How to save your NBI Clearance Online Application Form in your USB or Local Drive


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I’m sure you’ve faced the same problem like the others who don’t have their own printers at home. I guess you also found the solution that you can print it in the nearest computer shop but you can’t figure out how to save your NBI Clearance Online Application form in your USB or Local Drive.

Actually, it’s not that hard. You can easily save your NBI Clearance Online Application in a few simple steps. I have added some screen shots for you to follow.

Let the tutorials begin!

1.The first step would be to open your NBI Clearance Online Application Form that can be found in the official website of how to open again the NBI Clearance Application Form by clicking this link.

2.Once the NBI Clearance Online Application Form is displayed, please click the Print Button found in your screen.

If you are using Chrome Browser

If you are using Google Chrome (which is the most popular browser used) as your internet browser, the same image below will appear on your screen.

Can you see the CHANGE button?  If not, you can check out the image above. Click the CHANGE button to display the list of destinations. After you see the list of Destination, under LOCAL DESTINATION select the “SAVE AS PDF“. Usually, the destination is in your local drive or My Documents. But this time, you can directly save it in your USB Drive.

Make sure the Layout is PORTRAIT, the Margins are in DEFAULT and the HEADERS and FOOTERS are selected. After making sure of those items are selected, click the SAVE button above.

The SAVE AS pop up window will open. You have now the freedom to save your NBI Clearance Online Application Form in your USB Drive. Select anywhere you prefer, either local Drive C or your USB. It’s your call actually.

We’re also done with the tutorial on how to save your NBI Clearance Online Application Form using Google Chrome Browser. But what if you’re using Firefox as internet browser? So let’s proceed to the Mozilla Firefox then.

If you are using Firefox

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, assuming you’re already seeing your NBI Clearance Online Application Form in your screen, please click the PRINT button again and the PRINT pop up window will appear.

In the  “PRINTER NAME“, click the drop down button to display all the available Printers. In your case, you don’t have one. What will you select is the MICROSOFT XPS DOCUMENT WRITER(you may see the image below for reference). You don’t have to know what is the Microsoft XPS Document Writer, just select it for your own sake.

Click OK and it will open the Save Print Output As window. At the bottom of that window, please make sure that the Save as Type you select is XPS DOCUMENT (*.xps). Input your preferred File name and then Save it in your local drive or USB.

And that’s how you Save your NBI Clearance Online Application Form using Firefox. Pretty easy huh? We still need to complete the last portion of this tutorial. This time, it’s Internet Explorer!

If you are using Internet Explorer

Assuming you’re already seeing your NBI Clearance Online Application Form in your screen, please click the PRINT button and the PRINT pop up window will appear (see image below).

Make sure to select the MICROSOFT XPS DOCUMENT WRITERClick the Print button to display the Save Output As window, make sure that the Save as Type you select is XPS DOCUMENT(*.xps). Input your preferred File name and Save it in your local drive or USB.

That’s it for Internet Explorer. We’re done! But before we go..

Last Words

It doesn’t matter if your NBI Clearance Online Application Form is printed in Short (Letter) or Long (Legal) size of paper. The most important part of your NBI Clearance Application Online Form is the QR code and the registration number (NBI Online Registration). The QR code will be scanned by the NBI Clearance Personnel and all what you’ve written during your registration will appear in the computer of NBI Clearance Personnel.

Note: We are made aware that printing the NBI Clearance application form is not required to be printed when paying your NBI Clearance application in 7-Eleven. All you need to have is your reference number and your good to go.

I hope you got what you’re looking for, until next time and have a great day!

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NBI Clearance Online Admin is the main author of this website. The author solely discusses/writes everything about NBI Clearance Online Application process. If you have any questions, you may leave a comment in the comment section down below.


  • Sa Dumaguete ako Mg apply ng NBI clearance, need ko pa ba application form online ? Or pwede walk in at my forms to fill out doon? Response please

    • 2 Valid IDs po ang requirement sa NBI Clearance. Pwede po yung luma mong NBI Clearance pero need mo pa din magpresent ng isa pa.

    • Sorry pero ang way lang para malaman mo ang iyong NBI CLEARANCE Number ay sa mismong NBI CLEARANCE mo. Wala na pong ibang way.

  • Sa totoo lang mas pinahirapan nyo pa mga tao kailangan pa talagang iprint ngayon? Kesa nuon mas madali yung process basta mag fill up ka lang ng form through online tapos pagkabigay ng code magbayad nalang ex. bayad center ngayon need pa iprint wtf?! hays!

  • Parang ewan naman tong ginagawa nyo ehh mas ok pa yung dati mas pinahirapan nyo pa tao kailangan pa ng ganyan ganyan hays. May gayan pang kailangan pa print print pa nagagastusan lang mga tao!

  • Why is it that i cant access my nbi registered account? It always says “Invalid email or password”. To think that I had my password saved by the system when I was going thru the registration process..↵↵Altho I knew that my registered email and password are both ok, although cant be opened, I tried pressing the “forgot password” button, pero sabi naman, “webpage not available”..↵↵WHAT TO DO NOW?

    • same here… wala yung apply for clearance para makapagbayad, tsk! paulit ulit na to! nakakainis na! di tuloy ako makapag umpisa sa work ko

  • Bakit po ayaw mag save information?↵Na fill-up an ko na lahat ng required info pero pag sinisave ko na sabi i need fill-up required information.↵paanu po yun?

  • Ano lng po b ang kailangan pg punta ng nbi center,pag nkapagonline registration na at nkbyad nadin po.txtbk po.asap.salamat

  • Dear Sir, could you send my NBI record clearance tru my email address indicated above kasi i already paid tru online application.this clearance is paid reference code is NB8FP8PWN7.I registered already last AUG.25,2015. Thank you and more power. P.S. (Di ko sure sir if my NBIQR code is V422A08SCO261A22R92 or 18043433. Pls. Just send it tru my email address.its URGENT PO.

  • Iba na yung system ng nbi di na katulad ng procedures nyo. Look eto ung application form ngaun eto link no more “print” sa form. Do ineed to print the form? tss..

  • ask ko lng po, nag register ako twice kasi ung una may mali ako then i registered again.. di kaya ako magkakaproblema kung dalawang beses ako nag register?

  • I filled up an online application twice and got a hit when i went to nbi main office tp get my clearance. Could it be the reason why i git a hit? Ive been getting nbi clearance under the same name since I was 18 yrs old and im 30 now and this is the first time i got a hit.

  • i tried to apply po for nbi clearance using my phone pero wala po akong nakuhang code. can i use my phone po ba?

  • >the best way picturan nio ung reference number na nakukuha nio after transaction sa online.↵↵>sa nbi mismo pwede kau magbayad ang importante ay ung inyong reference number, khit napili nio sa option na sa bank or bayad centers kau magbabayad pero di nman kau nkapagbayad still pwede kau sa nbi magbayad as long n may reference number kau.↵↵>Kung bayad na kau ang pangunahin niong dalhin ay ang resibo, nakapaloob nman dun ang reference number ng binayaran nio.↵↵>khit may appointment sched na kau pwede pa rin kau pumunta sa nbi ng ibang araw until ng validity period ng transaction nio.↵↵>if ever na hindi nio maprint ang form pwede naman itong iprint sa mismong nbi cla n ang bahalang magbigay sa inyo ng kopya, ang importante ay alam nio ang reference number ng ginawa nio online.

    • tnx for ur nice info….yan nlng din po ggwin ko later,wala po kc print button e,im just only using an android phone!THANKS

    • Confusing lang yung Q Code na sinasabi sa instructions kc when you apply online wla nmn bnbgay na Qcode aside from reference number, whic is gnagamit pag bayad. Pwede ba yun ipresent reference number sa NBI? Thanks

    • Oh my God pwede naman pala sila mag print. Pinahirapan pa talaga ako because im having a hard time to print it. Thank you for the info Mr.Herradura

  • hindi ko poh na sve yung application o poh nd ko rin poh nkuha yung code pwede o po malaman yung code ko poh tnx

  • Is it possible to edit your application if you have already saved your application? Or if not, can you apply twice without causing a ‘hit’ on your name?

      • bakit ganun, wla namang input box para makapag-input ka ng regcode para maiprint ung application form…↵kailangan ba tlga magprint o ibibigay mo na lang ung regcode sa nbi?↵sa unang registration ko, lumabas ung QR/registration code ko pero nung magpiprint na ko, walang input box para maretrieve ko yung 1st application ko kaya nagregister uli ako…↵sa 2nd registration ko, iba na uli ang luabas, may payment options and appointment date (both di ko ito na-experience sa 1st registration) and wala ring option na maprint ko yung application form. ↵Kailangan ba tlga ng hard copy o bigay na lang yung regcode?↵di ba magiging problema kung naging 2 ang registration ko? bka kasi magkaron ako ng ka-hit dhil 2x ako nagregister…↵please help po… thanks!


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