • Your Namesake are under for arrest (outstanding warrant of arrest) and needs to be identified in relation to a crime by the Police Authorities

You can read more about the Quality Control Interview here at our article.

There you have it, its the complete and ultimate guide on how to apply NBI Clearance Online.

I missed my NBI Clearance Appointment, can I still go the other day?

It also depends. If you missed your schedule and 2 to 5 working days have passed, you still go to the NBI Online Clearance Branch and process your NBI Clearance or NBI Renewal.

But if it’s been a more than a week, NBI Branch can deny you of their service.

If ever you still have a question which is not tackled in this post, feel free to leave a comment down below.

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How To Apply NBI Clearance Online

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      Yes po, pwede naman po. punta lang kayo ng Philippine COnsulate at dun kayo magapply.

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      NEW application po ng NBI Clearance and dapat.

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      I’m not sure kung merong Saturday na NBI Clearance. Ang alam ko ay Mon to Fri lang po. Hindi na po inaallow ang walk in applicants.

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    details po pala ay
    Name of applicant: Laura C. Yuson
    Mothers Maiden Name: Cresenciana Delos Angeles Chavez
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    Payment date: Nov. 19, 2018
    Ref. Number: NB6H5NKPR4

    Maraming Salamat po
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    • Kat Delano says:

      wag na po nyang iedit sa nbi clearance online website. ang gawin nalang nya ay ipa correct nalang nya pag andun na mismo sa NBI Clearance Branch. Just ask the help of the NBI Clearance Personnel. Inform the nbi clearance personnel na meron pong for correction.

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      hmmm. seems weird. try nyo nalang po ang nbi clearance website ulit after two hours or non peak hours around 9pm onwards.

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      You can read the tutorial of nbi clearance online written above po for details.

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      pwede naman po yung gusto nyo. make sure na when signing up, wag mo pong gagamitin ang iyong married last name para po hindi magreflect.

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        Short answer po sa question mo ay magpunta ka sa Philippine Consulate para dun magapply.

        Pwede mo pong basahin ang article na ito:

        Para sa guide on how to apply nbi clearance while in abroad.

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      Hello! You can read the guide on how to apply for nbi clearance in the article above. Feel free to leave a comment for your questions.

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      Magregister ka nalang po ng bagong account sa NBI Clearance Online website. Gumamit ka po ng bagong email address.

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      Wala pong problema kung nawawala po ang iyong lumang NBI Clearance. Pwede ka pa din po magapply pero NEW Application na po. Hindi na po pwede ang Renewal. Don’t worry, same proess lang po ito.

  • Julia Tamayo says:

    Paano kumuha ng nbi clearance online?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Maari nyo pong basahin ang guide or article na nakasulat sa itaas.

  • Rolando Graciani says:

    Nbi clearance online application is very easy sana. Kaso hanggang ngayon may hit pa din ako. Akala ko mawawala na to pag online application na.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Hindi po mawawala yang HIT nyo hangga’t meron kang kapangalan. at kung babaguhin po ng NBI ang systema nila ng pag verify nila ng mga applicants, possible po na mawala.

  • Fabiana Aleman says:

    Puede bang sa ibang araw ko nalng puntahan ang nbi clearance ko? Hindi kasi ako makakapunta kasi may trabaho ako?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Pwede po pero as much as possible, balikan nyo po agad ito sa lalong madaling panahon.

  • Dulce Pozo says:

    Kailangan pa ba na magregister sa nbj online?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes, required na po ang nbi clearance online registration para po makapag apply.

  • Alexia Arrabal says:

    What if photocopy lang ng valid id ang dala ko? Pwede pa din ba yun as nbi clearance requirements?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Hindi po allowed ang photocopy ng mga valid IDs. Required po na original ang inyong dalhin.

  • Simon Tejedor says:

    Saan pwede mag apply ng nbi clearance na mabilis?

  • Enrique Campos says:

    How to do an nbi clearance online application?

  • Paz Aparicio says:

    Isa lang ang id ko sa nbi clearance requirements, tatanggapin kaya kung isa lang?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Maari pong tanggapin. Depende sa pakiusapan. Pero dalawa po talaga ang requirement na valid ID.

  • Cecilia Lacasa says:

    Saan ko makikita ang nbi clearance application form?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Mag register ka po ng NBI Clearance Online Account upang makapag fill up ka ng Application form.

  • Edgar says:

    Anong requirements sa pagkuha ng nbi clearance?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Nakalista po sa itaas ang valid IDs na requirements para sa NBI Clearance Online application.

  • Maite Paris says:

    Hindi ko napuntahan sa araw mismo ng appointment ko sa nbi clearance online application? Puede pa din po ba ako magprocess ng nbi clearance? Salamat sa makakasagot.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Maari mo pong balikan ang iyong NBI Clearance sa ibang araw pero dapat po ay sa lalong madaling panahon. Possible po kasi na hindi na ibigay sayo ito dahil napakatagal na.

  • Alfredo Mastache says:

    Hi gusto ko sana mag schedule ng appointment para sa pagkuha ng nbi clearance?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Pakibasa nalang po ang article sa itaas on how to apply NBI Clearance Online.