NBI Clearance Online Application for 2022

March 31, 2022 2:31 am

NBI CLEARANCE ONLINE — Have you ever wondered on how to apply for NBI Clearance Online?  If so, then you are on the right page. To help everyone who is looking for a simple yet detailed step by step online application guide. I have compiled few things that you need to know before applying online.

With the useful information we will provide you, you can now easily apply for a new NBI Clearance online. The process is very easy, convenient and user friendly. The fastest way to get your NBI Clearance online starts here!

You can now do your own NBI Clearance application in just six (6) easy steps:

    NBI Clearance Online Table of Contents

  1. Clearance.NBI.GOV.PH Registration
  2. Schedule an NBI Online Appointment
  3. Payment of NBI Clearance Fee
  4. NBI Clearance Processing at the Branch
  5. NBI Clearance Online Photo Capture, Fingerprint Scanning, Data Verification
  6. NBI Clearance Online Releasing


If you are lazy enough to read the entire article about NBI Clearance Online, here are the steps:

  1. Register an account with NBI Clearance Online
  2. Set an Appointment and pay the NBI Clearance Fees using GCash
  3. Process your NBI Clearance Online Application at the branch on the date of your scheduled appointment
  4. Provide your Signature, Biometrics and Photo capture.
  5. If you don’t have a HIT status, you will get your NBI Clearance immediately.
  6. If you have HIT status, NBI Staff will ask you to claim your NBI Clearance after 10 working days.

Now, if you didn’t find this helpful or need more explanation, you may refere to the detailed explanation of the steps in applying for NBI Online down below.

Clearance.NBI.GOV.PH Registration

Clearance.NBI.GOV.PH Registration is an online portal that allows applicants of NBI Clearance Online to register an account, apply and schedule an appointment.

Go to clearance.nbi.gov.ph registration page. In the url address bar of your browser, just type in “clearance.nbi.gov.ph“.

Locate in the page the registration box that says “REGISTER AS NEW ACCOUNT“.

For the question “DO YOU HAVE AN NBI CLEARANCE ISSUED FROM 2014 TO PRESENT?”, simply answer NO by putting a check on the box next to it. Since this is a new application of NBI Clearance Online, I assume you don’t have a previously issued NBI Clearance.

Enter all the required personal information in the spaces provided and then press the “Signup” button.

A 6-digit One-time Password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile number.

The sample NBI Clearance Online One-Time Password is something like this.

Alternatively, you will also receive the same NBI Clearance Online One-Time Password in your email address.

Enter the 6-digit One Time Password sent by NBI Clearance Online in the space provided and press the “SUBMIT” button.

If entered correctly, a success prompt saying your registration is successful.

Now, log in to your NBI Clearance Online account for the first time. After log in, this screen will be shown to you. You have the option to edit your personal information here by pressing the “EDIT INFORMATION”. If you are satisfied with what’s written in your Applicant’s Information, then it’s time for you to schedule an NBI Clearance Online Appointment.

Schedule an NBI Clearance Online Appointment

In scheduling an NBI Clearance Online Appointment, you just have to press the “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” button shown at the right side of your screen.

This button is incharge of launching or starting the entire process of scheduling an NBI Clearance Online Appointment. What are you waiting for, press it!

It will redirect you to the online appointment system of NBI Clearance website.

To schedule an appointment, simply select the NBI Branch you want to process your NBI Clearance.

Next thing to do is select the dates you are going to process your NBI Clearance in the NBI Branch that you have selected.

The third thing to do is select from the payment options listed at the right side of your screen. I highly recommend choosing GCASH as way to settle/pay your NBI Clearance Fee.

Once you have selected GCASH, a small pop out window will show up. This window contains several important information and these are the NBI Clearance Online Reference Number and the Amount to be paid.

Take note of the Reference Number because you will use this during payment of your NBI Clearance Online Application in GCASH and during the actual processing in the NBI Branch.

Payment of NBI Clearance Fee

The next tasks to do is to pay for your NBI Clearance Fee using GCASH. We have written a detailed explanation on how to do this here: How To Pay Your NBI Clearance Fee Application In Your GCash App

Enter all the necessary details needed in paying your NBI Clearance Fee in GCASH. You may refer to the image below.

Make sure to take a screenshot or save a copy of your GCASH Receipt as a proof of payment of your NBI Clearance.

Once you have paid the NBI Clearance Fee, you are now almost finished with the NBI Clearance Online processing. You may now close the Clearance.NBI.GOV.PH Registration website as well as your GCASH Application and move to the next step.

NBI Clearance Processing at the NBI Branch

Now, this step requires the the personal appearance of the applicant. This simply means that any authorized representatives (or substitute) are not allowed.

In processing your NBI Clearance Online Application, you need to follow your scheduled appointment? Remember from previous steps? Right!

In processing your NBI Clearance Online Application at the Branch, make sure to bring two (2) valid IDs as a requirement. Unable to present these requirements are subject to rejection of your application.

NBI Clearance Online Photo Capture, Fingerprint Scanning, Data Verification

During your NBI Appointment, I want you to expect the following tasks to accomplish.

  1. Photo Capture
  2. Fingerprint scanning
  3. Data Verification
  4. NBI Clearance Releasing

NBI Photo Capture

You will be asked to stand in front of the camera where the NBI Staff will be take a photo of you. Note that the your photo will be stored in NBI Database and replace the old one (if you are a renewal application). The same photo will appear in your printed NBI Clearance.

You maybe read the tutorial about the NBI Renewal Online

Fingerprint scanning

Also known as Biometrics. Again, the output of this process which your scanned finger prints will be stored in NBI Database. Unlike the photo, the finger prints are not displayed in your NBI Clearance. In this step, the NBI Staff will assist you on scanning your fingers.

Data Verification

The second to the last step before your NBI Clearance gets released is the Data Verification. In this step, the NBI Staff will show you all the personal information that will appear in your printed NBI Clearance.

The purpose of Data Verification is for you to verify or validate if there is an error, mistake or any personal information subject to changes. You may ask the NBI Staff if you found any of them.

Let the NBI Staff know that all the personal information are correct so he/she can submit your data.


Following the Data verification, the next and final step would be the releasing of your NBI Clearance Online.

The same NBI Staff who assisted you will instruct you what to do next.

If you don’t have a HIT, they will instruct you to go to the Releasing Section and wait for your NBI Clearance to be printed.

If you have a HIT then the NBI Staff will ask you to return after seven (7) to ten (10) working days to claim your NBI Clearance.

Make sure to listen to their instruction where to go because sometimes, they will ask the applicant to proceed to NBI Main Building (located at Taft avenue, Manila) and take the NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview.


The NBI Clearance Online application portal is a beneficial program to ensure that every applicant is given a chance to access and acquire an NBI Clearance regardless of their geographical location. The application process is very easy to apply for and all you need is to have your NBI clearance account, internet access and the free time to do the application process.

All in all, it is important to get a valid NBI Clearance so as to apply for various transactions and applications that may require one. With only a few steps, you can now get one that benefits you, legally and easily.

NBI Clearance Online

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