How To Open your NBI Clearance Application Form Online

August 10, 2018 9:36 am

Hey, question. Do you know how can i re-open my NBI Clearance Application Form Online so that i can view it again? I accidentally closed the window and I don’t know how to retrieve it.

I heard a lot of questions similar to that. It’s really plain and simple, actually. But the key to success on reopen your NBI Clearance Online Application Form Online is your NBI Clearance Online Application Account.


Your NBI Clearance account is the key where you can retrieve a copy of your NBI Clearance Application Form. You may refer to the images below:

You will see this screen shot right after you submit your NBI Clearance Application. Totally related to the image below, you will get this screen shot once you clicked the “Print” button.


It will display your NBI Clearance Application Form for you to be printed.

How to (re)open your NBI Clearance Online Application Form

Just like what we’ve said, the key to success in reopening your SUBMIT.

Voila! There goes your NBI Clearance Application Form! You can now click the PRINT button to have a copy of your NBI Clearance Online Application form.


By the way, you can test if this method works by entering my fake NBI Clearance Online Registration Code. Type in M54030306 and hit the submit button and see what happens.

Again, remember that this method will only work if you have your NBI Clearance Registration Code. No NBI Clearance Registration Code, then it’s useless. You need to register again in NBI Clearance Online Application.

Try to open your NBI Clearance Application form below!

That’s it and Have a great day! Cheers!


Note: The article on how to apply for NBI Clearance are now updated, you can read it if you need help on how to apply for one.

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    how can I open my on-line application?

  • Lorna L. Dacanay says:

    hi; this is the best things that NBI done to all applicants. thanks…

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    Kindly please show the application form for nbi. thnk you

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    this is the frirst time i try to online to process my nbi clearance hope that i see the result..

  • Esmeralda Sunga says:

    I already paid the fee but it mention here to go online again and enter the reference number of deposit slip in my payment. I tried couple of times to go to online again thru my phone but I can’t get through. I registered my application thru rent computer shop, I’m done in registration and I print the reference code for the payment purpose. But now I need to online again it’s hard to go to home page where I can log in to confirm my payment. Please kindly assist me with the complete website to go online again. Thanks

  • Prince Alejandro says:

    Please fix this! Youre verification is not working, and im 101% sure that i enter my password correctly, Then after that i try to change my password and i receive a mail and the link is not working? I tried it many times to resend a new password pero same thing pa rin not working ung link.Paayos naman ASAP thnx

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    My request for new password shows no temporary password! Pano ako maglologin niyan. Hay naku!

  • jeremy villaluz says:

    mabilis lang naman pala ang NBI online application

  • Raese Thea says:

    After I signed up, I received an email which said “activate my account” but nothing happened when I clicked it. It redirected me to the home page. When I tried in Verification tab, it says invalid email or password and I’m sure I entered the details correctly.

    • ann says:

      same thing happened to me..what did u do?

  • lordcherry cruz says:

    Panu po kung nagkmali ng pagfill up. Like young renewal sang nail gay imbes n new LNG. Eh naprint n po panu po gagawin

    • Louise says:

      bkt po ayaw mgsubmit? laging something went wrong po ang sagot. ?

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    mas lalo nyo pang pinatagal process. wlang kwenta

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    I need to connect immediately

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    how can i activate my account? please answer my question. .i need it in a hurry

  • rolaine says:

    how can i activate my account?

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    Its so hard to register…cant find the

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    ang gulo! NBI online registration is not user friendly 🙁

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    And I always bump in fb, what’s with fb I can’t even see there on what should I do to have/get even NBI form. What’s with the system. I’ve been putting a lot of patience still not working. I would prefer to use the long line waiting until I get my NBI rather than this sh1t, I know there are lot of people says ” it ease ” yet, it’s not friendly all the time, make the system consistent to your customer.

  • Jessie says:

    I’m a bit confuse how this process makes smooth in getting nbi, sh1t I’ve been irritated since yesterday. It says here click the “print” button yet it’s not working demn….. I even did do online application yet your system is not friendly as well.

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    fast and quick

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    Mabuti pa yung email ko, already taken. Hay naku.



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