NBI Renewal Online — How to Renew your NBI Clearance Without Being Hassled!

March 11, 2022 3:35 am

NBI Renewal Online — In today’s era, with the internet connection at our fingertips, we can just go online and do the things we once had to physically do before. The process of applying for an NBI Clearance is no different. You don’t need to leave your house just to renew NBI Clearance as you can do it yourself at the comforts of your home.

NBI has made it easier for the applicants who wants to renew their NBI Clearances by providing the NBI Renewal Online portal. The option to renew your NBI online was implemented few years ago and since then, many have taken part in this convenience. In fact, there are (around) hundreds of thousands of applicants who have chosen to sign up for an NBI Renewal Online service just last year.

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The process of NBI Renewal Online isn’t complicated in any way. All you have to do is to follow the instructions given in this tutorial and you’ll be done!

Step by Step Tutorial for NBI Renewal Online

    NBI Renewal Online Table of Contents

  1. NBI Renewal Online Website
  2. Renewal Online Application Form
  3. Verification Process
  4. Payment of NBI Clearance Fee
  5. Payment of NBI Clearance Fee in GCash
  6. NBI Clearance Door To Door Delivery Service
  7. Payment of NBI Renewal Online Delivery Fee
  8. Send Email to NBI and Courier

NBI Renewal Online Website

Go to the official website of NBI Renewal Online by typing in to your browser’s address bar, clearance.nbi.gov.ph and press enter.

You’ll arrive at this page where any applicant of NBI Clearance can apply.

NBI Renewal Online Process

To start our NBI Renewal Online process, we need to locate this section (image shown below) that mentions the NBI Clearance Online Renewal.

Find the button that says “CLICK HERE” to proceed with the process.

NBI Renewal Online Application Form

Click the button and it will open the NBI Renewal Online Application Form, fill it out accordingly.

The form will asks us to provide the following details before allowing us to submit our renewal application

The Fill out the NBI Renewal Online Form including your Old NBI ID Number.

Your NBI ID Number can be easily be found in your printed NBI Clearance.

Verification Process

The next steps would be the verification option. You can choose which one you prefer:

  • Mother’s Information
  • Mobile Number used during registration
  • email address used during registration

Pick a verification option that you are comfortable with.

The easiest method is the Mother’s Information where you are required to fill out your mother’s maiden name and her birth place.

Press the “Verify” button to continue.

Payment of NBI Clearance Fee

Right after the verification, you will be directed to the Payment Options page.

Choose from the several 3rd Party service provider which is the most convenient to you. We always recommend GCash because of the hassle free experience we had when we used it previous on our NBI Clearance renewal.

To select GCash, just press the logo!

The website will now start to process your payment, but before it do that, it will show a straight forward summary on what will happen when you click the Proceed to Payment.

The message simple, it simply says:

  • A reference number will be generated.
  • Use your GCash App when paying for your NBI Clearance Fee
  • Pay using the issued reference number.

When you are ready, press the “Proceed to Payment” button.

A pop out window will be displayed. It shows you the generated NBI Renewal Online Reference Number. Take note of this. I recommend you take a screenshot or write it in a piece of paper because you will use it during payment.

In this tutorial, we will use the door-to-door delivery service and totally ignore the pick-up option. We prefer to use the delivery service because of the convenience it brings to the applicants.

Before proceeding, I want you to pause for a moment and leave your desktop/laptop for a while and switch to your mobile phones where your GCASH app is installed.

Make sure to not close the NBI Clearance window (image above), you will return to that same page later on.

Payment of NBI Clearance Fee in GCash

Let’s make this quick! Open your GCash Application and log in to your account.

Right after logging in, go to “Pay Bills” section.

Using the Search functionality, search for “NBI” in the Billers. The logo of NBI will show up, select by pressing it.

Now let’s pay that NBI Clearance Fee. Enter all the required information. Remember the generated NBI Clearance Reference Number? Yes, you will now use it. Type it in the space provided along with your Contact Number and the Amount (P155.00).

Press the “Next” text link at the upper right side of your screen. Double check all the information to make sure all are correct before submitting.

Make sure to save the GCash Payment Receipt for your NBI Clearance Fee. You will need this in the future.

You are done with your mobile phone / GCash App, we will now return to the website where we are going to process the Door to door delivery of our NBI Clearance.

NBI Clearance Door To Door Delivery Service

In the same page before we moved to our mobile phones (see image below), select the button “DOOR-TO-DOOR DELIVERY” and press the “Proceed” button.

A small window will pop out again. Read the contents of that window. If you are done, press the “I Agree” button to proceed.

You are now directed to the official page of DeliveryBox PH. It is the official third party service provider who handles the door to door delivery service of your NBI Clearance.

Just press the button to proceed. DeliveryBox PH will inform you of the corresponding Delivery Fees.

The NBI Clearance Delivery Fees are as follows:

  • Within NCR – P200.00
  • Outside NCR P350.00

Press the “Proceed” button.

To book the Delivery Fee of your NBI Clearance, you have to fill out the form provided.

Enter the Complete name of the Receiver of you NBI Clearance, Mobile Number and the correct address.

You are also required to “pin” your delivery location. Just use the search box and type in the place or the nearest landmark to your delivery address.

Press the “Proceed” button to move to the payment of your delivery service transaction.

Payment of NBI Renewal Online Delivery Fee

Again, you will be presented with several payment methods. To use GCash to pay your NBI Clearance Delivery Fee, just press the “eWallets” logo and select GCASH.

Note: Make sure that your GCash account have enough cash balance.

It will redirect your browser to the GCash payments portal. Enter your GCash Mobile number in the space provided.

Now, GCash will send an OTP in your registered mobile number. Enter it correctly.

After entering the OTP, GCash will automatically deduct the delivery fee to your GCash Balance.

You will receive a confirmation text informing you of the payment you’ve just made.

Send Email to NBI and Courier

The next step is to send an email to releasing@nbi.gov.ph and support@deliverybox.ph.

Copy and paste the text below and type your name.

AUTHORIZATION AND CONSENT/WAIVER I am authorizing courier DeliveryBox.ph to claim and receive my NBI Clearance Certificate, UNSEALED, in my behalf; I hereby give my consent to the NBI to release my UNSEALED Clearance Certificate to my designated Courier; and Lastly, I hereby release the NBI, its employees, contractors, and processors, from any liability under R.A. 10173, or the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

COMPLETE NAME: JUAN DELA CRUZ (sample only, write your complete name here)

NBI REFERENCE NUMBER: MPAB12345678 (sample only, write your correct NBI Reference Number here.)

At the bottom of your email, attach the screenshots of your GCash Payment for your NBI Clearance Application and Delivery Fee.

NBI Renewal Online Conclusion

There are a plenty of advantages that you can get from doing your NBI renewal online such as: the most convenient and hassle free method, save time, save money and you get to be at ease while doing it. Things have changed; times have turned better. You don’t need to worry about going to the NBI Branches to do your NBI Renewal. Everything is made possible by NBI Renewal Online!

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  • Nelia T. Bautista says:

    Good Day!

    About the NBI renewal, I suggest sana ay i send forward na lang din yun renewed NBI clearance sa bawat district office branch ng NBI mas madali i pick up, mas more hassle-free kase mas safe yun privacy data ng applicants no need to sign for a waiver. Very risky yun may third party na mag claim ng documents mo then unsealed pa. Yun delivery charged expensive dito lang ako sa Angono, Rizal. Paano yun wala trabaho? katulad ko, wala pambayad sa delivery service uutang na naman sa pa 5/6 additional expenses na naman. Sana magawan ng paraan na mas mapagaan yun systema at unahin nyo isipin palagi yun mga mahihirap na walang trabaho pambayad sa mga service charges. Salamat.

  • Bianca says:

    I already paid 155 thru gcash. And I was not directed to courier page.I wasted my 155 for nothing. Please improve your process.

    • MB says:

      Hi Bianca, There is a new page/ pop up for the next screen for the DELIVERY BOX service. Hence from that page, you will need to pay for the delivery fee. Make sure that your pop up page are enabled. Hope this helps

  • Maritess Galingan says:

    Why is it that the ONLY option for select branch us NBI UN MANILA,, i did not continue the process as i am here in Baguio, and i am aware that there is an NBI Baguio,,

  • Sean Isaac Avila says:

    I’ve already paid for the renewal fee which was 155 pesos in gcash and yet I was not redirected to the courier page. Instead my page was refreshed and I was returned to the start if the renewal process. I filled out the form again in hopes that it would recognize my first attempt and yet I was given a new reference number for payment. I guess my payment went to waste now. Please improve this process.

    • MB says:

      Hi Sean, make sure your pop up is enabled. Once done, new page/ screen will show for the official page of DeliveryBox PH. I just did mine and it all went through smoothly. Hope this helps.

  • Olivet says:

    I’ve been trying to renew online but it doesn’t proceed when I click in verify. I’ve double checked the old nbi ID and it’s correct.

  • Julius Dela Cruz Espino Jr says:

    How to renew NBI clearance?

  • Tosca camille corpuz says:

    Bkt po wla pa ung nbi clearance qo po tondo manila lang po ako lagpas 7 days n po tnung qo lang po slmat po

  • jeffrey conay rojo says:

    good day,, sa pag renewal po ng nbi clearance gamit ang old nbi nom.kahit wala na po bang schedule kung kailan m pick upin ang nbi clearance?


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