How to Pay Your NBI Clearance Application in 7-Eleven

September 25, 2018 10:17 am

NBI Clearance keeps on updating it’s system of how it process the NBI Clearance applicant’s application. If you’re about to apply for your NBI Clearance, either new application or NBI Clearance Renewal, there’s a new convenient way you can pay your NBI Clearance.

Aside from local banks and Bayad Centers authorized to collect the payment for NBI Clearance, NBI Clearance Online has authorized 7-Eleven through its Cliqq Kiosk to collect the payment of our NBI Clearance Application.


So if you’re planning to pay your NBI Clearance Online, consider 7-Eleven as your payment option! We have prepared a simple guide on how to pay your NBI Clearance in 7-Eleven through Cliqq Kiosks below!

How to Pay Your NBI Clearance Application in 7-Eleven

First thing to do is locate the nearest 7-Eleven Convenient store. Please note that for some cases, a 7-Eleven Store doesn’t have a Cliqq Kiosks available. What you’re looking for is a 7-Eleven Convenient Store with an available Cliqq Kiosk.


When you have entered the premises of any 7-Eleven convenient store, locate immediately the Cliqq Kiosk. The Cliqq Kiosks enables customers to reload their mobile phones and pay their utility bills. Every Cliqq kiosk is touch screen so anyone can easily operate it without the hassle.

Going back to your tutorial, when it’s your turn to use the kiosk. Tap in the “BILLS PAYMENT” icon to go to the bills payment section.


Once the bills payment section is loaded, you will be presented by various merchants.


Ignore all of them, your primary goal is to find the NBI logo. If you’re not familiar with the logo, you can just look at the top of this website for reference.


After locating the NBI logo, tap it to proceed!

The next step is very important and very critical. The Cliqq kiosk is now asking you to supply the following details:

  • Your NBI Clearance Reference number
  • Contact number
  • Exact amount

As for the reference number, you can check your NBI Clearance Reference Number online. Avoid making a mistake because if you entered an incorrect number and you already paid for it, the 7-Eleven cashier won’t be able to refund your payment.


You have to coordinated with the NBI Clearance Branch for refund and I’m sure you don’t want that kind of hassle.

The exact amount should be entered, again check you online application first.

Press the NEXT button once done.

Again, enter you contact number. Press the NEXT button.

The Cliqq kiosk will now show you all the details you’ve entered. Verify everything! This is your last chance to check it before the payment slip is printed out. Press the NEXT button to continue.


If you pressed the Next Button and you noticed that you entered an incorrect Reference Number, contact number or amount, what you need to do is start from the beginning and encode everything again. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged of this.

After pressing the next button, the Cliqq kiosk will now print your NBI Clearance payment slip.

Cliqq Kiosk will print your NBI Clearance payment slip. Get it right away. If you’re having trouble locating it, its right below thr monitor/screen. Some kiosk have the payment slip disburse at the middle portion of the machine. You can also ask the cashier or any 7-Eleven personnel to assist you if you still don’t know where to get it.

Once you have the NBI Clearance payment slip, go to the cashier and pay for it.


How much should I pay for my NBI Clearance in 7-Eleven?

Though it is clearly stated in the NBI Clearance Online website that the application fee is for P130, there are additional charges and fees when you pay it in 7-Eleven. The final amount would be P170.

Note: In my screen shot below, you’ll see that the amount paid is P120. Please ignore it. The correct amount is P170.00. That includes P130 NBI Clearance fee and P40 for Other Fees and Charges.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What if I entered an incorrect NBI Clearance Reference Number?

If you accidentally entered an incorrect NBI Clearance reference number, all you have to do is to repeat the entire process. You have to go back from the start where you encode the Reference number, contact number and the amount. Print the payment slip and pay it in the cashier.

This only applies if you haven’t paid the NBI Clearance Payment slip in 7-Eleven Cashier.

If you have paid it already using an incorrect NBI Clearance Reference number, you have to coordinate with the NBI Online and ask them about the payment you’ve made to an incorrect Reference Number. Ask them to fix your problem since you already paid.

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This is the reason why I am asking you to double/triple check what you’re encoding in Cliqq Kiosks, imagine the hassle you will go through if you made a mistake. Also, please note that 7-Eleven Cashier can’t refund your payment instantly. So before you pay it, double/triple check the NBI Clearance reference number in you payment slip!

After payment in 7-Eleven, what’s the next thing to do?

After payment, you need to login to your NBI Clearance Online Account. Go to your “TRANSACTIONS” and check if its already in “PAID” status. Ideally, the Cliqq Kiosks and 7-Eleven processes your payment in real time. That means after several minutes, your NBI Clearance Transaction status from “PENDING” will changed to “PAID”.


But due to the high volume of transaction processed by NBI Clearance online, few NBI Clearance Applicants encounters delay in the update of status. Be patient and wait for it to change. You may leave the NBI Clearance website for a while and open it some other time.

See our recent post about “How to Apply for NBI Clearance Online in 2019” here:

Do I have to keep my 7-Eleven receipt?

Yes, of course! In case the status of your NBI Clearance didn’t changed after one (1) day of waiting, you have the proof that you already paid it.

You may inquire from the 7-Eleven Branch if your payment transaction was processed. Show them your Cliqq Receipt. If they have confirmed it, the next step you need to do is call the NBI Clearance hotline and ask for their assistance.

Please note that the 7-Eleven receipts are not another requirement when applying your NBI Clearance.

What to do if I lost my 7-Eleven NBI Clearance receipt.

If you don’t encounter any issues with your NBI Clearance Transaction on their website, meaning your application status changed from “PENDING” to “PAID”. You are not required to present it during your visit in the NBI Clearance Branch. But just to be sure, just keep it.

If you lost it, then there’s no problem. The payment receipt from 7-Eleven is not a requirement.

Cliqq Kiosk shows “Not Connected”, what does it mean?

It’s worth mentioning that 7-Eleven accepts payment for NBI Clearance Online NEW application and NBI Renewal. Don’t be confused.


Sometimes, you’ll see the Cliqq Kiosk showing a “Not Connected” message on its screen. This means that the kiosk is unavailable and unable to perform any transaction.

What you need to do is find another 7-Eleven Branch that have its own Cliqq Kiosk.

Good news to the Filipino whose applying for their NBI Clearance right? Payments for NBI Clearance application is really more convenient than ever before.

Cliqq Kiosk brings a new level of convenience to all Applicant in applying for NBI Clearance Online. We just hope that the fees and charges that are added to the original price of NBI Clearance (P115) will be decreased. But for now, we’ll stick with it’s price.

We are also hoping that someday, Cliqq Kiosks in 7-Eleven will also accept the Philippine Passport.

NBI Clearance FeesNBI Clearance Fees Payment in 7-Eleven

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