Can I Walk In For NBI Clearance Application?

June 1, 2020 4:32 pm

Can I walk in for NBI CLEARANCE Renewal Application?

This is a popular and commonly asked question by our fellow NBI Clearance Online Applicants.

The thing is, despite the fact that several years ago, NBI Clearance Branches already implemented the NBI Clearance Online Registration. Many people are still not aware of the new step by step process in applying NBI Clearance.

Also, if you’ve been reading our previous articles, the instruction is clear that an NBI Online Appointment is required.

No walk in applicants without scheduled NBI Online Application shall be accommodated or entertained.

Before we begin to dive in to this topic, it is much needed to provide you a clear view of what really is the purpose of the NBI Clearance Online Appointment and how it works.

NBI Clearance Online Appointment

If we’re going to go back in time, maybe 20 to 30 years ago, the issuance of NBI Clearance is really chaotic. The old process would be the following:

  1. Go directly to the NBI Clearance Branch with your NBI Clearance Requirements for Renewal or new application.
  2. Fall in line to get application form which takes too much of your time because people tend to apply for their NBI Clearance at the same time.
  3. Getting the NBI Clearance Application form by falling in line.
  4. Falling in line to have your Photo taken.
  5. Falling in line for process your NBI Clearance by manually imprinting your thumb marks using inks.
  6. Again, falling in line for releasing.

If you noticed, the “falling in line” step is always included in every course of action in processing. This was noticed by the NBI Agency which needed to be addressed because people are getting angry with long queue lines.

Since the NBI Clearance Application and NBI Renewal process is showing signs that it needs improvements, the said Agency decided to overhaul the entire process and totally eliminate the walk in for NBI Clearance application.

The result of this is the NBI Clearance Online processing which we are now being implemented.

Purpose of NBI Online Appointment

As the population of the Philippines continues to grow, so too does the need for NBI Clearance. Every year, there are significant increase in applications processed by the NBI.

This, in turn, will result in a swell in the number of NBI Applicants seeking for Clearances from NBI.


The purpose of an online booking system is to help your applicants to simplify and make the NBI Online Appointment procedure more efficient and effective through automation to keep the entire process flowing smoothly, efficiently and productively. But before implementing this system, let’s focus on the important advantages of the NBI Clearance Online Appointment System.

As the NBI Online appointment booking system works 24/7, this gives us the freedom to schedule an appointment anytime we want. 

It is worth mentioning that the DFA who issues Philippine Passports had a great success in implementing the online appointment system just like prohibiting Walk In for NBI Clearance applicants to enter the premises.

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Benefits of NBI Clearance Online Appointment System

Trust, transparency, and flexibility

Booking an NBI appointment over the web is one of the most convenient methods of scheduling your NBI Clearance application.

However, it’s a major disadvantage is for the people who doesn’t know how to do an online appointment online.

On the other hand, appointment thru NBI Clearance website is great for people with knowledge how to operate easily the website. This means that applicants can do it any time of the day, on weekends or whenever works for them.

Scheduling an NBI Online Appointment shows the applicants patients what dates are still available.

It is time-efficient, provides transparency and helps the applicant feel more informed and in control.

Time savings.

NBI Clearance Staffs spends less time accommodating the long queue lines of applicants, thereby unloading and eliminating massive amount of their working hours due to the number of applicants daily.

The applicants also saves their time, as they no longer have to fall in a very long queue lines because applicants with online appointments are accommodated. Those walk in applicants won’t be able to process their


Walk in Application for NBI Clearance can be a tiring activity. Imagine, going to the NBI Clearance Branch just to be greeted with a long queue line just to get the application form? Then there’s another line for payment, thumb printing, photo capture and release.

If you’re unlucky, you’ll not be accommodated because its already cut off.

This is an inconvenience for most applicants that they usually encounter.

But due to the appointment system implemented, all applicants can process their application without any inconvenience encountered.

Those long queue lines are now significantly decrease. To be honest, the queue lines are still there but it was improved. It’s fast moving and it’s really shorter compared before.

NBI Appointment: Optional or required?

One question applicants is keep on asking if it is really required.

The short answer is YES.

Every applicant must secure an online appointment from NBI Website to be able to process their application.

Once you have secured an appointment, you will receive from the website the Reference Number. This NBI Reference number serves as your transaction number and appointment for your application.

This same number will also be use by the cashier from your chosen payment option when paying your NBI Clearance Fees.

The reference number is also important because it reference to your application. Once the NBI Staff types your NBI Reference number in his or her computer, your filled up application form will appear and will be verified.

Walk in for NBI Clearance Application? Is it allowed?


Walk in for NBI Clearance is highly discouraged.

But due to the number of people who don’t have an access to the internet due to lack of internet subscription, no available desktop/laptop computer, no mobile device capable of internet browsing. The NBI Clearance Branches provided a section where you can book your appointment to get yourself an NBI Clearance Reference number.

Now here lies the problem, due to the number of people who met the criteria that I’ve mentioned in the previous paragraph. A build up of number of applicants without NBI Online Appointment is growing.

This results to another queue line created due to the people trying to schedule their application on the day itself and on the spot.

There’s also a build up in the payment section because of the people who just scheduled their appointment are required to pay the fees for application.


If you’re wise enough to realize the time and effort consumed by not complying with the implemented rules, you’ll choose the short and convenient way.

Which is scheduling your Online appointment and doing the NBI Online Registration ahead of time whenever works for you , paying your NBI Clearance fees on your preferred payment option such as 7-Eleven.

The benefits of implementing this process is to touch everyone involved in the NBI Online processing, as the NBI Staff can do their tasks more efficiently and accurately, while applicants have the ability to schedule their appointments quickly and more conveniently.

Did you know that if you have an account with NBI, you can easily schedule an appointment by easily using the NBI Online Login.

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