How to get or apply an NBI Clearance in Dubai, UAE


Application of NBI Clearance in Dubai? Is it possible? I’ve been living here in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) for about ten (10) months already and getting an NBI Clearance here didn’t crossed my mind. I just thought that I won’t be needing NBI Clearance anymore since I’m already employed to a great multinational company here in Dubai. They won’t ask me to provide one, right?

But as unforeseeable events transpired, my family in the Philippines request me to provide them a copy of my NBI Clearance. My first question is this:

How can I get NBI Clearance in Dubai?

Since I’m new here in this place, I didn’t know how to secure this government issued document. If I were in the Philippines, I can easily set an appointment with the NBI Clearance Onlinewebsite and have my clearance processed. Or, I can go to the Philippine Consulate and start asking questions there but I’m not comfortable wasting one day if I will get an NBI Clearance the same day or went home empty handed.

So what I did was start combing the internet and Dubai Based OFW forums related to getting an NBI Clearance while in Abroad. Luckily, I happen to land in NBI Clearance website and it mentions that every Filipino based in abroad can also apply for an NBI Clearance.

As noted in the website, NBI Clearance can be obtained in their respective Philippine Consulate or Philippine Embassy in every country. Filipinos working or living abroad can easily get their NBI Clearances without the hassle! All they have to do is visit the nearest Philippine Consulate or Philippine Embassy and have their NBI Clearance processed.

Before I start discussing, I need to inform you that applying for an NBI Clearance while you’re in abroad is not a one day process thing. You’ll know the reasons why when you get to read the entire article.

What are the requirements in getting an NBI Clearance in Dubai?

The requirements for the NBI Clearance when you applied in abroad is almost the same with if you applied in the Philippines. In getting an NBI Clearance, you need the following as an NBI Clearance requirement for your application. These are the following:

  • NBI Form No. 5 and SPA Form
  • A 2” x 2” photograph with white background. The photo should be taken within three (3) months.
  • Original and Photocopy of your Passport and your VISA
  • Payment of 340 AED

For NBI Form No. 5, don’t worry about this, you can simply get this NBI Clearance document in Philippine Consulate. Please note that the NBI Form No. 5 is for free, you don’t have to pay anything. Just ask nicely 🙂

What are the steps in getting an NBI Clearance?

I’ll discuss each steps so it would be clear to all so you’ll not get lost when you also apply for one.

Before we start, I’d like to inform you that you need to go you need to go to the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai. The complete address is Villa No. 234-851, Beirut Street, Al Qusais 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates with telephone numbers +971 4 2207100.

My advice is before going to the Philippine Consulate General, it’s best to call them first if you need an appointment for NBI Clearance  processing.

1. Once you arrived in Philippine Consulate in Dubai, don’t waste any second. Ask where you can get the NBI Clearance Form No. 5 and people will be glad to help you.

2. Fill up the said document completely. Make sure to avoid any erasures. Though they’re not strict, just make sure that you erase your mistakes cleanly. You must use black ball pen when writing on the forms.

The NBI Clearance Form No. 5 requires every applicant to provide their personal information such as your Name, Birthday, Gender, Present Address and other stuffs. Its very easy, it will only take me 15 minutes to finish the entire form.

After finishing up with the application form, don’t put your thumb mark (finger prints) yet! There’s a separate step for that.

3. Now you’re done filling up the application form, it’s time to put the 2×2 photograph of yours in the space provided in NBI Clearance Form No. 5.

4. Now this part is solely for the purpose of the thumb mark portion of the NBI Clearance application form. You need to ask the assistance or endorsement of the consulate general/Police Agency to have your fingerprints impressed (Rolled Impression) on the assigned spaces in the application form. After you’re done impressing your finger prints, you need to make sure that the person who assisted you have signed his/her name and stated his/her official designation on the space provided in NBI Form No. 5.

Again you need to ask where you need to go to have your finger prints on the form. As for my experience, they asked me to go to Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Dubai located just accross Al Mulla Plaza. The said government office of Dubai will handle the finger printing of your NBI Clearance form. Note that there are fees to be paid here for the finger printing. This costs you AED 110.

5. You’re almost done in your journey! The next step is to go back to the Philippine Consulate and pay the necessary fees. You’ll be asked to pay AED 200 for the Special Power of Attorney (SPA) and for NBI clearance.

It’s also advised that you bring two to three photocopies of your Valid Philippine Passport as it is need for your NBI Clearance Application.

6. After your paying all the fees, the Cashier will give you an official receipt. Make sure to keep it. The Official receipt will also tell you the date of release of your NBI Clearance. In my experience, I got my NBI Clearance after seven (7) days. It was delivered to my doorstep.

You have two option, either you send all your papers to the Philippines where your authorized representative will personally process your NBI Clearance in NBI Clearance Main Office ORyou let the Philippine Consulate General Office process it for you.

So there you have it! If you want to know anything about getting NBI Clearance in Dubai or what to know how to apply NBI Clearance Online, just leave me a comment down below!

Thank you and have a great day!

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  • Hello, I already sent the complete documents to my Authorized representative in the Philippines. Now, she has to go to NBI in UN Avenue Manila. Do I need to make an appointment for my representative? If so, Should I make the appointment under my name or my representative?

  • Hello Po, may i ask if ever i already complete my papers and i paid all the payments. May i ask kung ang main office niu po ang magasikaso nbi clearance? No need na ung representative ko po.

  • Hi. Your online renewal is temporarily not available. When will it become available? I have my nbi from October 2018 and is still valid but my application requires latest at least issued within 3 months. I am in Dubai and don’t want to spend a big amount just to have it renewed. The cost here is 200 aed – this is just for SPA which takes about 7 days to collect and an appointment available only after 2 weeks, then need to send it by courier and ask someone to apply it there and finally send this back to me here. That is a long process for just the renewal. Are there any ways I can renew it without spending 200 aed plus more for an nbi clearance that is just 130 pesos? I need only a scan of this to be sent to me. Can I ask my sister to do it for me in the Philippines?

  • Hi. I have done all the process and sent NBI form and SPA to the Philippines. We are from Bicol and we NBI office in Naga City. Is it possible to process the NBI clearance there or it should be just in the MAIN OFFICE in Manila? Thank you in advance for the response.

  • So possible po na ang consulate na ang mag process ng nbi clearance dito sa dubai without asking anyone to process it in the philippines basta ma complete ung required na papers na need nila? ?

    • Hello, may I know if we need to have an online application for the NBI process here in Dubai? And one more thing do I need the original passport to get NBI?

      Thank you

    • Hello, may I know if we need to have an online application for the NBI process here in Dubai? And one more thing do I need the original passport to get NBI?

      Thank you

  • Hi, on the last part ” You have two option, either you send all your papers to the Philippines where your authorized representative will personally process your NBI Clearance in NBI Clearance Main Office ORyou let the Philippine Consulate General Office process it for you.”

    Can you tell me the process and fee if I wanted to ask Phil Consulate to do the complete the processing of the NBI clearance (rather than asking a rep from PH)? Thank you v much.

    • Hi Alyzza, based on my research. Its 340 AED but possible na magbago na ung price ng application fee ng NBI Clearance in Dubai. This includes fingerprinting fee, NBI clearance processing, Special power of attorney, and courier fees

  • Hi Good evening, Is it possible to process the NBI directly in the philippines without going to philippine consulate here in dubai? I currently residing in dubai but i just want to clarify if my cousin can get and process my nbi in the Philippines.

  • I just recently quit my job January 7 2018, if I have a new employer do I need to provide NBI clearance before they can process the visa for me? Because someone told me, since its not more than 6 months past from my last employer I don’t need to provide one. Can you please clarify this for me? Thank you

  • Hi just wanna know if this Nbi clearance is also the \good conduct certificate”which is the new rule here in uae to give work permit for those who seek jobs.”””

  • Hi, I would like to check if the NBI Clearance Application form No. 5 itself that was stamped by the police and where the fingerprints are would be the NBI clearance? Would it be different print out as in the Philippines?

  • Hi
    my fiancé is a Filipino and has worked in Dubai for two (2) years, She recently move back home to the Philippine. I submitted an I-129F for a fiances visa with USCIS and was told by a friend that we need a NBI clearance from Dubai and that she need this document with her when she go for her interview in Manila at US Embassy along with several require documents: Can she apply for a NBI Clearance online from the Philippine? If so, which web-site or steps do she take to apply and receive a NBI Clearance Certificate? your help in this matter is much appreciated! I can be reach my email below. Thank you for your help!

    • Hi! I processed here in Dubai too but they require NBI from the Philippines and police clearance from here. If she’s already in the Philippines then she can get an NBI there. If her friend meant police clearance, they require an active emirates ID in order for her to get one here.

  • Hi. I’ve also applied for nbi clearance here in abu Dhabi but they didn’t gave me a copy of spa. Kung nagbayad po kayo para sa spa edi kayo din po ba yubg nagsend ng documents sa pinas?

    • Hello. What is the Special Power of attorney for?
      Same question din po aq. What if ako na mismo magsend sa representative q sa pinas? Can i ditch the step na bumalik after fingerprinting? Punta nlng aq LBC???


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