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NBI Clearance Application Form

September 10, 2018 10:07 am

Please note that the NBI Clearance Application shown below is not used anymore. NBI Clearance already shift its sails to online processing and the manual printed out application form that the applicants used to fill up with their details are no longer used.

If you want to get application form for your NBI Clearance, you won’t find any. All you need to do now is go to the official NBI Clearance Online website where you start your application. For the sake of this tutorial, I will be giving you an overview what to do on applying an NBI Clearance Online.

  • The first step in applying an NBI Clearance Online is to register an account with NBI Clearance website. Go get your email address and register it!
  • Enter all the required personal information in the personal information section.
  • Pick your preferred NBI Clearance Branch, schedule an appointment.
  • Pay your NBI Clearance Application in 7-Eleven.
  • Go to the NBI Clearance Branch you selected on your appointment date to process your application.
  • Proceed to the window where they get your Photo and Biometrics.
  • Proceed to Releasing Section to get your NBI Clearance.

It’s quick and easy right? But that’s only an overview of a long process. If you want to know the complete and detailed tutorial about the NBI Clearance application online, here’s the link.

NBI Clearance Application Form

An NBI Clearance Application form is an essential part of the NBI Clearance Application. Every day, there are thousands of applicants lining up to get their NBI Clearance.


The NBI Clearance Application form document is the very first step you need to finish before moving to the other processes such as data check/verification, payment, image capture and so on.

Filling out the NBI Clearance application form deserves your full attention, whether it’s completed on site or online. Many of our fellowmen gets rejected or delayed because of simple mistakes.

To familiarize the applicants with the NBI Clearance Application form, we decided to post the actual image of the Application form that every applicant should accomplish. This guide gives you information to help you fill out your NBI clearance application form correctly.


You don’t have to download the NBI Clearance Application Form (2016), as I’ve mentioned, you can get a copy of this application form in every NBI Clearance Outlets.

NBI Clearance Application Form

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  • won mei says:

    for HEIGHT AND WEIGHT↵just put the #. do not put/type CM or KG↵example↵↵WEIGHT = 55↵HEIGHT = 157.4

  • arthur de belen says:

    it is easy and faster to get a NBI clearance.

  • maria says:

    ask ko lng po kc ngfilled up n po ako ng form online n submit ko na po nkuha ko na din regcode pro hnd ko po alam kong san magbabayad at kelan ako pwedeng pumunta sa nbi outlet at hnd ko din po alm kong san pong outlet ako pwedeng pumunta…pwede po kea sa robinson novaliches?

  • cherimie cacha gumandel says:

    pano po mgfill ap…?

  • romanjalandoni says:

    pa no po ba mka pag online nbi from

  • joy says:

    Ng online appliction po ako i have already the reg. Code ok lang po b if i just present the code to the nbi office even i dont have the print out of the appliction..hindi ko kc sya ma print..plz reply i need t nbi clearance asap.

    • RAED says:

      Yes, registration code is enough.

  • AIRA says:

    pls . reply naman me asap ..

  • AIRA says:

    bakit ganun ? pag ngtype ako ng letter” ñ” sa last name ko , (resueño) ay hndi ako makag pa print appication . pero nung sinubukan ko i type ang letter “n” sa last name ko (resueno) ay pwede . nagkaron ng nbi form .. anu ggawin ko ?? e resueño talaga last name ko ngunit hndi ako makakuha ng nbi form ..

  • wilbert sabitsana says:

    hindi ko po makuha yung sa height at weight po. 5.6 mpo ako sa height at 6.3 naman po ako weight

    • wilbert says:

      hindi ko po makuha yung sa height at weight po. 5.6 mpo ako sa height at 6.3 naman po ako weight

  • wilbert sabitsana says:

    bat ayaw po syang mag correct sa height and weight ??

  • Hylene says:

    mother’s name, surname ba ang mother noong dalaga ba siya o surname nya ng nakapag-asawa na

  • arvin says:

    hindi ko makuha yung sa height and weight 5’7 ako then sa weight mga nasa 50kg pano ba to?

  • roben pantas says:

    paano mag mag fill up ng form???

  • Roannie says:

    Paano po mag fill up ng form

  • Christopher Celso says:

    i just need a Application form now sir/madame pls.. tnx and good day!

  • Christopher Celso says:

    pano mag download ng NBI clearance application form?

  • Anna Romina Collado says:

    I was able to fill up the application form online but wasn’t able to print it. Can I still retrieve the form and print it.

  • ryan lapaz says:

    dapat kahit saturday at sunday bukas para makuha kami..sunday kasi ang off namin.. kylanan pa mag-absent para kumuha..

  • lea jean saligan guiwanon says:

    hassle for me to go to the office kasi maaksaya masyado sa pamasahe kaya nag online nlng ako

    • RAED says:

      I believe you will still have to visit the nearest NBI office for payment, picture taking, biometrics, name sake and releasing of the clearance.↵↵If I’m not mistaken the online application is only to save your time manually filling up in the office.

  • camille yanggat says:

    Hi! ↵How can I download the application form? And if ever I apply online how many days it will process?because Im living at canada…↵ Your reply is so much appreciated! Thanks and God bless!

  • jessica says:

    Good after po. tanong ko lang po pwede po ba kahit yung registration code nalang kc hindi ko po ma print yung registration form. tsaka need ko po sya kukuha ako ng passport yung nelagay ko po dun e other requirements ok lang po ba yun? wait ko po reply nyu salamat

  • Junalyn says:

    good day sir/madam!!kindly send me a copy of NBI Clearance application form…↵Thank you and godbless you…

  • Genielyn A.Badinas says:

    san po mha2nap ang form sa online application ng n.b.i?



  • Alma V. Bautista says:

    i cant apply online on nbi.keep on saying “husbands surname field is required” although i already put my husbands full name in the field.

  • Phil Justin Marcaida says:

    Hey NBI.. how will we able to print the forms with just signed up online we have registration codes kept here. What is the website that we can go back immediately to the exact website of our signed up form info so that we can print it Immediately hassle free..!!!!! Because Moron people connected to your Agency take advantage this strategy as their way of living . By printing the page can cost P30 !!!!!!…No joke P30 pesos .. Its an online registration not form of a paper.. so which means is AUTOMATED!! Understand??!!

  • Jeremy says:

    Question: ng aplikante / nbi employees ang ibig sabhin ng “Online Aplication”?↵↵Ksi yng mga gate guards ayaw papasukin mga aplikante na wlang paper form. Ksi ang dala lng ng aplikante ay ang registration code number.↵↵Ok lang yng NBI Emplyees may sideline ng paper form. Pero hwag nmam bawalan pumasok mga aplikante na wla paper form pero mron legitimate registration code. ↵↵E nag online aplikation pa nbi kng ganuon na nghahanap pa ng paper form. Pagdating nman sa loob wla nman pnag gamitan importante ang paper form. Ang talagang gnmit na importante ay yng registration code.↵↵Bka ksi malugi nbi emplyees ang negosyo nila na paper form at typing na P20 ang halaga. Pero sinisingil kagad ng P20. Hnd nila sinsabi na ang form ay P5 at typing ay P15.↵↵Lagi na lang Nahuhuli Dap ang citizens.↵↵NBI-To serve, To Protect, To HuliDap the citizens.

    • Shawee says:

      Saan po yan.. share mo po para malaman po ng ibang tao n mkkbasa..

      • Jeremy says:

        NBI Cavite Office, Tagaytay. NBI Employees are monopolizing the entrance procedure. If they have a sideline its one thing. But to prevent entree of aplikants inside the compound sobthat their sidelinenwill reek in plenty of money is notbgood. Ibthink they intentionally did not installna printer so that applikants will pay for online typing and paper form.↵↵Aplikantsnwith legitimate regbcode have the right to enter the.compound.bwhy did they start onlinenaplikation if theybstill need the paper form? Wow . This country is cprrupt inball levvels of government office.

  • dhorothy says:

    helo po kailangan po ba e print o kht ung code n lng po kc ung kinuha ko ung code pero ung print ndi

    • Shawee says:

      Kahit ung nbi clearance regustration code nln.

  • milet says:

    nakuha q registration code but i was not able to print it out paano un ?

  • gemma f. caguioa says:

    Naguguluhan po ako sa height and weight ,sabi kc must be an integer? Panu po yun?

    • melai says:

      huwag mong guluhin ang utak mo….height ilagay mo cm….ex. 165cm dn yung weight mo in kls…ex..70kls..

      • dhorothy says:

        okay lng po b kht code lang

  • gemma f. caguioa says:

    Naguguluhan po ako sa height and weight ,sabi kc must be a integer?



  • ofelia mulawin lasala says:

    how to fill up this form if i am a newly wed?

  • melai says:

    Naku!! more hassle ang nbi ngaun…magastos at mapera na…sana ibalik na lng yung dati…wla ng renewal mas mabuti pa dati magrenew ka kahit mahaba ang pila atleast makuha mo in one day…ngayon pagnasa abroad ka need pa pumunta sa near consular…..gastos ka naman…tapos magfill-up online pagpumunta ka deritso sa nbi office like cebu at wla di ka nkafill-up online magbayad na naman ng 30pesos…tapos need pa mmagpaschedule…pabalik-balik ka naman…wlang kwento ang online nato…more hassle at sobra ng magastos…instead P195 lng babayaran mo aabot na sa ↵10k ang gastos mo….in my case nasa abroad ako..pumunta ako sa near consular nagbayad pa ako ng special power of attorney at bayad pa sa pafingerprint…immagine pamasahi mo pa…plus gastos pa sa pinas need pa daw iLBC papunta manila…pra sure daw magbayad ka daw ng 3k…at paggusto mong ikaw ang kukuha…pupunta ka pa maynila…pamasahe, gastos mo pa at pipila ka pa ng mahaba…online pa ba ito….paggusto mo ng abroad rush…wla ng rush rush…pareho lng ang gagawin mo…

    • Syn says:

      Nasa abroad ako, anong dadalhin sa nearest consulate? yung print out ng online registration? pano kung di na print? na-save ko lang yung REGCODE. Pag pumunta ba ng consulate sila na mag process sa Manila at pick up na lang ulit sa consulate (parang sa passport)?

      • melai says:

        para sure tawag ka sa near consulate tanungin mo ano requirements nla pra sa nbi..pagnasa abroad ka punta ka sa near consulate magpafingerprint ka doon at magpaspecial power of attorney…dala ka lng ng isang 2×2 picture White background at yung passport mo….tapos dala ka ng pera pangbayad…pagkatapos mo pumunta sa near consulate ibigay sau yung fingerprint at SPA( dito ang name authorized person na kukuha sa pinas) mo tapos ipadala mo pa sa pilipinas tapos yung authorize person sa pilipinas na ang pumunta sa nbi office….

        • melai says:

          after mo pumunta sa near consulate saka ka magfill-up ng online para yung nkasulat doon maging match….tapos iprint mo at isama mo padala sa pilipinas….

  • Generoso Gaylarawan Macadangdang says:

    for travel abroad rush

    • Generoso Gaylarawan Macadangdang says:

      i need immediately

    • melai says:

      wla ng rush rush rush pareho lng lahat….kung magkakilala ka bka pwde mo pangbayaran…

    • melai says:

      paggusto mo rush ikaw mismo ang kukuha….magbayad daw ng 500 pagmaykakilala ka sa nbi…kuha mo daw in that day..

  • Gie says:

    hello! i can’t download the nbi application form. thanks

  • kyslyn lea ventura says:

    hindi po ako makapagregister sa online nbi clearance…pahelp naman po

  • Cherry daquiz says:

    Ask ko lng po kung pwede wala middle name ang nbi clearance na travel abroad,kasi meron po kami client ang iprinesent nya id smin nbi na walang middle name?

    • Marc says:

      Hi, regarding sa middle name wala din ako nyan. Hindi ako makakuha sa online kasi ung system nila my validation na required ung middle name. Update nila dapat ito kagaya ng reg.form ng pag-ibig. or disable nlang ung validation.

  • kristina says:

    pano po pag nkakuha n dati ng nbi clearance tpos ngyon married n kukuha ako ulet kc expired n dn ung dati.. ung dating surname p dn b ilalagay sa application then ilalagay lng ung husband’s surname sa space provided dun? tnx!

  • ruth says:

    paano po ba mag sign up ng NBI clearance online?

  • Sofia Ramos says:

    do i need to print the online application?

  • gwen d. miguel says:

    ok ang nbi online

  • maria isabel lubon says:

    how to apply online NBI clearance? thanks

  • Kevin says:

    Good day how can I write my height and weight into integer? I put 168cm and 72kg Ayaw padin tangapin please help. Thanks.

    • Syn says:

      Hindi kelangan ng cm or kg. number lang puede na.

  • Aileen Herpers says:

    Good day po, im married to a Dutch National, currently he have a probationary visa untill Feb 5, 2015, and we wish to apply for permanent visa which requires him to secure NBi clearance, do we need to go to Manila to apply or NBI branches here in Region 02 are enough. Thank you so much and hopebto hear from you?

  • Donnalyn E. Cabalquinto says:

    pa application online po.

  • shean sibayan says:

    gudmorning po..what is the different between ng pumila para kumuha ng mag online registration…kala q b mas bibilis na….pareho din nman po..wlang ding pagbabago..pipila k din nman.tnx…..

    • Shawee says:

      Kung sa nbi main taft ka nagprocess ng mas bilis kasi sa payment k n agad. Kaw naman, para kang bago ng bago, khit saan k nmn pumunta na government office ay may pila. Kahit sa passport, yun may scheduling system na pero pila pa din. Badtrip eh noh? Wala eh its more fun in the philippines daw eh.

  • mark lopez says:

    what should i need to put on the height the page still asking me to put integer. but i already did it.. please answer my question soon as possible i really need to get my n.b.i ↵thanks..

  • Norodin M.Mohamad says:

    how to apply NBI online?

    • Norodin M.Mohamad says:

      bakit d ako maka submit ng height ng aking spouse? cm kc ang nakalagay eh.converted from feet to cm pero mali parin.

  • paraiso julius padilla says:

    bakit po hindi ako maka-sabmit sa inyo lagi nalang birth field yong lumalabas

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