Do I Really Need To Print My NBI Clearance Online Application Form?


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We have heard several people applying for NBI Clearance Online asking the same questions over and over again. To give you a proof, scroll down to the comment section and try to read at least two pages of comments and you’ll see that we’re not lying. So to address the asking public, we are writing this post just to answer their one specific question.

Do I need to print my NBI Clearance Online Application Form?

Well, the short and straight to the point answer is NO, you don’t have to print your NBI Clearance Online application when you apply for your NBI Clearance. Printing of the application form is optional. Though it’s not explicitly stated in the website but if you think logically and use a little bit of your common sense, you’ll end up with the same reasons just like ours.

But Why?

If you’re dying to know or read the reasons behind why, then get ready to hear our reasons. Please note that this is based on the several people who have experienced and confirmed that the NBI Clearance Application Form is not needed anymore when you go to the NBI Clearance Branches.

First reason why you don’t need to print the NBI Clearance Online Application Form is because the application form that you filled up in the website of NBI Clearance is saved in the database of the same website where the personnel  from the branch can easily access your information using your Reference Number.

The next reason is it was also confirmed by the NBI Clearance Personnel from different branches that printing of the application form is not really necessary as they have the same digital copy of it on their database.

You can also call their hotline and ask the same question and the person on the other line will tell you the same thing.

Another reason why printing of NBI Clearance Application form is not necessary is when you bring a hard copy of you’re NBI Clearance and gave it to the person who will assist you with your clearance, He/She will just ignore all the other information except the Reference Number. What he/she will do is just enter the reference number on their computer and voila! Your info will show up in front of his screen. Easy peasy right?

Do you imagine that the NBI Clearance Online Personnel will copy and type all your personal information from the application form? Of course not! That’s the beauty of the implementation of online application.

But I Really Want To Print my NBI Clearance Application Form. What Should I Do?

If you really insist on printing your Application form then all you need to do is to open your NBI Clearance Online account and head down to the TRANSACTIONS page.

The page will display all the Paid and Pending transactions you have. In the third column named “ACTIONS”, you’ll see a DETAILS button. Obviously, you have to click it to show the Application Form.

A small pop up window will show up displaying the Reference Number of your Paid transaction. At the bottom of that window, click the PRINT APPLICATION FORM button.

Another tab from your browser will open and will load your application form. That’s the time you can print or save your application form.

IMPORTANT NOTE! This process of printing the NBI Clearance is only available/applicable IF you already paid your NBI Clearance.

I Can’t Find the Details Button, What Now?!

Don’t panic.

First thing to do is ask yourself if you already paid your NBI Clearance in any of the payment option listed in the website. If Yes, then it’s time to panic (joke!).

If you already paid for your transaction, check the status of your transaction if its still pending after your payment.

You need to wait for an hour or two for your status to be updated so be patient. The details button are only available if you already paid your application.

If the status of your application is PAID already and still no details button is available. Then there’s one trick I can teach you. Sometimes, the screen resolution of your computer is quite low that it can’t display the entire page of the website. Hence, the page is cut off where the Details buttons is located. This is usually encountered if you have an old computer.

A simple remedy is to just zoom in your screen. NBI Clearance Online website don’t easily adopt to small resolution screens. Hence the issue will be encountered when the user have low resolution computer screen. To address the missing details button, adjust your screen by zooming it.

What should I bring if I don’t have my Application form

Since we advised you to not to print your application form, all you need to bring are the following:

  • Payment Receipt – if you paid your NBI Clearance in 7-Eleven, you can bring your it as a proof of your payment
  • Your NBI Clearance Online Reference Number
  • Bring at least two valid IDs such as your Philippine Passport. If you don’t have a Philippine Passport, you can choose other valid IDs accepted in NBI Clearance application as an alternative.

About the author

NBI Clearance Admin

NBI Clearance Online Admin is the main author of this website. The author solely discusses/writes everything about NBI Clearance Online Application process. If you have any questions, you may leave a comment in the comment section down below.


  • I lost the receipt. How can I claim my NBI Clearance? Do I only need to present my Reference Code to the printing area?

  • Mam ang problema ko po sa appointment ko po sa UN avenue po pero umuwe po ako sa quezon province. Pwede po ba na sa quezon nbi branch na po ako kumuha nbi.nakapagbayad na po ako

  • Mam ask ko lang po nakapagbyad na po ako. Pero ang problema ko po sa appointment ko po sa UN avenue po pero umuwe po ako sa quezon province. Pwede po ba na sa quezon nbi branch na po ako kumuha nbi.

  • gud day..if cebuana po mgbbyad ng nbi clearance fee do i ned to print out the reference no.(pending status)? kc po knina ngpa dala ako pyment sa asawa ko..pinecturan ko nlng kc pra mas madali,d dw pwde ned print.

    • No need, NBI Clearance Reference number lang po ang dapat nyong dalhin. Kahit isulat nyo lang po sa kapirasong papel pwede po yun. Kung ayaw po tanggapin sa Cebuana, mali po sila. Hindi po kailangan ng print out. Lumipat nalang po kayo ng ibang payment center like 7 Eleven.

  • Hi po, Nag pa appoint po ako ng renewal sa june 6. tapos nakalimutan ko sang branch yun huhu nakapay na po ako. pano ko po malalaman? wala po sa details e. 🙁

  • Hi, I was curious to see what the printed application would look like so I printed one in color and one in black/white. All this did was waste a lot of ink. You could not read anything on both copies. The color copy comes out with all red in the background with black lettering which you can’t really see. The black/white copy came out with a black background and you couldn’t see the lettering. The copies were saturated with so much ink that there were actually soggy (very soft). So I won’t be bringing a copy of my application, but it doesn’t matter as it isn’t really needed, but beware this is the Philippines and anything can happen.

    • talaga? bakit ganon po ung kinalabasan ng print out mo? hindi kaya ung printer mo ang may problem dahil maayos naman ung print out nung akin.


      • I printed my application from the website which is not the same as the form you showed. The NBI website is not setup to print the application correctly. I tried again to print when the application is open and in black and white but the background is like a dark gray, but you can see the lettering just enough to read it.

        • Sabi mo po, “I printed my application from the website which is not the same as the form you showed.”

          Bakit po hindi tayo pareho. Yan po dapat ang inyong mapiprint, wala ng iba.

          did you do this:

          – Logged in to your NBI Clearance Account
          – Go to TRANSACTIONS menu
          – Click the DETAILS button
          – Click the “PRINT APPLICATION FORM” button (a new window will open)
          – Click the PRINT icon (this will open a small dialog box)
          – Click the PRINT button and the printer will actually print it.

          IF you didn’t do this, you’re doing it wrong. It’s best na maipakita mo po ang picture ng inyong print out. you can upload it in facebook then send the url link of the image.

  • Pano po mag nag bayad na, and namiss yung appointment? Mag eexpire po ba ang bayad nun? And need ulit mag pa appointment? And tumatanggap po ba sila ng walk in? Thanks

  • You’re my hero!! Thanks for the very detailed explanation on how I can print my form. I was actually panicking before I read this.

  • hi. naka sched po ako sa may capitol pampanga peo as of now nasa may robinsosn starmills ako and pwede naman mag secure ng nbi clearance dito. pwede ko kaya siyang kunin dito or dapat sa capitol lang talga?

  • Hi,i was just wondering if pwede ko dalhin at ipakita ang old NBI clearance ko on the day of my appointment. Though I already applied and paid for “new” application online. Akala ko kasi nawala na tong luma kong nbi clearance kaya na declare ko dun sa online application ko na “new” application. I was just wondering if it could make my transaction faster. On my last apply kasi for clearance e may hit ako. Bka sakaling pag pinakita ko luma ko nbi clearance e mkuha ko right away yung clearance

    • Hindi mo na po mapapabago ang application mo from NEW to RENEWAL. Possible na ma hit ka po ulit but who knows baka hindi na.

  • Bakit hanggang ngaun wala pa din ung nbi na renewal ko jan 31 po ngaun taon nung magbayad aq sa bayad center at nkalagay nmn sa transaction status na paid na. Pero almost half a month na wala pang delivery sa bahay

    • Ano po ba ang inavail nyong service? NBI CLEARANCE QUICK RENEWAL or NBI Clearance Online appointment? Kasi magkaiba yun, yung quick renewal ang dinideliver sa home address while yung onlinr appointment naman po ay personal po kayong pupunta sa NBI Clearance Branch.

  • Can i directly apply also for authentication and blue ribbon of my nbi via online caz im here abroad..thank you

    • No need na po iprint ang NBI Clearance Application form. All you need to do is bring your NBI Clearance Reference number at ipakita ito sa NBI Personnel. Maari mo pong picturan nalang ang application form or isulat nalang sa isang papel.

  • Pano pag may nbi na ako pero naka address sa rizal then kukuha sana ako ng copy ulit pero naka address na sa qc . If ever pano po ba yun ?
    Thank you

    • Kung nawala po ang receipt ng payment of your NBI Clearance Online Fee, you need to check the status of your NBI Clearance transaction kung nag bago na from pending to PAID. Pero most likely “PAID” na po ang status nyan. im asking you to do this is just to make sure na paid na ang status. Then kung paid na nga ang status, then wala ka ng dapat gawin pang iba. all you have to do is go to your NBI Clearance Branch sa date of schedule na napili mo and process your NBI Clearance.

  • hi. ask ko lang if after ko magbayad ng fee, once na nasa akin na receipt, punta nalang po ba ako agad sa nearest nbi po? thank you.

  • Hi,
    I would like to ask if I can chage the details on my form sa mismong nbi center. Nalito ako sa surname na need i fill-up at nabayaran ko n online yung clearance. Thanks

  • 4 days n ngayon pero still pending p rin ung payments ko.. bkt ang tagal na process ng payments kapag s bayad center ka mgbayad??

    • As long as nasa iyo ang resibo ng payment of your NBI Clearance, ok na po yan. pwede mo na pong iignore yung “pending” status sa nbi clearance online website and magproceed ka nalang sa araw na sinet mo para sa iyong nbi clearance appointment.

  • If your “hit” then you apply in the Main Office of NBI is there a need to wait for 8 working days for the verification or at the same day you can get your new NBI clearance?

  • Anu po kukunin ko pag na expired na yung nbi clearance ko? nawala na ang lumang nbi clearance ko. anung id kukunin ko? meron akong tin # tska company id and birth certificate. Okay na po ba yun?

  • Anu po kukunin ko pag na expired na yung nbi clearance ko? at anung id kukunin ko? meron akong tin # tska company id and birth certificate. Okay na po ba yun?

    • Hi,
      I would like to ask if I can chage the details on my form sa mismong nbi center. Nalito ako sa surname na need i fill-up at nabayaran ko n online yung clearance. Thanks

      • Yes po, just tell the NBI clearance personnel about it and they will change it for you. Just make sure na may maipapakita kang valid ids to show na mali talaga.

    • use your Student ID and dont forget your Student registration form issued by your school. tatanggapin yan sa iyong nbi clearance online application.

  • dami ek ek ngaun…dati nman ang dali mag register online….ngaun nakailang balik na ko paulit ulit awa ng diyos d prin ako nakaka fill up ng form…pistilan….dami click this click that etc…

  • I would just like to ask, why is it that my previous NBI clearance cannot be detected even if it was only last 2015 that I applied for it? The ID number is:M522ADPO09-ML115178. I just applied for a new clearance instead. Is that ok?

    • Kung nasayo pa din po ang iyong NBI Clearancce Reference number, baka po pwede pa din maclaim yun. explain nyo nalang ung nangyari.

      • Ma’am ask lang po sana what if naiwala ung receipt ? sa bayadcenter po ako ngbyad kso nawala po ung receipt pde parin po ba pumunta sa schedule date ?

        • As long as nabayaran mo na ito, pwede na po iyan. Dalhin mo lang po ang iyong NBI Clearance Reference Number.


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