NBI Renewal in 7 EASY Steps [COMPLETE GUIDE!]

June 1, 2020 8:26 am

NBI Renewal — The NBI Renewal is an NBI Clearance application process whereby the applicant will apply for another NBI Clearance for the second or several times. This means that the applicant have a previous NBI Clearance record or has been issued an NBI Clearance previously.

This process is exclusively provided to applicants with NBI Clearance. First time applicants of NBI Clearance are not allowed to go through this process because they have nothing to renew (obviously).

An applicant wishing to undergo the NBI Renewal Online process will only be allowed if he or she meets criteria below:

  • There is an old and expired NBI Clearance naissue from the year 2014 onwards
  • There is an old but unreported NBI Clearance that was canceled from the year 2014 onwards.

The only difference between the two criteria is the word “EXPIRED” but when it comes to NBI Renewal processing is just the same.

One of the most important detail when applying for an NBI Renewal is that the applicant should know his or her NBI Clearance ID Number.

This number can be found in the actual printed NBI Clearance. If the NBI Renewal applicant is unable to obtain or locate his or her NBI ID Number, the NBI Renewal process is no longer applicable to his application.

All he has to do is apply for a new NBI Clearance. We will discuss this later in our tutorial.

Where to Apply NBI Renewal

All NBI Renewals are processed at all NBI Clearance Branches in your city. But before you head to the nearest branch, first make sure you have a confirmed NBI Online Appointment so you can enter the gate and be supervised by the NBI Clearance Staff.

To help, I split each topic of the app. A Table of Content regarding NBI Renewal has been created to facilitate your reading. You can click the link that suits you.

    NBI Renewal Table of Contents

  1. NBI Renewal Website
  2. Registration for NBI Renewal
  3. NBI Online Log in
  4. Scheduling an Appointment for NBI Renewal
  5. NBI Renewal Fee
  6. NBI Renewal Fee Payment
  7. Processing of NBI Clearance
  8. Conclusion on NBI Renewal

Step 1. NBI Renewal Website

The first step you should take is to go to the official NBI Clearance Online Website, type in to your web browser the url address clearance.nbi.gov.ph.

For your information, the NBI Online website is designed to handle all the NBI online applications of each applicant wishing to obtain their NBI Clearance.

If this is your first time seeing the NBI Online website, I’m sure you don’t have an NBI Online account yet. Don’t worry about it, we’ll be teaching you how to use it later on.

If you have already registered and have an NBI Online Account, your process will be easier.

Let’s first explain how to register your NBI Online Account. If you already have it, you can jump to the next step (Step 3. NBI Online Login).

Step 2. Registration for NBI Renewal

This step is exclusive only for all applicants who want the NBI Renewal service or those who have obtained NBI Clearance issued in the year 2014 to present.

People who want to get an NBI Renewal can also follow it BUT they can’t remember their user names and passwords of their NBI Online Account.

If you already have an NBI Clearance Online Account and have the ability to have NBI Online Login in your account, this tutorial is not for you. I advise you to go to this section (NBI Online Login for Renewal) by clicking the link.

All applicants wishing to avail of the NBI Renewal are required to utilize the NBI Online Website for securing an NBI Online Appointment.

NBI Online Registration Form

Let’s start the tutorial on how to use the website for NBI Renewal.

Before we proceed, this step is only for NBI Renewal Applicants who have their actual NBI Clearance. This is the exact print or hard copy of NBI Clearance as you will need it later on NBI Renewal Online.

Don’t worry if the hard copy or printed NBI Clearance is gone, we’ll have a separate tutorial for it which you will see/read later on.

Let’s go back to the tutorial, locate the NBI Renewal Registration Form on the NBI Clearance Online website. It’s usually located at the right side of your screen if you’re using your laptops or desktop and bottom portion of the screen if you are using your mobile devices.

This NBI Renewal Registration Form looks like the image we show below.

NBI Renewal Registration Form image 1

At the top of the NBI Online Registration form you will find the words “DO YOU HAVE A NBI CLEARANCE ISSUED FROM 2014 TO PRESENT?“, Just tick the checkbox that says “YES”.

Next is Just fill in all the required personal information. These are the following.

• First Name
• Last Name
• Mobile Number
• Birth Date
• And most important of all, is your NBI ID Number

Your NBI ID Number can be seen on your printed or hard copy NBI Clearance.

See image below:

NBI ID Number

NBI ID Number – Successfully Retrieve Data

If your NBI ID Number is stored in the NBI Website database, you will receive a successful notification (see image below).

NBI ID Number Data Successfuly Retrieved image 3

You can move on to the next step.

If the NBI Renewal website can’t find your NBI ID Number, you will receive the following message.

The System cannot find the given NBI ID Number image 4

If you receive an error saying “The system cannot find the given NBI ID” do not worry. This simply means that your NBI ID Number is not in the NBI Online Website database. We have an alternative method for that.

All you have to do is register a new NBI Online account. Go to tutorial on how to register a new NBI online account.

Sign up for NBI Renewal Account

Let’s go back to our NBI Renewal tutorial. And since you received a notification that your data was successfully retrieved, the NBI Renewal registration form will change.

If you notice, it will automatically fill out (auto populate) the other personal information in the NBI Online Registration form. All you need to do is enter your mobile number, email address and your new password.

Fill in the required personal information and check the “Read and Accept Terms of Services” check box as well as the “I’m not a robot” button.

After doing the above just press the “SIGN UP” Button.

NBI OTP (One-Time Password)

NBI OTP or NBI One-Time Password is a security feature installed on the NBI Online Website to protect such websites against spam. This will prevent spammers from creating NBI Clearance Online fake accounts.

For your information, the NBI OTP or NBI One-Time Password is a six-digit number sent by the NBI Renewal website to the mobile phone number that you have entered in the NBI Renewal Registration form.

You will receive a text message containing these six digit numbers (NBI OTP) right after you pressed the “SIGN UP” button on your mobile phone.

A small window appears on the NBI Clearance Online website asking for the NBI OTP. You have 5 minutes to fill in the blank field with your unique NBI OTP in this window.

For the exact look of the NBI OTP window and the specific text message you receive, you can view the images below.

NBI One-Time Password (OTP) Window

NBI Renewal OTP One Time Password

NBI One-Time Password (OTP) Text Message

NBI Renewal Clearance One Time Password OTP

In case you did not receive your NBI OTP, you can use the “RE-SEND ONE-TIME PASSWORD (OTP)” button to send another message again.
Just make sure five minutes have passed before doing so.

NBI Online Account Created

After correctly typing the six numbers mentioned in the NBI OTP Text message, you will notice that your NBI Online Account has been successfully created.

You can see a small notification window that your NBI Account was successfully created.

You can now proceed to to the next step where you can now log in to your account (NBI Online Login for Renewal).

You can skip the next step below because it is for the people who failed to use or NBI Renewal feature of the website. You can directly go to the NBI Online Login for Renewal

Registration of NEW NBI Clearance Online Account

This part of this tutorial is for the following NBI Renewal Applicants:

  • Applicants who have never had an NBI Clearance Online Account
  • Applicants who want an NBI Renewal but no longer have their hard copy or printed copy of NBI Clearance.
  • Applicants who still have their NBI Clearances but their NBI ID Number is not in the database (encountered an error “The system cannot find the given NBI ID“).
  • Applicants who still have their NBI Clearance but were issued before 2014.

If you are an NBI Renewal applicant who met the criteria above, this part of the tutorial is for you. This is the only way you can apply for a new NBI Clearance.

Note that this step is the registration of the NEW NBI ONLINE ACCOUNT even if you have an existing one already. I just want to inform you that if this is your process, your NBI Online Application is now NEW APPLICATION and not NBI Renewal.

The reason is that you are probably one those NBI Renewal Applicant who I have mentioned above which is no longer eligible for the NBI Renewal. New NBI Clearance Application is exactly what you need to do.

If you are one of the aforementioned applicants, this is what you need to do to register your NBI Online Account.

As I mentioned earlier, you should go to the official NBI Website (clearance.nbi.gov.ph).

Find the NBI Online Registration Form and fill in all the necessary details.

NBI Renewal Register as New Account image 5

After filling in all the personal information required, click the “Read and Accept Terms of Services” check box and the “I’m not a robot”.

Click the “Sign up” button and wait for the small window that asks for NBI OTP.

A message will be sent containing six numbers, this is the NBI OTP where you will need to submit it to the NBI Website.

After that you will have your own NBI Clearance Online Account.

NBI Online Login for Renewal

If you follow the steps discussed above, you can now perform the NBI Online Login using your account credentials (email and password).

At the log in fields which can be found at the top, enter only your registered email address and your chosen password.

Click the sign in button, so you can access the NBI Clearance website itself.

NBI Renewal Online LogIn Website

If you successfully logged in to your NBI Renewal Account, you will see the already filled out NBI Online Registration Form. If you notice, your NBI Clearance Registration form is automatically filled with all your personal information.

The only reason for this is that your preferred method of applying for NBI Online is NBI RENEWAL and not NEW Application.

NBI Renewal Application Form image 6

Whereas if your application is a Registration of NEW NBI Clearance Online Account (see the Registration of NEW NBI Clearance Online Account), your NBI Clearance registration form is blank and needs to be filled in your personal information.

NBI Renewal New Account

We will not elaborate on the steps involved in filling out the personal information regarding the NBI Clearance NEW Application as we will focus on the NBI Renewal.

But if you still want to know how the NBI Clearance New application process works, I suggest you read our article on it. the link is below.

How to apply NBI Clearance Online

Let’s go back to our NBI Renewal tutorial.

And since you have nothing to do after you have performed the NBI Online Login, your next step is to click the “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” button so that you can start scheduling NBI Online Application.

NBI Renewal Apply for Clearance

If you still want to make changes to your personal information, you can do so through the “EDIT INFORMATION” button.

Step 3. NBI Renewal Requirements

After pressing the “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” button, a small window will appear. All you have to do here is just choose from the list of NBI Clearance Requirements.

NBI Renewal Requirements image 12

For everyone’s knowledge, valid IDs that can be used as NBI Clearance Requirement are as follows:

  • Expired NBI Clearance
  • GSIS ID (ID)
  • Philippine Passport
  • Philhealth ID
  • Voter’s ID or Certificate of Registration
  • TIN ID
  • PRC License
  • Driver’s License
  • Pag-IBIG ID
  • NSO / PSA Authenticated Birth Certificate
  • Postal ID
  • Police Clearance Issued by the Police Station within the jurisdiction of the application’s residence
  • Certification from Local Civil Registrar
  • Certification from Malacanang for Indigenous Groups, Tribal membership and foundling
  • Solo Parent ID
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Senior Citizen ID
  • Security License ID issued by PNP for Security Guards

You can read more about the NBI Clearance Renewal Requirements tutorial here.

You will also need to provide the ID Number of your selected Valid ID. This can be seen in the second blank space in the small window that is currently displayed on your screen.

Please note that the NBI Renewal Requirements and NBI Clearance Requirements for New application are the same.

All NBI Renewal Applicants are advised to bring two (2) valid IDs to present to the NBI Staff as proof of identity.

Press the “I AGREE” button to continue the process.

Step 4. Scheduling an Appointment for your NBI Renewal

After the steps above, another small window will appear. It simply states that your Registration Code or NBI Reference Number will be issued after you select the payment option.

The Reference number will serve as a gate pass to enter your selected NBI Clearance Processing Area.

Just click the “CLOSE” button to continue scheduling your appointment for the NBI Renewal.

On your screen will you see a calendar where each NBI Branches is open and closed for the next days and months.

But before all that, you need to choose the NBI Branch. Using your mouse, simply select the NBI Branch where you want to process your NBI Renewal by clicking the down arrow to show or display the long list of NBI Branches.

NBI Renewal Online Appointment Schedule image 7

For our example, I will choose the NBI Clearance Center Main Branch located on UN Avenue.

You will see a blue box that says “PM” and “7 slots” on June 30, 2020. This simply means that the remaining and available schedule is on by June 30, 2020 in the afternoon (PM) and it has only 7 slots or 7 NBI Clearance applicants available can be catered / accomodated.

If there is no blue box on the day selected, it simply means that there are no slot. You need to select a different date for availability.

This time around, I chose the June 30, 2020 and PM schedule.

I would like to mention and put emphasis that all NBI Renewal Applicants who doesn’t have a confirmed NBI Online Appointment are not allowed. We already discussed this in our recent article about the Walk in for NBI Clearance.

Step 5. NBI Renewal Fee

The summary of your NBI Renewal can be seen on the right side of your screen if you’re using a desktop or laptop and on the bottom if you’re using a mobile phone.

NBI Renewal Fee Summary image 8

The summary shows how much the initial NBI Clearance Fee is. It only costs P130.00, BUT this amount will increase by P25 due to the e-payment service fee.

Please note that what you see on the summary for the NBI Clearance Fee is not the final amount yet.

NBI Renewal Payment Option

From the NBI Renewal Summary, you’ll find six (6) Payment options that you can choose from. These are the following:

Just choose any of the payment options by clicking the box that contains your payment option.

NBI Renewal Payment Option image 10

I recommend choosing Bayad Center Outlets or 7-Eleven because of the number of branches scattered across the Philippines to make it easier.


Once you click PROCEED TO PAYMENT here are the next steps:

  1. A PAYMENT PAGE will open with your REFERENCE NUMBER.
  2. Go to the nearest PAYMENT CENTER or LBC and pay using your REFERENCE NUMBER.
NBI Renewal Transaction Summary image 9

Another additional fee to add is the P15 convenience fee. The convenience fee may change depending on the Payment Option you choose.

The total amount of your NBI Clearance Fee is now P130 + P25 + P15 = P170.00.

Just click the “Proceed to Payment” button to continue.

A small window will appear again and it will display your NBI Reference Number As well as your NBI Clearance amount.

NBI Renewal Reference Number image 11

You may be confused as it says it only costs P155. But as I mentioned before, you still have to pay an extra P15 which goes directly to the Bayad Center or 7-Eleven or any Payment Option you choose.

Write your NBI Reference number on a piece of paper or take a screenshot to make sure you don’t forget it. Note that your NBI Reference Number will be used to pay your NBI Clearance fee and this will also be your gate pass once you have gone to your NBI Branch.

Just press the “Accept” button. When you reached this point of the tutorial, this is the time where you job is done using the NBI Clearance Online Website. You may now close the NBI Renewal website and proceed to the Step 6. NBI Renewal Fee.

Step 6. NBI Renewal Fee Payment

The next step is to actually pay your NBI Clearance Fee on your selected Payment Option from Step 5 (NBI Renewal Payment Option).

We will not explain this in detail because each process of the Payment Options varies. But they all agree on two things. These are the amounts of the NBI Clearance Fee and the NBI Reference Number.

Just go to your selected Payment Option (for example Bayad Center or 7-Eleven). The NBI Reference number must be provided to Cashier so that it can be encoded. Your name and other details will appear on his or her computer.

Pay the NBI Renewal Fee of P170. Please note that your payment may be cheaper or more expensive than what I have mentioned (P170) as the “Convenience Fee” imposed by each Payment Center is also different.

Keep the receipt as evidence that you have already paid the NBI Online Fee.

Question: Can I pay my NBI Clearance Fee on another Payment Option? Suppose I chose Bank (Over the Counter) but I would like to pay it in 7-Eleven or at the Bayad Center because it’s much closer from where I am now.

Answer: NO. The NBI Reference Number is specific and exclusive to your Payment Option. The issued and generated NBI Reference Number payable to 7-Eleven is different from the issued and generated payable to the Bank (Over the counter).

If you insist on it, your NBI Clearance Reference number cannot be retrieved in 7-Eleven or Bayad Center’s computer because that NBI Reference Number is exclusively for the Bank (Over the Counter).

I wish we were clear on that. If you still have any questions, just leave a comment so I can help you.

Step 7. Processing of NBI Renewal

This is the final process of applying an NBI Clearance. This is the step where you can find and process the document you submitted to NBI Online.

If you remember, you scheduled an appointment with the NBI Branch, right? All you have to do is go on the day of your NBI Online appointment. Arrive at the time of your choice (be it morning or afternoon). Your NBI Online Appointment doesn’t have a specific time but you should still be following in the morning or afternoon schedule.

Just a reminder, just follow the rules of proper dress code. Make sure you wear shoes and trousers (for men) because there are other NBI Branches that are strictly in dress codes.

What should I expect when I get to the NBI Clearance Branch?

The following are the activities that will take place while you are processing your NBI Clearance.

Photo Capture

This is the step where you just take the latest picture. There is nothing you can do here but just stand and look in front of the camera. The photo taken will appear on your NBI Clearance.


Biometrics is the step where your finger prints will be scanned using the NBI Online Branch scanner. Don’t worry about this step because you will be assisted by the NBI Clearance Staff on what to do.

All you have to do is relax your fingers and let the NBI Clearance Staff scan them.

Data Verification

After Photo Capture and Biometrics, NBI Clearance Staff will be verify all the personal information you have written on the NBI Online Application Form. You will be asked by the NBI Clearance Staff if they are correct.

You may correct other personal details that you believe are incorrect or not updated. Here you can also change the fields that you cannot edit such as First Name, Middle Name, Last name or your Maiden Name for Married Women.

You can also change your civil status here.

After you verify all personal information on your NBI Clearance is correct, the NBI Clearance staff will submit it for additional verification.

HIT or No Hit

From Data Verification, there will be additional verification where your name will be searched from the list of people who have applied for NBI Clearance previously, people with pending cases, criminal record or outstanding warrant of arrest.

NBI Renewal Online Releasing

If you have a namesake, your NBI Clearance will be hold for 10 working days before it is released. You will be asked to return on the specified date the NBI Clearance Staff asked you to claim your NBI Clearance (whether its an NBI Renewal or New Application).

If you do not have namesake, your NBI Clearance will be released immediately. You need to go to the NBI Online Releasing Area and wait 15 to 45 mins depending on the number of applicants waiting.

This is where our tutorial on how to apply for NBI Renewal ends.

Conclusion on NBI Renewal

In my opinion, the NBI Renewal process is easier than the New Application because you do not have to write all your personal information in the NBI Online Application Form because they will already extract from their database.

You will achieve this if you do the the NBI Renewal process, which is what we have suggested that you follow by typing in your NBI ID Number so the Renewal Website can retrieve it.

It’s unfortunate if you have typed your NBI ID Number and the NBI Renewal website can’t retrieve it for some reasons such as your NBI ID Number cannot be found on their database. What’s left to do is just register a new NBI Clearance Online Account.

Please note that the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal are already discontinued as confirmed by the NBI. You cannot use this convenient NBI Application Process due to unknown reasons.

I am giving all the readers a chance to ask questions or leave anything they can say about our NBI Renewal tutorial.

Just write your questions in the comment section below and we’ll answer them as soon as possible. Thanks a lot!

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  • Jinky boliver says:

    Hi po good day, tanong Lang po pano mag appointment online pero bayad na po sa payment. Pag hnd po Ba agad makapunta pwd po Ba resched. Pag hambaliwa may work po. Thanks

  • Marjorie Olaso says:

    Hi I have a question for a friend who is a new applicant of nbi clearance. She is unaware that she needs to pay by s pecific time using the reference number provided. When she came last night at 7/11 the number is no longer accepted and the information on her nbi online account shows processed. What should she do?

  • Angela Carisse Alcaraz says:

    Can i claim my nbi to any nbi branch? If not, is there a way to request to transfer to another branch?

  • Vladiner salim villanueva says:


  • Teresa olitoquit says:

    Renewal NBI


    Good morning po Sir/Madam nag online renewal po ako bakit po hndi ako maka select Ng schedule Salamat po

    • Teresa olitoquit says:

      Renewal NBI

      • Arlyn L.Villamor says:

        Pwede po ba makuha agad ang NBI po thanks


    In case my reference no. expires due to non payment on time, what can Ido? I chose 7-11 as my mode of payment.

  • susan butron says:

    tanong ko lang,, paano po kung naka gawa na ako ng appointment sa nbi kaso indi makakapunta sa schedule dahil sa trabaho…ang problema ay bayad na po,,,pwd ba i reschedule ito

  • Christopher cantor says:

    Pwede po ba ako mag pa schedule sa ibang city?

  • Marvin revilla caballes says:

    Where do I get the nbi

  • Net C. says:

    Pwede po ba mag authorize ng person to file and receive my NBI Clearance. This is for renewal po. If yes, what are the requirements that are needed? Thank you.

  • Elizabeth Cervantes says:

    Pwede po ba ako pumunta diretso sa nbi branch kahit may schedule na ako na iiadvance ko na agad.

  • Eliseo A. Barredo, Jr. says:

    Good day Sir/Mam,

    After I edit my personal information for changes, I couldn’t save it as there is an error showing that “the father’s name may only contains letters and spaces. But unfortunately, I couldn’t edit my father’s name to remove the “PERIOD” on his suffix name “SR.” as it is lock by your IT or on your side. Please I need your response regarding this matter.
    Thank you and more power

  • reggie mariano says:

    good eve po.,panu po mag renewal online.? salamat po

  • Mayo Ceazar Mendoza says:

    Where to check the branch to renew my NBI. I already PAID the renewal fee but I forgot the branch.


  • Mary Joice Sabido 6 says:

    Hi, so I made a renewal for my nbi clearance at CLA town pagsanjan laguna, I was so busy that I let my mother to oick it up. I gave her my autorization letter, my Valid Id(PRC) and she also brought her valid Voter’s ID. But they won’t let her pick it up. They said that I must go there to have my pic ture, thumbmark and signature. I thought it can even be send door to door as it was written in your guidelines, it was only a renewal and for pick up. Why is that? Please do something with it as Im very busy with my work.

  • Chrislyn Pilapil says:


    I am at present in England right now and I needed a copy of my nbi clearance.

    I am from Cebu and was actually booked last September 2, 2020 for my Nbi clearance renewal appointment at NBI J-Mall Branch in Mandaue City Cebu but unfortunately I left Cebu last August 31,2020 because of an immediate deployment and I was not able to present myself on that day.

    Can I still get a copy of my renewed NBI clearance?
    If yes, how would I do it?

    Can I ask my sister to procure it for me?
    If yes, what does she need to present?

    For my biometric, was my previous picture and fingerprints acceptable to be used again? Since I cannot present myself personally.

    Hopefully you can answer my queries.

    Thank you and More Power!