How To Apply for an NBI Clearance Quick Renewal.


NBI Clearance Quick Renewal.Today, we’re going to discuss the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal. A new feature added in NBI Clearance website where the applicant of NBI Clearance can just request it online and wait for it to be delivered at the specified home address.

You’ve heard it right. The NBI Clearance will be delivered to your doorsteps. No more personal appearance. No more queue lines. No more PhotoCapture and Biometrics. Nadah! All you have to do is wait!

The drawback about this thing NBI Clearance Quick Renewal is its not available to all. That means, NEW Applicants of NBI Clearance are not allowed to avail this service.

The Quick Renewal of NBI Clearance is only available to all applicants who have their own NBI Clearance issued between 2014 to present AND to those NBI Clearance ID Numbers can be found in the website.

Unfortunately, missing NBI Clearance ID numbers can’t avail this service.

Another disadvantage of this service is its much more expensive because it includes delivery fee. Unlike the conventional method of NBI Clearance Renewal which only costs you P170.

Before we start our tutorial, I need to inform everyone that the process of NBI Clearance Quick Renewal won’t work if you don’t have your NBI ID No.

The NBI ID No. is vital to NBI Clearance Quick Renewal because it will be used to pull your NBI Clearance from the Database of NBI to facilitate your application. There’s no way you can’t proceed with the steps in NBI Clearance Quick Renewal if you don’t have your NBI ID No.

Below is the sample of an NBI Clearance showing where to find the NBI ID No. that you can use when applying for NBI Clearance Quick Renewal

How to apply for NBI Clearance Quick Renewal

Visit the official website of NBI Clearance ( and locate the button for NBI Clearance Quick Renewal feature.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal

Click the button that says “NBI Clearance Quick Renewal” to start your NBI Clearance renewal process.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Button

After that, it will open a small pop up window where it will ask you to enter your NBI ID Number.

As mentioned earlier, this only works to all NBI Clearance issued 2014 to 2018.

You can refer to your old or expired NBI Clearance for your NBI ID number.

Click the “VERIFY” button to continue.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Delivery

Note: If after entering your NBI ID Number, you encountered an error saying “The system cannot find the given NBI ID Number”, this means that you can’t use with the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal.

For some unknown reasons, there are NBI Clearances that are missing or not saved in the database of the NBI. If you’re one of the few who encountered this, then you can’t proceed with the process.

My advice to you is to apply for an NBI Clearance as a NEW Application and not as a Renewal.

Unfortunately, the Application of a NEW NBI Clearance requires personal appearance from your selected NBI Branch. You can read more about our updated article on How to Apply for an NBI Clearance in 2019.

Going back to out tutorial…

The next window will display your personal information such as your First name and Last name.

It will also show you the photo taken when you previously applied for an NBI Clearance.

This is the same exact photo taken and reflected in your printed NBI Clearance.

In the window shown above, you need to provide the following to proceed with the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal:

  • Purpose
  • Purpose Detail
  • Province
  • City or Municipality
  • Barangay
  • Street, unit, Bldg / Village
  • and lastly, your Zip Code
NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Delivery Details

Ignore the amount for the mean time as this is not the correct amount that you should be paying.

Right after you finished filling up the form, the amount will change.

If I’m not mistaken, the price depends on your location. The reason for this is the total amount includes delivery fee of your NBI Clearance.

Take note of the NBI Clearance Fee that you will be paying. If you’re just located within Metro Manila, its P355. It may change if you’re outside of Metro Manila.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Details

The amount you’re seeing (P330) is not final yet. Ignore this for the meantime.

If you’re going to pay this in Bayad Center, Multipay or ECPay, expect that there’s additional charges.

Press the NEXT button to proceed to the next step.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Personal Details Payment

Enter your Date of Birth (Month, Day and Year). Now select from the three Payment options provided. There’s Bayad Center, Multipay and ECPay.

For the sake of this tutorial, we’ll select Bayad Center to pay for our NBI Clearance.

Click the icon/logo of Bayad center shown from the screeshot above.

You will be directed to another small pop up window. It contains a reminder, please read it carefully.

Press the “NEXT” button to proceed with your NBI Clearance Quick Renewal.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Next Button

The next window will show you again the amount you’ll be paying.

Noticed that it shows you P330 but if you look at the bottom, there’s a note stating that an additional fee amounting to P25 will be charged.

As of this moment, your NBI Clearance Fee is now P355.

Press the “PROCEED” button.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Express Delivery

Once you pressed the proceed button, the NBI Clearance Reference Number will be shown.

The NBI Clearance Reference Number will be used when you pay your NBI Clearance Fee in Bayad Center.

Show this to the cashier and pay the appropriate amount.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Reference Number

Again, there’s additional fee charged to the original NBI Clearance Fee (P355) by Bayad Center.

NBI Clearance Fee Payment Online

Bonus Tip! You can now pay Your NBI Clearance Fee Online!

That’s right, you can now pay your NBI Clearance Fees Online without leaving your home!

But (yes, there’s a but), this feature is not available for all. The requirement to avail this NBI Clearance Fee Online Payment is that the user must have a Bayad Center Account and (the most important) a Verified Paypal Account.

To be able to have a Bayad Center account, you just have to register an account through their website. Just go to and start your account registration.

The next requirement for this process to succeed is to have a verified Paypal account. To have a Verified Paypal Account requires a credit card. If you have a credit card then you can easily create a paypal account.

Anyway, we will not discuss how to register an account with paypal more deeper.

To continue the tutorial, go to the Bayad Center website (

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Bayad Center Website

Browse or scroll the page down and find the “GOVERNMENT” icon. Click the “View Items” button.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Government Document Details

This opens a new page showing all the Government agencies accepted by Bayad Center to process various payments.

Look for the logo of NBI. It’s usually the second from the list.

Click the “View Details” button.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal NBI Clearance

It will direct you to the NBI Payment Reference Details page where you have to input the Reference Number (usually 10 characters), the amount due (P355) and your contact number.

Note: You have to enter the Amount Due twice. That is the two blank spaces located at the left (under Reference Number) and the Amount to Pay (under National Bureau of Investigation – NBI).

In the “Additional Instructions” field, you don’t have to input anything in it. You may leave it blank.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Payment Details

Press the “Add to Cart” button.

It will bring you to the “Checkout” page where there’s the final summary of your payment.

One button exist and that is the “PAY NOW” button. Click it to finalise your payment.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Bayad Center Check Out

NBI Clearance Fee Payment Using Paypal

The “Pay Now” button will redirect the page to a Paypal login. Log in your email address and password.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Bayad Center Paypal Payment

When you successfully logged in, it will show you the same page where it contains how much you’ll be paying using your Paypal Account.

Press “Pay Now”.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Paypal Pay Now Button

A confirmation page will show up after the previous step.

If you’re seeing the the same screenshot below, that means, you’ve successfully paid your NBI Clearance Fee using your Paypal.


NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Paypal Payment

If you click the “Return to Merchant”, it will bring you back to Bayad Center Website showing your Order.

Your order will show you that your payment is still pending for the mean time. All you have to do is to wait at least five (5) to thirty (30) minutes.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Bayad Center Payment Pending

After a few minutes, the status of your payment will change from PENDING to COMPLETE.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Bayad Center Payment Complete

Check your email address. Bayad Center Online will be sending you an email stating the confirmation of the completion of your Order.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Bayad Center Email Confirmation

This concludes our tutorial on how to apply an NBI Clearance Quick Renewal feature of the NBI Clearance Website.

All you have to do now is to wait for your NBI Clearance Quick Renewal to be delivered at your door steps. It usually takes five (5) to ten (10) working days before it gets delivered so be patient.

Before we go, the only thing missing in this process which the NBI Clearance Agency forgot to include is the ability of the applicant to verify or track the status of the delivery of his or her NBI Clearance.

NBI Clearance Quick Renewal LBC Delivery

Three (3) working days have past and I was surprise that there’s a knock on my door. It was the delivery man from LBC and handing me this small brown envelop!

It seems that LBC is handling the delivery of all NBI Clearance Quick Renewal Applications.

NBI Clearance Quick Renewal Delivered

When I opened it, it was my NBI Clearance! Hoooray! I got my NBI Clearance Renewal hassle free!

If you prefer the old method or process in NBI Clearance Renewal, you can read our latest article about this.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below and we’ll be glad to help! 🙂

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  • Hi! Tried the quick renewal feature just now and it went through, will settle my fees soon once I get sure about this single issue – I already moved to my province 2 years ago, I got my old clearance in Baguio way back 2016 pa and I was living there then. I updated my profile with my current address and entered the same in the address asked for the quick renewal. Yung current address ko na ba yung mailalagay for the clearance that I availed and will be paying for? My worry is that baka naman maideliver nga siya pero old address naman ang nakalagay. Help please? Thank you.

  • Tanong ko lang bakit hindi ako makapag-proceed sa payment? “You are not eligible for the quick renewal service.” Yan po ang lumalabas pag nagseselect na ako kung saan magbabayad.
    Additional question, kung pwede bang personal na akong pupunta for renewal, pwede po ba yun?
    Naalala ko kasi na may sinabi sakin ung personnel na pwede mo dalhin ang personal copy mo at pipila na lang sa cashier, ipapaconfirm ko lang po. Salamat!

    • Pwede po kung ipapadala mo din sa local (PH) address mo. Pero kung sa abroad mo po papadirecho, im not sure, parang hindi po pwede.

  • hi good day, can someone answer my query??…nagrenew ako ng NBI through online QUICK RENEWAL…then nagbayad narin po ako sa bayad center…kaso nung pagpunta ko sa NBI branch na malapit samin ang sabi antayin ko lng daw sa bahay kasi e dediliver daw yun door to door…pero tinanung ko cla kung kaylan darating..ang sabi mga 7 days daw…pero hanggang ngayun mahigit ng 7 days pero hindi parin po dumadating..nag messege din po ako dun sa contact nila sa website ng NBI online pero wala pong response…anu gagawin ko..salamat po sa answer.God bless

  • I never expected to receive my NBI today. I renewed my NBI through Quick Renewal on Feb 10, then I paid the P355 fee on Feb 11 thru LBC, and my NBI clearance arrived today, Feb 14 (correction on the date)– it only took 3 days from the date of my paypment. Take note, I live in Tanza, Cavite, that’s why I didn’t expect that my clearance will arrive today. Thanks NBI for the prompt service! I highly recommend this Quick Renewal. It’ll save you so much of your time.

    • Actually, ako din po 3 days lang ang itinagal ng NBI CLEARANCE Quick Renewal. Na deliver po agad ito sa aming condo located in BGC Taguig City. Thanks for your input! God bless!

  • I never expected to receive my NBI today. I renewed my NBI through Quick Renewal on Feb 10, then I paid the P355 fee on Feb 11, and my NBI clearance arrived today, Feb 12. Take note, I live in Tanza, Cavite, that’s why I didn’t expect that my clearance will arrive today. Thanks NBI for the prompt service! I highly recommend this Quick Renewal. It’ll save you so much of your time.

  • Hello ma’am.ask ko lng po kasi sa april24 pa mag expired yng nbi clearance ko.kaso pinapakuha nku ng bago.kasi kailangan ko travel abroad at requirements ko po sa pag process ng papers ko,dapat daw ang validity is 6to 8months,pwed na po kaya ako mag renew?thank you po.

  • Is the address in the form the shipping address or do I have to input the same address from my NBI clearance. thanks! I can’t find my brgy in Santa Rosa.

  • Magrerenew ako ng nbi clearnce ko pero nasa abroad ako tapos gusto kong ipadeliver sa bahay sa pinas. paano kung sabihin na kailangan ng personal appearance at paano kung nakapagbayad kana para sa courier???

    • Question po, ganito po ba ang nangyari sayo? Nagrequest ka na po ng NBI Clearance Quick Renewal tapos pinapapunta ka ng NBI for Personal Appearance?

      Natanong ko po ito kasi po ang NBI Clearance Quick Renewal ay hindi na po kinakailangan ng Personal Appearance…

  • Hi! My first attempt to register an account under “renewal” failed. I kept on getting “invalid information” error. So, I’ve decided to register as a “new” applicant instead of “renewal”. When I navigated through the website and tried validating my nbi id number, I found my account. I realized that my mistake on my first registration attempt was “I entered my married surname”. So, I tried it again using my maiden surname and it worked. Now, there are two accounts under my name: renewal and new. How can I request to delete the first account I created (new) since it was made by mistake? I don’t want to keep duplicate accounts. Thank you!

    • You can’t. There’s no feature in the website to delete your account. NBI also don’t take request to delete any account. Just leave it and forget about it.

  • Hi mam nag try po ako nian .. un old NBI ko is year 2015 ko kinuka then mag renew sana ako kaso ang nag pop up is need ko ng apprearance mismo sa NBI office, my problema po ba un NBI ko as far as I can remember wala po ako HIT ever since. mejo kinabahan po ako kasi baka my problema na sa NBI. BADLY NEEDED KO PO UN NBI.

    • SInce sinabi sayo ng personal appearance, ibig sabihin lang na kailangan mong magpunta dun mismo para irenew ang iyong NBI Clearance.

    • Yes po. Required ang NBI Clearance ID No. upang makapag NBI Clearance Quick Renewal ka. Kung wala po nito, need mo magapply nalang ng new NBI Clearance.

  • Ma’am/Sir
    Ask kolang po,kelan ko po makukuha yong NBI ko nagbayad na ako nong Feb.6,2019.Renewal lang po ako at around Manila lang po ako kaya mas malapit lang.Kailangan na kailangan ko na po kasi sa aking trabaho…..Thanks
    I need your response immediately.

  • waht if wala po sa drop down ung name ng barangay ko? nag iba na po kase ako ng address, dun sa ideliver ung new nbi clearance, kaso wala po sa dropdown ung barangay kong bago pano yun


    • Usually, 3 to 10 working days po ang delivery period ng NBI Clearance Quick Renewal. Just wait nalang po. Nagmamatter din po ang location nyo.

  • Good Evening po I had some inquiries po regarding for the quick renewal Mam/Sir I process my quick renewal last Jan.23, 2019 we paid thru and stated their the ref.number and phone number and we are waiting my nbi to received after 1 to 2 weeks and I am worry coz that is the requirements need for my field of work.Why is that until now Mam/Sir I dont even received my NBI CLEARANCE.

    • PWede po mag renew ng NBI Clearance. mas maganda kung magapply ka nalang dyan mismo sa probinsya kung nasaan ka. Wala naman pong magiging problema dun.

  • How can i get a print copy of my existing nbi clearance.. Bec. It is not yet expired 5months ago only.. Pls. Help.. Thank you.. L

  • hello, if inedit ko po ba and status ko at address sa profile ko online, kusa po ba syang mag a update kapag nag quick renewal ako? bagong address na po ba ilalagay nila sa bagong NBI Clearance ko?

  • Ask KO Lang po Nag bayad na ako sA bayad center Sa quick renewal Nang NBI clearance ang tanung ko bakit wala po akong confirmation galing s nbi or sA bayad center, Ang Binigay Lang sa akin Yung resibo Lang na machine ValidaTe sa binayad kO. Consider Napo bah As proof yun. I’m hoping for your response sir ma’am regarding this matter thank you God bless

    • Bayad Center, MultiPay at ECPay lang po. Hindi po tinatanggap ang payment sa 7-eleven para sa Quick Renewal. Maisusuggest ko na sa Bayad Center ka nalang po dahil madali po mahanap ang mga branches nila.

  • I have applied my renewal thru quick renewal last January 9, 2019 and paid this in 7 eleven kiosk. until now I havent receive
    my NBI clearance


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