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September 20, 2018 10:12 am

It was really annoying because (1) the NBI Clearance Personnel asked me to go to NBI Clearance Main Office where Quality Control Interview is held. I applied for my NBI Clearance in Las Pinas which I have to travel two hours from home and (2) it delays the releasing of my NBI Clearance.

I’ve been asking myself what the heck is this Quality Control Interview? I have encountered five years of having a HIT status, what’s in it this time?


What is NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview?

In my own understanding, NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview is a process by which an NBI Personnel reviews or verify the true identity of the NBI Clearance applicant.

This results from receiving a HIT Status in Database verification process. The derogatory record can be his or her own criminal case or under his namesake. In short, your name has been tagged as critical and NBI wants to make sure that they’ll be giving out NBI Clearances to “clean” persons.


Why is this Happening?

The disappointment of not having my NBI Online really bugs me while sitting on the cab going to the NBI Main Office. Why did NBI Clearance Main office doing this Quality Control Interview? Then I realize few things that might be a good reason why applicants is suffering this.


  • You have a pending or ongoing case.
  • You are under for arrest and needs to be identified in relation to a crime by the Police Authorities
  • Your Namesake has a pending or ongoing case or
  • Your namesake are under for arrest and needs to be identified in relation to a crime by the Police Authorities

What to do if asked to attend Quality Control Interview?

It’s really a no brainer this time, if you are asked by the NBI Clearance Personnel to attend the Quality Control Interview then you have to.


Read: NBI Online Registration

If you have a clean conscience and have a clean record and as innocent as a child, then you should go. You don’t have to be afraid, it’s not that you did anything illegal that violates our laws, are you?

  • Bring at least two (2) valid supporting documentation that proves your identity. I suggest you should bring Valid IDs accepted and recognized by NBI. In my case, I brought my Philippine Passport since I just got mine recently.
  • Be on time. The NBI Personnel asked me to go there the next day at 9AM. I arrived in the place with a lot of people waiting for their turn. The person I was talking to said that the Quality Control Interviewers starts interviewing at around 8AM.
  • Wear the proper dress code. I can still see few ignorant applicants that was denied to enter the vicinity of NBI Clearance Office because they are wearing slippers and short. You are going inside a Government Building; therefore, everyone is required to wear proper and decent attire. When I say proper and decent, you don’t have to wear your Barong or your Necktie and Suit.
  • In case you have a criminal case, and the decision has been made. Bring the original and a photocopy of it. This will really help you to clear your record.
  • Don’t forget to bring your NBI Clearance Online Receipt.

The Quality Control Interview

While waiting for my turn, I realized that the Quality control interview is not that scary at all. I’ve seen many smiling people going out of the enclosed office where the interview is being held. I didn’t see anyone being arrested! Maybe because applicants with criminal case don’t bother to come to the scheduled interview because they really know that they will be instantly arrested because of the crime they have done.

Multi Purpose Nbi Clearance

The interview lasted for about 5 to 10 minutes. The NBI Clearance Quality Control Interviewer asked simple questions, most of the time answerable by a Yes or a No. I guess she really knows that I’m not the one they been looking for (I mean my namesake).

Some questions asked are:Are you Mr. Juan Dela Cruz?

    • Are you living in (your present address)?
    • How long have you been living in your (present address)?
    • Have you been to Palawan? It was the place where my namesake committed the crime.
    • Do you have a criminal case (such as) Rape, Theft, Serious Physical Injury, Attempted Murder, Plunder, Arson or Treason?

Once you easily denied all their allegations,[lol] you are directed to the NBI Clearance Resident Lawyer to take an oath.

The interviewer will give you a piece of paper, an Affidavit of Denial. You just need to fill out the form. You will be then ask to leave the room and fill out the Affidavit of Denial in the waiting area.

In working with the Affidavit of Denial, there are things you need to remember:

  • It is for FREE! So avoid the oh-so-Filipino-scheme fixers waiting for unsuspecting victims outside offering their services for a fee.
  • Fill out the necessary fields: the date of your NBI application and your reference number found in the receipt your NBI Clearance Online Payment. The NBI Clearance QC Interviewer will check all the required details you need to fill out.

Once done, wait for the NBI Clearance Personnel to get your Affidavit of Denial. You will then be in queue for taking an oath. Just be patient in waiting.

When it’s your turn, you will be then ask to stand in front of the NBI Clearance Resident Lawyer.

He will ask you to raise your right hand and be ready to recite “Panatang Makabayan” lol! He will (again) ask few question which is answerable by Yes or No. Sometimes, he would ask you to say your Complete Name and Address or any Personal Details he might think of. In a few seconds, you’ll notice that it’s already finished.

The oath taking is finished! Hoooray! You’re not done yet.

Wait for your Affidavit of Denial to be notarized. This is also for free and no need to shell out some dough.


After receiving your Affidavit of Denial back, hand it over to the person who interviewed you. He or She will write the time of release of your NBI Clearance. You can now leave the room and proceed to the Printing and Releasing Section of NBI Clearance.

When the scheduled time arrives, you can easily get your NBI Clearance. Head down to the Exit door and leave the entire building of NBI Main Office and GO HOME!

When I was walking down the exit path of NBI Main Office, I decided to share my own experience so that many people can find help on the internet with their questions. Do you have one? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this. I’m sure there are a stories you’ve heard that’s worth sharing? Your experience or a friend’s experience doing the Quality Control Interview when applying for an NBI Clearance Online? I am happy to hear ALL of them! Just leave a message in the comments section.

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  • Ken says:

    Hi pakisagot naman po..nagkaroon ng complaint sakin 2016 tita ko po may gawa she accusing me staffa. Sa totoo po nabudol budol po yung pera gusto nya ipaako sakin then gumawa ng kasulatan sa baranggay ..may mga id po ako sa knya and nag apply ako ng nbi 2019 may hit po ..gagamitin ko pa naman sa work ..still can i get my nbi ?

  • Joan sison sol says:

    Tanong kulang po nung mayo po na bwan nag reniew po ako ng NBI ko sa iba zambales ..pero hnd ko n po nakuha kase nakaluwas n po ako dto . Sa quezon city..at ngayon po reniew ko po dto sa NBi quezon city my hit po ako ..pag realese ko po punta dw po ako sa taft sa main office ..quality control po nakalagay ..bkt po un …?

    • Christian says:

      Anong klaseng NBI to, hi tech na tayo ngayon, pero bakit ganon lagi nalang tuwing kukuha ako ng NBI may hit at this time kelangan ko pang pumunta para sa QC interview. Para san pa ang mga details pwedeng iba ang middle name, iba ang age, iba ang name ng parents lalo ng mag iiba, nag sscan pa ng fingerprint, dun palang malalaman na nila kung ikaw ba o hindi ang may kaso.

  • Jbb says:

    Ano gagawin pag namiss quality control dahil may work nung sched ko?

  • BJ says:

    Kapag di nakapunta sa quality control interview kasi may trabaho ako sa sched na yun pano gagawin ko? Pls answer

  • Hatdog says:

    Ang butaw ng narrative to. Dapat to descriptive. Andaming tanong na di nasasagot kasi experience to ng ISANG tao na sakanya lang specifically applicable. Lagay niyo steps hindi yung ganto. Incompetent

  • Kelly L. Hernandez says:

    I have a sad experience on HIT issue and its been cleared and recieved clearances several times I applied since I went overseas in 1990. Right now, I cant recieve the clearance as they are requiring a copy of the dismissal case noted in the form “case dismissed”. I also showed too my old NBI Clearance Certificate mentioned “NO CRIMINAL RECORD. Is this authentic record not Valid to prove to Clear myself everytime I applied for NBI Clearance which is really disappointing and waste of time. I hope this will help to improve the system on applying NBI CLEARANCE..

  • christopher c. montes says:

    hit din po ang nbi.clearance ko pero nakakuha na ako after 2 weeks since application..they got me interviewed pero ang sabi nila need ko pumunta sa cainta rtc para humingi ng certificate of not same person at dun ngyari ang case kng saan kapangalan ko ang may kaso pero hnd nmn kmi mgkatulad ng middle name…

  • Mark Anthony Pulido says:

    Gaano kaya ka tagal tong process na to?

  • Jenny Go says:

    Kapag po ba may pending loan sa cellphone na di nabayaran, jaywalking and smoking unsettled. Makakakuha paba ng nbi clearance

  • mary Jane pagdanganan says:

    have not tried to get nbi for 4 years now kse nong paclaim na aq hinold aq sa quality control tapos nagbail tapos naghearing and sa complaint archive daw muna hanggang matapos ko payment q.mabibigyan ba ako ng nbi?

  • mary Jane pagdanganan says:

    i have a bp 22 case which is still Archive?can i still get nbi?and what shouldi bring upon release of my nbi claiming? thanks.

    • M says:

      nakakuha po ba kau ng clearance?

  • noel says:

    Good day po. Tanong lang po, kung may unsettled cellphone loan ba ang isang tao, magrereflect po ba ito sa nbi record?

  • Rolly says:

    Every year..when i always applying for renewal..its all ways have a hit…i dont why…its always a waste of time

  • Jayson almayda says:

    Paano po pag may release paper ka dahil nakapag piyansa ka pero hindi winidraw ng complainant ung sinampa sayo.. May record parin ba iyon? Makakakuha ka ba ng NBI na walang hit?

    • Reygie ariza says:

      Pareho tyo ng case..may sagot nb tanong mo??

  • Krisha Patrice Mae Baclason says:

    Hi last september 18 kumuha po ako ng NBI ko sad to say may hit ako.. pero yes alam ko nagkaron ako ng case sa last job ko pero nadismissed na yun. Ano po ba ang kailangan kong gawin kase bumalik ako ngayong oct. 1 yung araw na pinapabalik ako eh ang sabe need ko dw pumunta sa NBI main sa taft manila .. may dismissed letter naman po ako yung lang po ba ipapakita ko ? Possible po kaya na on that day makukuha ko din po NBI ko ? Mag start na po kase ako ng work ko .. please bgyan nyo po ako jg sagot 🙁 nastressed na talaga ko di pa ko nakakapunta balak ko sa monday pumunta pakisagot po sana tanong ko salamat po.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes po, kung pinapapunta ka po sa NBI Main bldg sa taft, ibig sabihin possibleng may quality control interview ka po at dun mo makeclear un. Just bring your dismissal letter for supporting documents and some valid ids.

      • Reygie ariza says:

        Paano po pag may release paper ka dahil nakapag piyansa ka pero hindi winidraw ng complainant ung sinampa sayo.. May record parin ba iyon? Makakakuha ka ba ng NBI na walang hit?

  • JONATHAN says:

    Good day po. Tanung ko lang po, maraming beses na po kase akong nakapagrenew ng NBI. At mula noon ay may HIT ako lagi sa di malamang dahilan o reason. KUng mga kapangalan po ako noong una o nitong kasalukuyan na may kaso, hindi po ba iyan makikita ? Kase online po ako may application. Makikita po naman doon kumpletong details ko. Pangalan, kasarian, taong kapanganakan, lugar ng kapanganakan, magulang. at may Picture din po. Kung may kaso po iyong kapangalan ko na makikita sa system po ninyo, di rin po ba makikita doon ang kanyang kumpletong detalye at ang kanyang mukha? Maraming salamat.

    • Reygie ariza says:

      Paano po pag may release paper ka dahil nakapag piyansa ka pero hindi winidraw ng complainant ung sinampa sayo.. May record parin ba iyon? Makakakuha ka ba ng NBI na walang hit?

      • Kat Delano says:

        Yes, may record pa din po yun. Hindi pa po kasi tapos ang case mo at wala ka pa pong dismissal document proving na tapos na ang kaso.

  • Ben10 says:

    Hi miss Kat have a nice day…nahuli po ako noong 2006 Na nagpuslit sa savemore dahil sa tiwala ko sa kaibigan ko ,may pinil upan po ako at nakuhanan ako ng fingerprint pero d naman po ako kinasuhan…mag a appear ba yun pag kumuha ako ng nbi clearance?pakisagot na lang po …salamat po.

    • Kat Delano says:

      kung wala namang naisampang criminal case, wala ka pong record sa NBI Clearance.

  • JADE says:

    Tanong ko lang po, how in the world nangyayari na may Police Clearance naman at Barangay Clearance pero nagkaka HIT parin?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yung barangay Clearance po, wala namang background check or namesake hit verification na nangyayari. Kung nakakuha ka na ng barangay Clearance, alam kong alam mo yan dahil isa lamang itong sertipikasyon na tinaype ang pangalan, address at iba pang personal mong impormasyon.

      Samantalang ang Police Clearance, meron itong verification ngunit hindi ganon kalawak ang sakop. sa pagkakaalam ko ha (di ako sigurado), ichecheck lang nila ang record mo sa kanila. Kung taga Makati ka at kumuha ka sa Police Dept ng Makati, kung anong record lang ang meron sila ay yun lang ang makikita nila. Hindi nila makikita ung record mo sa ibang lugar. Hindi ako sigurado at 100% sure sa impormasyon na ito pero yan ang pagkakaalam ko.

  • Erika says:

    Pano po pag yung pangalan ko ginamit ng kapatid ko noon… Tapos ngayon po na gagamitin ko pangalan ko pwede po ba ako kumuha pa ng nbi clearance

  • juan dela cruz says:

    comment ko lang po kasi may provisionary dismissal po ako and gusto ko pong kumuha ng nbi clearance ask ko lang kung lalabas po ba ung case ko or hindi na lalabas?

    • Miyuu says:

      Same tayo ng case. Naka probationary status din ako and need ko na magka work. Question ko rin is kung makakakuha ng NBI.

      • Kat Delano says:

        Makakakuha ka pa din ng nbi clearance online pero hindi ko maga guarantee na hindi ito lalabas sa nbi clearance mo pag na print. Hindi ka naman huhulihin. So ang mapapayo ko sayo eh kumuha ka ng nbi online para malaman mo.

  • Kate says:

    Pano po kung nahuli for smoking violation, 1st offense, tapos hindi po nabayaran yung fine? Magiging hit po ba to sa NBI clearance?

  • Ivyjean says:

    Hi po pksagot lng po may kaso po ako ar nag hain yung amo ko ng stafa laban sakin sa korte . Kaso lng hindi ko ina nks dalo khit isa sa hearing. Noong nagkuha po ako ng nbi clearance pinapabalik po ako in 1 week dhil may hit po ako. Tapus may schedule po ako for hit interview. Ang tanong ko lng po pde ba akong ma aresto at makulong dun sa nbi dhil sa kaso ko o hit ko po. Salamat sa mg reply

    • DANICA CHAGAS says:

      Hi I have the same case for you .Kinasuhan po ako ng DSWD as child abuse .Oo nag reflect sya but kung gusto mu kumuha ng NBI all you need to do is to get an affidavit of desistance.
      Magkuha ka ng lawyer or a government lawyer tapos balik ka release duon sa case ko kase late na sila nag sampa ng kaso still nagkuha pa ako ng affidavit of desistance to make it clear na iurong nila ang demanda way back 3 years ago yun I was 17 years old nag reflect lang sa NBI last year . Balitaan nlng kita pag naka balik ako to get my NBI .

      • Kat Delano says:

        Thank you for sharing your experience Danica! God bless!

  • JAY says:

    Is there any chances na ma pabilis yung process pag “WITH HIT” kasi sobrang need ko na talaga makuha yung nbi clearance para makaflight na pa ibang bansa ?

  • Jason says:

    Hello po mam, I was told to go to the nbi main office for an interview. I do not have any cases filed against me. Should I be worried? How early can I go for the interview? And what are the needed documents thank you.

  • Jaya says:

    Makakakuha po ba ng NBI clearance ung kamag-anak ng kaibigan q na nakulong sa Lucena pero nakalaya dahil sa prebargaining? Need po kc nya ung NBI para sa requirement nya sa pagtatrabaho? Nasa kanya nman po ung patunay released paper

  • Apol Villanueva says:

    Just an additional information, I came around 11:30AM because my slip didn’t indicate an appointment time. Apparently, they now have a cut off at 11:15AM. So come in extra early if you don’t want to be sent home.

  • Marie Antonette Villafuerte says:

    For five years of getting the nbi clearance I always get a hit. The funny thing is I have never been asked to do Quality Control interview. When I pick up my nbi on the given date they just hand it over. However like I said every year I get it I always have to wait the extra 7 business days to get my clearance which is so annoying. I want this to go away because obviously I don’t have a case. It is stupid when they say my name is common but exactly the same first, 2nd, middle and last name? Any suggestions cause I am truly burned out already.

    • Juan Paolo Antonio B. says:

      Same here. My name is not so common but everytime I get my NBI clearance, I got a HIT. Everytime naman na kukuha ako yearly ng NBI clearance eh for work related. Samantalang pinepresent mo na yung xerox copy sa kanila tapos di pa nga expired eh renew nako. Pag ba nag affidavit of oath ako sa NBI main eh mawawala yung HIT na yon?

      • Kat Delano says:

        Kung pinapapunta ka ng NBI Main para sa Quality Control Interview, puntahan mo para maisyuhan ka ng nbi vclearance. Kapag na bigay na sa iyo ito, make sure na itago mo ang personal copy mo.

        Please take note of this tip dahil importante to.

        Yung makukuha mong NBI Clearance, tandaan or sulat mo sa papel ung NBI Clearance Number or better yet itago mo yung personal copy. para in the future, yung NBI Clearance Number na yun ang iyong gagamitin para sa RENEWAL. Pag nagapply ka ulit gamit yun, malake ang possibility na cleared na ang status mo dahil nga dumaan ka na sa Quality Control Interview at verified na sya.

        Ang nangyayari kasi, yung HIT status, hindi buong name ang comparison. May nagsabi sa akin na kung ang name mo ay Juan Paolo Wally Santos, icocompare ni NBI lahat ng names na “JUAN Santos” then “Paolo Santos” tapos “Wally Santos”. Ngayon, dahil tatlo ang first name po, possibleng magkaron ka ng hit talaga.

        Anyway, hope this helps you.

  • Salvador Garcia says:

    Hello po! Need po ng assistance regarding my NBI clearance. My NBI clearance says “No Criminal Record” and this is due to a case filed against me by my neighbor around 2007. There were hearings but the case was dismissed as the plaintiff passed away because of her long time illness. Now I’m going to lodge for a Canadian Visa however I was advised that I will need a written explanation from the NBI regarding the comment: “No Criminal Record”. I just want to know how do I go about securing this written explanation from the NBI. Hope to get some advice. Thank you in advance.

    • mm says:

      the embassy will be sending them a request letter for your clearance

  • julia says:

    Ms. Kat, need ko change ng date of birth ko, should be 1959 instead of 1962. I was advised to go to Main for QC. I remember sa BP22 yun pero that was cleared but wala nang copy na keep.

  • julia says:

    I have to correct my date of birth , should be 1959 instead of 1962

  • Belinda parel says:

    Good morning po..ask ko lng po if makakakuha pa ba ng clearance ang taong nahatulan ng arresto mayor??

  • francis says:

    maari po bang makasuhan ang isang tao ng hindi nya nlalaman? walang ibingay na notice o kung ano pa man. at mag aappear po ba iyon sa nbi clearance?

  • A.G. says:

    I have 2 accounts on NBI Clearance Online. I thought I had to make another account for renewal because I cannot change the application type from “New” to “Renew” on my original account. I applied for renewal using the new account and now I have “HIT” and I think this is caused by my original account. Both accounts contains the same personal information. How can I permanently delete my first account? I wish to avoid this issue from recurring every time I renew my NBI clearance. Thank you for your assistance.

  • Jigs says:

    Pag na blotter ba makikita sa nbi clearance? The incident happened around the time na nasa 2nd year hs pa ako.

    • Kat Delano says:

      i am not sure ha pero possible na hindi naman. Unless merong naisampa na criminal case sa iyo, pwede itong mag appear sa iyong NBI Clearance.

    • Axle Adam Rothman says:

      Hi po, May case po akong dismissed, nakakuha na po ako ng Nbi nung 2018, na-expire po ngayong 2019. Ask ko lang po kung sa Main Office ng Nbi parin po ba ako pupunta with the same procedures last year? or pwede na po ako kumuha sa nearest branch/online ng nbi? Salamat po!

      • khei says:

        Same po kau ng asawa q… pero pagkakuha nia po ng nbi pinapapunta pa rin po sya sa main office for quality control interview

  • Jessabelle says:

    Hi po . 2016 pa ko kumuha ng nbi ko . 2016 ko pa dn po nalaman na quality control ako . Pag punta ko po sa nbi nalaman ko po may kaso ako na pag skandalo sa isang restaurant . Na hindi ko naman po ginawa . Anu po bang pede kong gawin .

    • Kat Delano says:

      Paano ka po nakasuhan ng hindi mo nalalaman? Ikaw ba talaga yon? Kung oo, dapat mo pong makipag ugnayan sa NBI Clearance at humingi ng advice kung anong dapat gawin.

      Kung hindi naman ikaw yun, wala ka pong dapat gawin. pumunta ka lang sa QUality control interview at patunayan na hindi ikaw un.

  • Kel says:

    Mis kat dati po ako kinasuhan ng theft at nakulong din po ng 2months pero mag piyansa po ako para makalabas at pag hearing po di nmn sumisipot yun conplainant kaya nadismissed na po kaso ko.. pag kumuha po ba ako ng nbi lalabas po ba yun? Pero may document po ako na nagppatunay na tapos na yun kaso ko.. salamat po sa sagot..

    • Kat Delano says:

      Hi Kel, oo lalabas ang iyong dating kaso pero dahil sabi mo nga na nadismissed ang iyong kaso at merong kang mga hawak na documents. maari mo itong gamitin para maipatanggal ang record na iyon. Ihohold lang ang iyong nbi clearance at subject ka sa Quality Control Interview. dun mo po pwede ipakita lahat ng documents.

      • Ben10 says:

        Hi miss Kat have a nice day…nahuli po ako noong 2006 Na nagpuslit sa savemore dahil sa tiwala ko sa kaibigan ko ,may pinil upan po ako at nakuhanan ako ng fingerprint pero d naman po ako kinasuhan…mag a appear ba yun pag kumuha ako ng nbi clearance?pakisagot na lang po …salamat po.

  • Angelo Lanot says:

    kakakuha ko lng ng copy ng NBI clearance sa Starmall Alabang. last April 16 ako nag apply pero dahil may HIT ako o kapangalan pinabalik ako ng May 3, 2019. So pagpunta ko ng May 3 para kunin clearance ko, nagulat ako kase tinatakan nila papel na hawak ko at magproceed daw ako sa Quality Control Area nila. nalaman ko na ung kapangalan ko me existing case na Estafa at taga Pinamalayan Oriental Mindoro ito. kahit sinabi ko na sa Boac Marinduque ako pinanganak na makikita naman sa details na input ko nung nag online application ako. Need pa din daw gumawa ng Affidavit of Denial at ipanotaryo ko. ung notary nila nasa loob mismo ng office nila at sisingilan ka ng 100pesos. Hindi pa sila nag issue ng resibo.

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