NBI Clearance 2019 Updated Guide

August 29, 2016 10:21 am

NBI Clearance Renewal, this topic is around for a long time since the inception of this website. Heck, the process on how to apply for NBI Clearance Renewal is so simple but people still don’t get it how it can be done.

Obviously, NBI Clearance renewal is a process where the an applicant already have an existing NBI Clearance whether it’s expired or not applies for a new one.

In our previous article, we have discussed the easiest way to renew your NBI Clearance using the Quick Renewal feature of the website.

This is a new addition to the website where the applicant just enter few information found in his/her NBI Clearance, pay for the NBI Clearance Fees and wait for it to be delivered in the comforts of their home.

You may want to read our detailed article about the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal here.

The NBI Clearance Renewal is far different from the Quick Renewal we’ve mentioned earlier because its much cheaper. Plus, the conventional Renewal that we’re discussing here requires the applicant’s personal appearance.

Just to inform all the readers of this article, the steps provided below starts from scratch. This means that the applicant of NBI Clearance Online Renewal doesn’t have an NBI Clearance Online Account yet.

If you already have an account in NBI Clearance website, you may skip few steps of this tutorial.

Let’s start our tutorial in NBI Clearance Renewal!

NBI Clearance Renewal Account Registration

Go to the Official Website of NBI Clearance Online Services (https://clearance.nbi.gov.ph).

At the right side of your screen, make sure to check the ☑ YES to identify that your registration is an NBI Clearance Renewal.

Enter your First Name, Sur Name, Date of Birth and your OLD NBI ID Number.

Click the PROCEED button down below to continue your registration.

If your NBI Clearance ID Number was found in the NBI Clearance Database, it will show you this image saying “Data Successfully Retrieve”.

This means that you can proceed with the next step and your NBI Clearance can be renewed.

If your NBI Clearance ID Number was not found, it will show you this image stating that “The system cannot find the given NBI ID”.

This means that you can’t proceed with your NBI Clearance Renewal and must do an NBI Online Registration as a NEW Application.

If your NBI Clearance ID No. can’t be found in the database for whatever reasons, that means you won’t be able to renew your NBI Clearance and all you have to do apply as a NEW NBI Clearance Application.

We have written a detailed tutorial on how to apply for an NBI Clearance here as a solution to this error. You may want to check that out.

Going back to the tutorial, assuming that you have successfully retrieved your NBI Clearance ID no. It will display this “REGISTER” window where it will be automatically filled up with your details such as your Gender, Marital Status, Date of Birth and your Complete Name.

The last three field boxes are for you to fill up. Enter your email address and your nominated password.

Check the ☑ I ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICE and press AGREE button.

Press the SIGN UP button.

NBI Clearance Renewal Application

You will be redirected to the the main dashboard of your NBI Clearance Online Account where you can see all the (already) filled up Application form.

You don’t have to fill up the application form anymore since this is an NBI Clearance Renewal and they already have your personal information.


Enter the Valid IDs you’ll bring. Make sure to bring two (2) valid IDs.

Press the “I Agree” button.

NBI Clearance Renewal Appointment Scheduling

The next steps will be scheduling your appointment in processing your NBI Clearance.

First, Select the NBI Branch from the drop down list. Second, select the dates and the time slots (AM/PM).

After scheduling your appointment with NBI Clearance Branch, select the payment option.

NBI Clearance Renewal Fee Payment

I suggest that you select the paying your NBI Clearance Fee thru 7-Eleven since its convenient.

It will show you a small window displaying the amount of NBI Clearance.

Click the Proceed To Payment button.

The next window will show you the Payment Reference Number. Take note of this and bring this to 7-Eleven.

Please note that the amount that you should be paying consist of NBI Clearance Fee (P130) + E-Payment Service (P25) + 7-Eleven Convenience Fee (P15) which totals to P170.

Just to make sure, ask the cashier how much is the final amount that you should be paying as the Convenience Fee varies depending on the Payment Center.

Keep the receipt as proof of your payment. Now, Log in back to your NBI Clearance Account and check if your payment is already reflected

You can do this by clicking the TRANSACTIONS Menu. You will see the status of your application.

If its PENDING, just wait for it to change status to PAID.

If you see that its PAID, you can click the DETAILS button to print your NBI Clearance Online Application.

Note that printing the application form is not mandatory. All you need to do is just take note or take a picture of the NBI Clearance Reference Number.

This tutorial is almost done. But before we go, we’ll discuss the final steps.

You may want to read our latest tutorial on How to Apply for NBI Clearance Online in 2022 (https://www.nbiclearance.org/how-to-apply-for-an-nbi-clearance-online-2022/)

After the payment, the applicant needs to wait for his or her scheduled appointment to arrive.

Make sure to bring two (2) valid ID that will be presented as a requirement in applying for NBI Online Clearance Renewal.

You can also bring your own Philippine National ID or PhilSys ID or SSS ID. If you don’t have one yet, here’s the guide on how to apply.

When the day of the appointment arrives, make sure to be there on time. If you scheduled AM, arrive at the NBI branch 8AM to 12PM. While if you scheduled PM, be there 1PM to 4PM.

Photo capture and Biometrics will be done at the NBI Branch. It will usually take 5 to 10 minutes depending on the volume of the applicants.

The applicant will also have a chance to review all the personal information written on his or her NBI Clearance before it gets printed. Here’s the chance where you can correct or modify all the information written if you want it to be changed.

So there you have it, there’s our tutorial on how to apply for NBI CLEARANCE ONLINE RENEWAL.

If you have a question, feel free to leave a comment down below!

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  • Marilou Rodriguez says:

    last time na view ko na po ung file ko,bakit ng inulit ko para magpa-print ayaw na ma access?tnx

  • micah basultin says:

    kumuha po kase ako sa taft ng nbi via online at nabayaran ko na din po.. kaso d ko po nakuha agad.. pwede po kayang sa main ako mag pa biometric at magpapicture para makuha na ang nbi ko? bulas din po ba ang savemore taft kht sat?

  • Joan Tampus says:

    My husband is good to go for his employment abroad pending NBI Clearance. However, his name was put on the HIT list. He has no criminal record. NBI Davao told him that he has to wait for 15 working days or equivalent to 3 weeks which may result in an opportunity loss coz the position is urgent. Now, any remedy of his case?

  • Aaron eleazar robles says:

    ask ko lang… Kapag di pah expire yun nbi mu… Mag kaka hint ka… Unang beses sa akin nangyari toh…. Nawala ko kasi un kalahati ng nbi ko… Yun natira sa akin ay un personal copy… Kinuha ko yun nbi ko sa las pinas nung april 2013… At okie naman siya walang hint…. 7 months palang un nbi ko,,,, kaya ako kumuha ng nbi ngayon oct. 2013 kasi kailanga ko ipah red ribbon yun sa dfa.. Di naman pwede yun personal copy lang…..

  • Vicky says:

    NBI is in dire need of updating its system. Reasons cited above are no longer relevant in this day and age. Biometrics should uniquely identify a person, regardless of whether he she has a namesake or not, in seconds, not in days! Once you’ve been cleared, the manual process of reinterviewing and reevaluating a person every time he she gets a new clearance is an utter waste of time, effort and money.

  • ANn says:

    Is credit card debt belong to criminal offense? And a reason to be HIT?

  • walden says:

    my number ask ku if kailan po marelease yung nbi online ku date ng pag online ko is 10/9/2014

  • mar says:

    ako laging hit na ngayon. pangalawang taon ko pa lang tong kumuha ng nbi na may hit. previous 3 ko ay wala namang hit.pero ngayun na may biometrics na,hit na ako lagi. kaya gawa ko early ako magapply preparing for the hit and come back 15 days after.Tulungan na lang natin ang government natin,ganagawa nmn nila ang work nila,mabagal man,pero umuusad naman kahit papaano, i’ve been in other country,mas malala ang problema doon compare sa atin.Pahabain na lang natin ang pasensiya natin pagpumunta tayo sa mga government agency.tao din ang mga yan. trabaho lang din ang gawa nila para mabuhay.tayo din gusto magtrabaho para mabuhay. Kahit masakit man sa kalooban na makita na may mga tao sa loob na tamad, will hindi nmn lahat.parang tayo lang in yan,minsan tinatamad, minsan sinisipag.

  • GJ says:

    Tanong ko lang po. Nakakuha na po ako ng NBI clearance dati pinapabalik po ko sa ganitong date kasi may HIT. Since ngayon po nag renew ako ganon pa rin po ba yung releasing? Mag hihintay pa rin po ba ako if ever?

  • jan says:

    Same question here, ngaun po sched ko sa pag kuha? Conflict po kc sched, pede po bang bukas xa makuha o ndi na? Tnx godblezz

  • Melai says:

    Marami po ako kapangalan,i just wanna kung magagawan ng solusyon ng main office ng nbi eto.ineed to get my nbi clearance asap

  • onyx says:

    Ilan days po bago mkuha pag nagpareprint k ng nbi clearance? May isang letra po ksing mali dun sa last nme.

  • Jumar E. Laurente says:

    I’m from Ormoc City but I applied for NBI Clearance in Tacloban with the confidence that I am clear because I already acquired previously 3 clearances in the past years without being a \HIT”. I was shocked this time for I was identified as \””HIT\””. Pero okay lang naman. Tanong ko lang po bakit kaya ako na-hit at kung pwede ko kaya kunin sa NBI Ormoc Branch yung bagong clearance ko? Thank you!”””

  • unknown says:

    tanong lng po, pede ka bang makulong ngayong 18 kana? dahil nung 12 pa ako. spoiled kasi ako dahil sa barkada at nahuli po yung isang kaibigan ko na nagnakaw at nadamay lng po ako.. pede po bang ma hut yun? 🙁


    good evening po…makukuha parin po ba ang nbi clearance kahit wala po yung recipt po. ang problema ko po kasi na snacth po yung wallet ko..tapos nandon po ang recipt ng nbi. october 8 po ako papabalikin sa municipal po. tanong ko po..makukuha ko pa ba ang nbi clearance ko po


    good evening po…makukuha parin po ba ang nbi clearance kahit wala po yung recipt po. ang problema ko po kasi na snacth po yung wallet ko..tapos nandon po ang recipt ng nbi. october 8 po ako papabalikin sa municipal po. tanong ko po..makukuha ko pa ba ang nbi clearance ko po.

  • Mark says:

    Gud PM possible bang qmuha ng application form online para pipila na lang po ako eto po ung link na nakita q online tama po o pwede ito http://clearance.nbi.gov.ph/ kasi po pumunta ako kanina pero cut off na daw sa QC City Hall.Salamat po.

  • cherry says:

    good eve po ask lang po ako … ang dati ko pong amo nagalit po sa akin dahil po hindi ko tinuloy ang pagtatrabaho ko sa kanya at tinakot niya ako na I pina blacklist po niya ako sa nbi…. pwd po bang mag blacklist ang nbi kahit walang evidensiya puro paratang lang po?….

  • Jayson says:

    kasama ba sa HIT ung unpaid bills mo sa mga network provider like globe etc. ??

  • jessa marie b.bon says:

    ask ko lng po bkt po n hit ung name ko wala nmn po akong kaso.. 3beses ko n pong pagkuha ng nbi knkina lng sana po makareply po kyo …

  • kaye says:

    gud pm,, tanung ko lang po about sa resibo,, na hit po kc aq last sept 2,, pinababalikan sakin ng sept 9.. ang problema ko po nawala po ang resibo ko,, pede ko pa po ba makuha yung nbi clearance ko..

  • Nait says:

    bakit po ganun, nagbayad na po ako ng nbi fee dun sa branch. Nakuha ko na din po yung nbi clearance ko pero di po nagreflect dun sa transaction ng nbi account ko (online).Pede po bang i-cancel ko na lang yun?? Please answer po 🙂

  • Dustin Josh --- says:

    Hi, gusto ko lang po malaman if kung paid na yung nbi clearance on the same payment date/appointment date tapos di ka nakapunta nung appointment date? pwede pa diba na makuha yung clearance anytime na bukas yung NBI Center at 100% sure HINDI PO HIT since paid na yung clearance even after ng appointment date? Thanks

  • JM says:

    First time ko magkaroon ng hit after 8 years ko sa work, ang haba ng pila knina s rob dasma, 6.30am p lng andun nko tpos with hit pla, wtf!

  • gilbert says:

    hi tanong ko lang po may kaso po yung kapangalan ko kaya pinapapunta ako sa main office para sa quality control kaso po hindi ako binigyan ng schedule sa branch ng nbi sa pala pala para sa quality control.anytime po ba pede ako pumunta?.

  • Drake says:

    Last year I went to NBI tarlac and I got a hit. The next day, I went to NBI main. NO HIT! I got it that same day. No fee for fingerprint scan at the main office.. in Tarlac it’s P10

  • confusedone says:

    Kapag ba \change of name”nagkaka-hit din ba or because need ma-interview ng nbi ang applicant why ang purpose ng pagkuha ng NBI Clearance ay change of name?”””

  • leizlbaguio says:

    bkit ang tagal ng release ng nbi clearance online na nag yung gamit nyo para mapabilis lalo tuloy tumagal sana nman gawan niyo ng paraan para mapabilis.

  • Richard says:

    hi po sir, ask ko lang po kung my kaso ang isang tao at bago pa lumabas ang warrant of arrest niya nakapagbayad na siya ng bail niya. possible pa ba na magkakaroon siya ng derogatory record if that happened?. at paano po magkakaroon ng derogatory record sa NBI clearance? anu anu po ang mga reasons. thanks po!

  • Cha-cha says:

    Hi Ask ku lang if makakakuha ba ng NBI clearance kunf may utang sa avon or khit san?Thanks!

  • de leon says:

    hi,nagrenew ako ng nbi noong september but until now hindi ko pa rin nakukuha dahil nakakalimutanko.pwede pa kaya yung kunin?or may penalty pagkaganun????salamat

  • Mark Anthony A Lanuza says:

    This is the 1st time I experience this situation after 6years of local employment here in our country and 5years of worked abroad when ever I applied for NBI clearance I usually get it on the same day I applied. But yesterday was different the procedure was very very slow unlike before I used to renew my NBI clearance at Robinson Ermita but here at NBI State Rosa Laguna it is very slow and now I was shocked that I need to wait until Dec 18,2015 I don’t know if I will get my NBI clearance on the said date or not.how disappointing and I feel ashamed just to say that we applied computerized system and now we are high-tech even though it’s so inconvenient because before all renewal was separated to all new applicants thank u.

  • Em em says:

    Ask ko lng poh.nahit poh kasi sa NBI,nakakuha napo ako dati ng NBI clearance.pero gamit ko ung married details ko,hnd ako noon nahit,pero ngaun poh nag apply ako ulit gamit na poh ung single details ko,NA HIT poh ako,posilble po bang un ang dhilan kya ako nahit ngaun?anu poh dapat ko na gawin,

  • Tiriras says:

    Hello eversince i applied NBI clearance always may hit. Lagi po sinasabi may kapangalan ako. Sa aking birth certificate tatlo ang ipinangalan sakin ng aking ama. Nagtataka ako lagi tatlo ang name ko may ka hit pa ako. 3 secutive times na may ka hit ako at yang name ko na yan kakaiba pa ilokano dialect. How come na magkakaroon ako ng ka hit. Nakakawala ng gana tuwing kukuha ako ng NBI clearance kaso ito nman ang isa sa kailangan natin pra makapagapply ng trabaho mapa abroad o local employment. Isa pla akong OFW kakauwi lng last nov. Eh habang waiting ako sa isang proj. Nmin abroad. Naglocal hire ako kaso naantala nman dahil lng sa hit na yan. D ako makaumpisa sa trabaho.

  • jose b. franco says:

    sir ask ko lang kung pwedeng mag tanung ng taong may kaso diyan e di ko po alam kung pano po hanapin ang tao na may kaso ang pangalan po ay mario marania tanung ko lang sir salamat po

  • ryan says:

    What if i have a provious case,,but my case is already dismissed…is there a chance to remove my record on my nbi clearance?i am a seafearer and i nid nbi clearance to renew my seamans book..i nid ur opinion..Thnk u..

  • Allan Louie T. Baltazar says:

    Ask ko lang po sana kasi october 5 ung release ng nbi clearance ko.pwede ko ba xang makuha after nung releasing date?Salamat sa reply.

  • Rusty says:

    sir ask lang po ako kasi na-hit po ung nbi ko dhil sa case ng littering . nabayaran ko na po sya last two years pa po then nagpadala po sken ung court ng dismissal letter . ang problema ko po nawala ko siya makakakuha pa po ba ako nun ng panibagong kopya ?

  • Ed says:

    Una sa lahat wala pong sense yung ginawa ninyong online application and payment dahil pareho lang ng mga walk in applicants yung ginugol kong oras para mapicturan, meron pa pong nauna sa akin sa pila (#257 sya) pero sya ay walk in applicantvat ako naman ay sa online. Meron pa akong nakasabay na nag attached sya ng picture sa online application pero kelangan pa rin pumila para kuhanan ng litrato. Ano po yung online application nyo, lokohan? Tapos pinababalik ako sa october 2 pero wala naman nakalagay sa resibo ko kung na HIT ako. Paki explain po.

  • neatcliffe agravante says:

    hi mis shawee,tanong ku lng po,bakit ako na hit ngayun?ilang beses na kc ako kumauha ng nbi pero ngayun lng na hit.anu po ba posible dahilan?

  • julie rivera says:

    date claim is on september 22,, and then i am busy icant get on that date how long will expire tnx

  • JV Benliro says:

    ako po ay si JOHN VINCENT JUMAWAN BENLIRO. DAati po akong ng tatrabaho sa Saudi as accounting clerk. July 14 po ako umalis ng saudi na may re entry visa.di po ako bumali. ng file daw sila na case laban sa akin kasi may balance pa ako sa office ko. may naka pag sabi po na ipapa NBI ako i i report sa POEA para ma cancelled lahat ng inaaplayan ko o kong merun man ipa hold..Gaano po ba ka totoo ito. kong may kaso po na ako sa gani hindi na po ba ako maka aplay sa ibang Country? o mapag tour lang man sa Asian country.Kumuha po ako ng NBI clearance .wala naman po akong record sa kanila.hoping for your immediate reply po,John Vincent J. benliro

  • marc ian says:

    Good pm po. Tanung klng po bakit po hit ang nakuha ko sa n.b.i. clearance nagtataka lng po ako kung bkit kasi dati nakukuha ko agad one day lang po ngyun po hndi hit nakalagay.diba po kahit saan naman ako kumuha ng n.b.i. clearance kung wala po ako ka pangalan makukuha ko din po agad one day lng po?salamat po

  • neatcliffe agravante says:

    bakit po na hit po ako ngayun lng.dati hindi naman.wala naman akong kaso na hinaharap

  • Diosalyn Bragado says:

    Sir/Ma’am I applied my NBI clearance at Manila,UN branch. They stamped my receipt to pick it up on Sept.29,2015. I’m already here in the province.Is it possible that I can take my NBI clearance to our Regional office here??? I applied in Manila because I assumed that I can take it within the day but I was been hit. Thank you and I am looking forward for your positive response.

  • Leonardfamisaran says:

    hirap naman po kc pumila

  • Pinay Ramblings says:

    I went to renew my nbi clearance last sept. 11 for travel abroad and was told to come back after 10 days. I got so worried. But yesterday, I went back in and finally got my clearance! For more details go to my blog http://www.pinayramblings.com/2015/09/getting-nbi-clearance.html

  • belle says:

    2 days ago, i went to NBI and got hit..my given name middle name is a very unique one, except for my last name which is very common..alam k wala nman akobg kaso.. my question is that..what are their basis to hit an applicant is it the complete name? including b dito ung middle name?? or hit kba kpag may balance ka sa isang company like globe?

  • francis says:

    pwede ko pa po bang makuha ang nbi ko kahit 3 months n po prior s releasing date

  • april joel famor says:

    good am pohh ask lang poh bakit po hit parin aku kahit naka kuha na aku ng nbi dati…..thnk u poh