NBI Clearance Renewal: How to Renew your NBI Clearance Online

January 3, 2019 1:38 pm

NBI Clearance Renewal, this topic is around for a long time since the inception of this website. Heck, the process on how to apply for NBI Clearance Renewal is so simple but people still don’t get it how it can be done.

Obviously, NBI Clearance renewal is a process where the an applicant already have an existing NBI Clearance whether it’s expired or not applies for a new one.


In our previous article, we have discussed the easiest way to renew your NBI Clearance using the Quick Renewal feature of the website.

This is a new addition to the website where the applicant just enter few information found in his/her NBI Clearance Online, pay for the NBI Clearance Fees and wait for it to be delivered in the comforts of their home.


You may want to read our detailed article about the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal here.

The NBI Clearance Renewal is far different from the Quick Renewal we’ve mentioned earlier because its much cheaper. Plus, the conventional NBI Renewal that we’re discussing here requires the applicant’s personal appearance.

Just to inform all the readers of this article, the steps provided below starts from scratch. This means that the applicant of NBI Clearance Online Renewal doesn’t have an NBI Clearance Online Account yet.


If you already have an account in NBI Clearance website, you may skip few steps of this tutorial.

Let’s start our tutorial in NBI Clearance Renewal!

NBI Clearance Renewal Account Registration

Go to the Official Website of NBI Clearance Online Services (https://clearance.nbi.gov.ph).

NBI Clearance Renewal: How to Renew your NBI Clearance

At the right side of your screen, make sure to check the ☑ YES to identify that your registration is an NBI Clearance Renewal.

Enter your First Name, Sur Name, Date of Birth and your OLD NBI ID Number.

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Click the PROCEED button down below to continue your registration.

NBI Clearance Renewal - How To Renew Your NBI Clearance - Register

If your NBI Clearance ID Number was found in the NBI Clearance Database, it will show you this image saying “Data Successfully Retrieve”.

NBI Clearance Renewal - How To Renew Your NBI Clearance - NBI Clearance Data Successfully Retrieve

This means that you can proceed with the next step and your NBI Clearance can be renewed.

If your NBI Clearance ID Number was not found, it will show you this image stating that “The system cannot find the given NBI ID”.

NBI Clearance Renewal - How To Renew Your NBI Clearance - NBI Clearance Data UNSuccessfully Retrieve

This means that you can’t proceed with your NBI Clearance Renewal and must register as a NEW Application.

If your NBI Clearance ID No. can’t be found in the database for whatever reasons, that means you won’t be able to renew your NBI Clearance and all you have to do apply as a NEW NBI Online Application.

We have written a detailed tutorial on how to apply for an NBI Clearance here as a solution to this error. You may want to check that out.


Going back to the tutorial, assuming that you have successfully retrieved your NBI Clearance ID no. It will display this “REGISTER” window where it will be automatically filled up with your details such as your Gender, Marital Status, Date of Birth and your Complete Name.

The last three field boxes are for you to fill up. Enter your email address and your nominated password.

Check the ☑ I ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICE and press AGREE button.

Press the SIGN UP button.

NBI Clearance Renewal - How To Renew Your NBI Clearance - NBI Clearance Register Account

NBI Clearance Renewal Application

You will be redirected to the the main dashboard of your NBI Clearance Online Account where you can see all the (already) filled up Application form.

You don’t have to fill up the application form anymore since this is an NBI Clearance Renewal and they already have your personal information.

How To Apply Nbi Clearance Online Nbi Clearance Application Form Filled Up


How To Apply Nbi Clearance Online Apply For Clearance And Edit Information

Enter the Valid IDs you’ll bring. Make sure to bring two (2) valid IDs.

NBI Clearance Valid ID Requirements

Press the “I Agree” button.

NBI Clearance Renewal Appointment Scheduling

The next steps will be scheduling your NBI Online Appointment in processing your NBI Clearance.


First, Select the NBI Branch from the drop down list. Second, select the dates and the time slots (AM/PM).


After scheduling your appointment with NBI Clearance Branch, select the payment option.

NBI Clearance Renewal Fee Payment

I suggest that you select the paying your NBI Clearance Fee thru 7-Eleven since its convenient.

How To Apply NBI Clearance Online 2019 - Payment A

It will show you a small window displaying the amount of NBI Clearance.

Click the Proceed To Payment button.

How To Apply NBI Clearance Online 2019 - Payment B

The next window will show you the Payment Reference Number. Take note of this and bring this to 7-Eleven.

Please note that the amount that you should be paying consist of NBI Clearance Fee (P130) + E-Payment Service (P25) + 7-Eleven Convenience Fee (P15) which totals to P170.

How To Apply NBI Clearance Online 2019 - Payment Reference Number

Just to make sure, ask the cashier how much is the final amount that you should be paying as the Convenience Fee varies depending on the Payment Center.

Keep the receipt as proof of your payment. Now, Log in back to your NBI Clearance Account and check if your payment is already reflected

You can do this by clicking the TRANSACTIONS Menu. You will see the status of your application.


If its PENDING, just wait for it to change status to PAID.

he next pop up window will display your NBI Clearance Payment Reference Number.

If you see that its PAID, you can click the DETAILS button to print your NBI Clearance Online Application.

he next pop up window will display your NBI Clearance Payment Reference Number.

Note that printing the application form is not mandatory. All you need to do is just take note or take a picture of the NBI Clearance Reference Number.

How To Apply NBI Clearance Online 2019 - NBI Clearance Application Form

This tutorial is almost done. But before we go, we’ll discuss the final steps.

After the payment, the applicant needs to wait for his or her scheduled appointment to arrive.

Make sure to bring two (2) valid ID that will be presented as a requirement in applying for NBI Clearance Renewal.

You can also bring your own Philippine National ID or PhilSys ID or SSS ID. If you don’t have one yet, here’s the guide on how to apply.

When the day of the appointment arrives, make sure to be there on time. If you scheduled AM, arrive at the NBI branch 8AM to 12PM. While if you scheduled PM, be there 1PM to 4PM.

Photo capture and Biometrics will be done at the NBI Branch. It will usually take 5 to 10 minutes depending on the volume of the applicants.

The applicant will also have a chance to review all the personal information written on his or her NBI Online Clearance before it gets printed. Here’s the chance where you can correct or modify all the information written if you want it to be changed.


Before we let you go, we would like to put emphasis on the topic if you can walk in for NBI Clearance application. Well, the answer is no. You may read more about the link that we provided.

So there you have it, there’s our tutorial on how to apply for NBI CLEARANCE RENEWAL.

If you have a question, feel free to leave a comment down below!

NBI Clearance Online RenewalNBI Clearance Renewal

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    Is it possible to use the system for appointment only but paying will be over the counter? Sa process po kasi ng system, walang option doon na NBI OTC ang bayaran. Para internet lang ang gagastusin plus 130 na bayad ng NBI clearance sana. Ung system po kasi needs 25 pesos charge, plus, 15 pesos charge naman sa system ng 7-11 kung sakali. Dagdag pa ang pamasahe papuntang 7-11, especially yung mga nasa kanayunan.

  • April says:

    I have a previous NBI clearance (expiry date July 2018) and DFA authenticated in 2017.Authentication validity is for 5 years. Is this NBI clearance still valid? I have applied for a renewed one Does it still need to be authenticated by DFA (red ribbon)? This is for travel purposes/visa purposes

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    Good day po!
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    Pwdw po ba mag renew n nbi with authorization letter lng. Kailanan po kc ng kapatid ko na nasa abroad for us visa requirement application nya. Mayroon po sya pinadala sa akin n copy ng nbi clearance nya saka authorization para ako ang mag apply on his behalf.
    Paano po eto.

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      open mo lang ulit ung nbi online account mo para makita mo ung schedule mo.

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    Bakit di binura ang hit ko eh lagi naman akong clear at no pending case. Ang tagal ng hit mga 20 yrs. Na po estimate ko lang po.

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      discontinued po ang service ng quick renewal.

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      Yes 10 working days po usually ang waiting period.

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      Yes , register ka po uli sa NBI Clearance website ng bagong account.

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      No, wala na pong walk in application sa NBI Clearance.

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    Why is that when I’ve already completed the info in the uick renewal, a pop-up message ( “the otp is required”) appears when I click the bayad center as the mode for payment?

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      not working po ang QUick renewal sa pagkakaalam ko, kaya wala din po yang ginawa nyong application sa NBI Clearance QUick Renewal.

  • michael says:

    good day NBI, nagregister na po ako on-line. dahil last 2012 pa ko kumuha. at noon may hit ako. maeencounter ko nanaman ba yon?

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    I tried the quick renew online (using android phone) and whenever I click the mode of payment (Bayad Center) it shows OTP field is required. I didn’t received any OTP and there’s no options where to type it.

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    Invalid information po lumalabas tama naman po nkalagay sa old nbi q po

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