Valid IDs Accepted in Applying in NBI Clearance

September 1, 2018 9:56 am

When you arrive at the NBI Clearance Outlets, you are required to present both your Valid and acceptable identification documents (Valid IDs).

There are several Valid IDs in the Philippines available that are accepted in various transaction in validating a person’s identity such as his or her complete name, address, age and most of the time his or her physical appearance.


Having an updated or recent photo in your Valid ID is very important. In that situation,  you can easily prove your identity in any situation. For example, If you’re opening a bank account, the bank representative will ask you to provide one. Or even if you are trying to board an airplane, the airport crew will ask you to present a valid ID. It’s the same when getting an NBI Clearance Online.

After you arrive at any NBI Clearance Branch, you are required to present any Valid Identification to show that the reason for which your application is in good faith. Without presenting any valid id, no matter how important your NBI Application is, they will not grant it to you due to lack of NBI Clearance requirements. The NBI Clearance personnel has the right to deny you the service you are requesting due to non compliance of Valid ID Requirement.


Please note that the list of valid IDs below are strictly as is and only the following valid identification documents are acceptable. If it’s not on this list, it’s not acceptable, and your NBI Clearance application will not be acknowledged.

The Valid ID you presented including any required signatures, must be original, not photocopied or reproduced and should not be expired so make sure to check it also. This is one of the common mistakes by most of the people but with this guide since you know the list of of accepted ID’s to use in NBI Clearance Online Application you just need for the easiest one to get.

Only the following identification documents are acceptable. If it’s not on this list, it’s not acceptable, and your application will not be acknowledged.


The requirement is any two (2) of the following valid Identification Cards:

  • Passport
  • PhilSys ID or Philippine National ID
  • UMID or SSS ID
  • PRC Card
  • Birth Certificate Authenticated by PSA
  • Voter’s ID or Certificate of Registration
  • TIN ID (BIR)
  • PhilHealth ID
  • PAG-IBIG ID (Not the Loyalty Card)
  • Driver’s License
  • Postal ID
  • School ID together with current Registration Card
  • Alien Certificate of Registration
  • Senior Citizen ID
  • Police Clearance issued by Police Station where applicant is resident of the Station’s Jurisdiction
  • Certification from the Local Civil Registrar
  • Certification From Malacanang in connection with Indigenous Groups, Tribal Membership, Foundling
  • Solo Parent ID
  • Company ID for Government Employees
  • Seaman’s Book and SIRV
  • Marina

You are responsible for understanding and following these identification (valid ID) NBI Online requirements and policies. You may be denied to enter an NBI Clearance Outlet if you cannot present an acceptable ID or if the validity of the ID is in question.

The NBI Personnel has sole discretion for determining the validity and acceptability of any ID presented for admission of your application, and for any determinations regarding non-compliance with valid ID policies.


Valid ID documents must:

  • Be issued by a governmental organization or the school which you currently attend to.
  • Be an original document — photocopied documents are not acceptable.
  • Be valid and current — expired documents (bearing expiration dates that have passed) are not acceptable, no matter how recent the expiration may be.
  • Bear the applicant’s full name.
  • Bear a recent recognizable photograph that clearly matches the test-taker.
  • Be in good condition, with clearly legible text and a clearly visible photograph.

When you apply for NBI Clearance Online and you lack of application NBI Clearance requirements and you’re wondering where to get the following Valid IDs listed above, here, let me help you:

  • Valid Philippine Passport – you can easily get one in Department of Foreign Affairs.
  • Voter’s ID – this is usually obtained through the office of Commission of Election.
  • Driver’s License – can be obtained through Land Transportation Office.
  • PRC License – issued by Professional Regulatory Commission after you passed the required board examinations.
  • SSS ID – issued by the Social Security System.
  • GSIS UMID – issued by Government Service Insurance System for Government Employees.
  • Postal ID – can be obtained through your local Post Office.
  • School ID – issued by the School if the applicant is still studying.
  • TIN ID – issued by Bureau of Internal Revenue
  • Philhealth ID – issued by Philhealth.
  • Alien Certificate of Registration – can be obtained in Bureau of Immigration for Foreign Applicants.
  • Senior Citizen – go to your Municipal’s Office of the Senior Citizens Affair.

I’m sorry but i won’t go into detail on each valid ids but you can easily get those when you visit each agency or establishment I mentioned. There are lot of tutorials published online (ex. NBI Online Registration) that will serve as your guide when you apply for each valid IDs.

There you have it! Make sure to bring valid IDs when you apply for an NBI Clearance (See How To Apply NBI Clearance Online – Updated with Photos). If we miss something regarding the topic, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

NBI Clearance Requirements

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  • ronnie says:

    makukuha na rin ba gad agad yun pag ka bayad

  • J says:

    Identifying marks. Example: ” mole on left cheek” or “scars on eyelids” etc.

  • Mabel says:

    hello, ano pong ilalagay sa na presented ID sa online application kung wala pa po akong ID bukod sa School ID, sana po matulungan nyo ako.

  • krista says:

    paano po if wala po ako valid id kasi fresh graduate ako and im still waiting for the release of my postal id, and pwede po ba ung local birth certificate ?

  • Benhilda gaufo says:

    OK lang ba ung certificate galing comelec may picture q din in at pirma wala pa kc ung Id ko sa comelec kaya un ung binigay sakin may dry seal ng comelec din un OK na ba un as one of my valid id saka magkano para magawan aq ng nbi id at San pwde makakuha

  • anne_26 says:

    bakit ng kumuha ako ng NBI last yr. wla nmn akong nilagay na valid id e…kya ok lng nmn ata khit wla kng ippresent n valid id…↵opinion lng…:)

  • Marlon del Rosario says:

    Paano po Mag Type ng Nbi Clearance Form sa online sa Computer kc hindi ko ho Alam Pwede niyo ho ba ako i advice para malaman ko kc Kukuha po ako ng Nbi Clearance na LocaL at Abroad.

  • Nicole John Celis says:

    About po sa NSO Birth Certificate, kailangan po bang latest ang NSO Birth Certificate or kahit old basta NSO Authenticated? I have mine but I got it last 2011 so I’m not sure if this will be accepted or not. Thanks.

  • SHEILA C. POONON says:

    authenticated birth certificate lang po ang meron ako..pwde po ba kumuha ng NBI clearance.

  • Jenelie says:

    It is acceptable a voter’s certification when getting a nbi clearance?because i don’t have any id’s with me only a voter’s cert.and a authenticated birth.

  • laine says:

    Kailangan po ba talaga valid Id? Or pwede na din authentic nso?

  • Sino Ako says:

    sir, maam? pano pag wala pang occupation?

  • andleeb dangla malik says:

    wala po akong valid ID.pwede po ba ako mg karoon ng valid ID ng NBI? kailangan ko lng po sa pag papagawa ng passport ko.need ko po kc mg trabaho.

  • Jobelle says:

    how to get the nbi id # ?

  • jane senina says:

    Panu po kukuha ng nbi id↵thnk u

  • Diomedo N. Detalo Jr. says:

    ano po yung identifying remarks na sinasabi sa application form ng nbi ?

    • cindy dohinog says:

      Anu po ung indetifying marks??

  • Rommel Javier says:

    Pwede po ba kumuha kung wala pa akong valid I.D ?

  • Maureen Lumbao says:

    Hello!, I’m a fresh graduate student. valid pa rin po kaya yung Student ID ko kung sakaling kukuha ako ngayon ng NBI Clearance for employment purposes? pending pa po kasi ung Voter’s ID ko bukod sa Police Clearance wala na po akong ibang Valid ID…

  • Jamela nicolasura devine says:

    Where do i go to the nbi? Iloilo or san jose?

  • karren says:

    last time i applied for a clearance i was ask to provide a police clearance, do i still need to present the said document now that im reapplying for an nbi clearance?last time i applied was 2011?

  • sheryl pangilinan says:

    Makakakuha padin po ba kahit walang i.d basta may birthcertificate po??? Reply po please.

    • Jenny B. Pinlac says:

      Panu po mkakuha ng nbi clearance kung nwala po ung isang ID ko ang meron lng po ako ung barangay clearance at ung E-4 po na forms ng SSS at ung NSO marriage contract lng po ung meron ska ung 1999-2000 na student ID po…pkireply nlng po sa facebook acct.ko po..↵ Thank you po..

  • leslie laceda says:

    gudday po..kukuha po sana aq ng NBI clearance..kaso po kht isng goverment id wla aq.. birth certoficate lng po meron aq..paano po b un..? pwdi po b ung police clearance

  • apple says:

    iba po yong signature ko sa TIN I.D. at Voter’s I.D. valid pa ba yon sa NBI clearance?after 4 years ko po binago signature sa TIN I.D.

  • jessa says:

    ano po yung identifying marks? please thanks

  • riza dizon says:

    bgong kasal LNG po ako klngan ko po SNA ng NBi clearance PRA sa pag renew ng passport wala pa po akong bagong I’d sa aplyedo ng asawa ko mkkakuha po ba ako ng NBI clearance?

  • MARICEL says:

    how about dswd i.d.?

  • Rosalita mora celis says:

    Gusto ko po sna mkakuha ng id kc kailngn ko s trabaho… pnu ko po ito… mkkuuha… kht isang govrmnt id wla p aq…mron lng aq ay birthcertificate at id nung high school

  • Reyford F. Mckay says:

    Ask ko lng po kng pwde po pag ibig ID?

  • Joseph Daniel says:

    Nag graduate po ako sa college last year march 2014. Accepted po ba ang school Id na ito as requirement together with NSO birthcertificate released 2014

  • john romel banzuelo godoy says:

    gusto ko kasing kumuha ng nbi para mag ka id at makapagtrobaho

  • marlix rivera says:

    hi po valid po ba yung police clearance, barangay clearance, o nso po????

  • femar says:

    magkano po and i.d. card?

  • Joe-Marie Tolentino says:

    Pwede ko ba gamitin ang e-1 ko ng SSS or police Clearance as valid ID

  • maureen medina says:

    Good afternoon, how can i apply nbi clearance online?

  • James A. T. says:

    Just wanted to share my experience so that it might help others.↵↵My sister and I applied for an NBI Clearance in NBI-CAR (Baguio City) just a while ago mid-afternoon. I was really surprised to see only a few people applying at that time.↵↵ACQUIRING & FILLING-UP of FORM:↵First, we just went to a desk on the outside of the building to inquire, and they gave us an application form to fill up (this form is exactly identical to the one in this link:↵↵)↵My sister used her passport as her ID, so she entered her passport number in the “ID Number Field”. I used my expired Postal ID (valid till 2012) which I thought was supposed to be already invalid. I just entered the number on the “ID Number” field. When we submitted the completed forms to the personnel at the same desk, they reviewed the forms, returned the forms to us, then instructed us to proceed to the inside of the building for computer encoding.↵I was surprised they did not even verify or look at the postal ID I had provided to check for its expiry date.↵↵COMPUTER ENCODING of FORM:↵A personnel told me to sit down on a chair as he ↵encoded the filled-up form in his computer. He asked me to review the information. When I confirmed it was correct, he instructed me to go to the Cashier Office for payment.↵↵PAYMENT at the CASHIER Booth:↵The fee I had to pay to the Cashier was P115 (for “Other Purposes”). He handed to me my change and a receipt, then instructed me to proceed to another adjacent room for “Image Capture” and “Fingerprinting”.↵↵IMAGE-CAPTURE & FINGERPRINTING:↵Upon entering the said adjacent room, we had to sit down on monoblocks which served as the queue (pila) line. When it was my turn, a personnel on a desk in front called me so I approached her. She told me to sit on a chair beside her so that she could take my picture. I looked at the camera and she took my picture. Then another assistant asked me to spread my fingers so she could press each of them on the fingerprint-detecting device. The computer screen showed “NO HIT!”. When it was done, the personnel asked me to review the personal information I had earlier provided in the form. When I confirmed it, she told me to go to the next table for releasing of the form.↵↵PRINTING & RELEASING of NBI CLEARANCE:↵I went to the next table and had to wait a few seconds while a personnel printed the NBI Clearance. Afterwards, he then handed it to me.↵↵I didn’t really expect that everything was done in about roughly an hour. My sister was instructed to return 3-5 days because the computer showed she had a “HIT” just after her fingerprints were scanned. But she says all she has to do is to go back for the printing & releasing of her clearance. She said she was relieved to know that they didn’t require or schedule an interview for having a “HIT”.↵↵NOTES:↵There is a “PRIORITY LANE” for disabled persons, pregnant women, senior citizens, and “Applicants with babies/kids”, so that they would not be required to fall in line just to have their image captured and fingerprints scanned. Actually, a young woman/mother who had carried her baby with her walked directly to the front desk without even falling in line. The personnel attended to her immediately, capturing her image and scanning her fingerprints. This shows it might prove practical/useful to carry a baby/kid with you just so you don’t have to fall in line.↵↵No other requirements were asked of me and my sister, not even my NSO Birth Certificate, old School ID, and expired NBI Clearance (valid until 2010). They did not even ask to look at my postal ID and my sister’s passport, which we used as our IDs in the “ID PRESENTED” and “ID NUMBER” fields of the application/registration form.↵↵The application form requires that the height be in centimeters instead of feet/inches. Although, the personnel in the image-capture/fingerprinting desk has a conversion table beside his computer, so no need to worry, for he will convert it for you. (I used my cellphone’s calculator and conversion applications to do that).↵↵Hope this experience helped, at least a bit.

  • Catherine Mesa says:

    how about police clearance? this is also a government issued requirement. is this not valid?

  • Angel Simon says:

    I am married and i want to get an NBI clearance bearing my married name, however, I don’t have any IDs with my married name (Simon). I have my marriage contract, can I submit it that instead?

  • orome magapan says:

    panu po b mag online clearrance s NBI↵Reply pls ..

  • orome magapan says:

    panu pu ako makaka kuha ng nbi ? e wala pu akung kahit anung valid id ?

    • Jem says:

      pwede po ba ang ung last 2 years ko na college id? nagka problema nid ko lng tlga mka kuha agad.. ttnggapin kaya ito?

    • jade soner says:

      pano po ba magkaron ng valid id?kahit isa kc pong id wla aq.

      • Michelle says:

        nso birth cert.

  • renaline says:

    good afternoon po , tanong ko lang kung makakakuha po ba ako ng nbi clearance even though wala pa po akong NSO. kasi late registered po ako. kailangan po kc ng NBI para sa OJT. thanks po.

  • Michelle says:

    can i also use E1 as a valid ID?

  • Eva Mae Pacquiao says:

    Pwde po ba postal i.d at NSO?

  • Richard L Caerlang says:

    gusto ko kasing kuuha ng nbi id..

  • Richard L Caerlang says:

    pano ko po makukuha ang nbi id?

  • Chona Tingzon says:

    Hi po!ask ko lang po kung pwede Postal ID and birth certificate po..

  • Michie Cayanan says:

    Wala pa po akong voters id, hindi pa nairerelease sa cityhall namin dahil nung 2013 ako nagparegister. Balak kong kumuha ng nbi clearance next week, pwede po bang dalawang school id ang gamitin ko? Or kung hindi pwede anong supporting documents ang kailangan ko dalhin? Graduating student kasi ako at need namin kapag naghanap na ng work. Salamat po!

  • Lhei Yah says:

    Separated and my annulment is nearly finish na po, pwede po ba apelyedo ng pagka dalaga gamitin ko pagkuha ko ng NBI clearance?

  • airis otom pantinople says:

    Pwd poh ba ung postal id na exprd na nong febuary 8t